February 13, 2004

PD day

Today is a PD day. This means, for anyone who lives in a place in the world where they call it something else, that the children have a day off school. All of them. Even though it is not a holiday, or a day of any special significance, and even though it is a regular work day for grownups...they are home. I hate PD days. I work from home mostly so a PD day means that there are three children in my office. My usual strategy (when there are three children in my office) is to give up, fork over the day to them and not try to get anything done at all. It's sort of like going limp and playing dead when the bear corners you. I just keep giving them food, playing board games and hoping for the best. I thought that very little could turn a PD day into a good day. I was wrong.
The mailman brought me this


Not excited? It's to knit these..


See? I knew you would be excited. I'm thrilled. Ken's fathers birthday is soon, and these are the Mamluke socks from "Folk Socks" by Nancy Bush. I would knit them out of love, I really would. Ken clearly doubts that, since in the box from Yarn Forward there was also this.


Scheepjes Invicta Coloris in "Rainbow" and "Crayons". This is clearly a bribe, and it's a good one. I love sock wool. I'm absolutely stunned by what I will do for sock wool. It's embarrassing. I'm going to reward myself with this yarn when I am done the Mamluke socks. I need these little motivators. Why can I add more socks to the WIP file? I finished these!


Megans "Kroy stripes" socks. She loves them. She apparently loves them with bright pink stockings, which is somewhat of a surprise, but who am I to decide what matches socks like that. Knitting these socks sucked and I'm glad to see the back of them. The Kroy stripes seems a little thicker than the regular Kroy, so I knit one of them twice. (Bitterly, really bitterly. The label claims that the all the Kroys have the same gauge...LIES I tell you, damn lies) I didn't think the yarn was as soft as the other Kroy (which is a great sock yarn) and I wasn't nuts about the striping, mostly because it didn't freaking stripe. Stripes are sort of the minimum I expect from a sock yarn called "Kroy Stripes", but maybe I'm being fussy. Meg picked the yarn and Meg loves them so lets just focus on that. Next time...Meg can knit them.

While I was at the yarn shop this morning (...er, yeah the yarn shop, didn't I mention I went there? I was only there for a minute. Didn't buy much. Stop looking at me. Nothing to see here). I spoke with Margret Haas, nice lady, yarn store owner extraordinaire and most importantly for our purposes, the designer of the shawls you all are coveting. She has some kits left, though the yarn is discontinued, and the pattern comes with the kit. Margret's willing to ship some to you poor desperate souls.
The Yarn Boutique, Toronto, Canada. (416) 760-9129. It's also available through the Knitnet store. (Never used them myself....let me know how it goes). I don't know how many they have. It's called the "Festival Shawl"
Order, enjoy...but be warned. The shawls are a little on the addictive side.

Posted by Stephanie at February 13, 2004 12:59 PM