April 4, 2005

A little balance

So, in a fit of bravery, inspired by tales of ironed Chai silk that glowed like they were lit from within, I ironed my Flower Basket Shawl.


As I ironed it, I agonized and worried and tormented myself about whether or not ironing my silk was the right thing to do. (It totally was, but I'm letting go of that for the moment.) Let's examine that sentence shall we? Iron my silk?

When it occurs to you that the troubles in your life that are occupying your thoughts most intensely are things like "How will I ever write all the notes to people thanking them for the nice things they say to me?" and "Should I iron my silk?" it might be time to make a return to a focus on those who actually know what problems are.

Thus we return to updating the Knitters without Borders page and giving away thank you gifts and working to quietly remind ourselves that while I ironed my silk, the United Nations estimated that more than 300 000 people have died in Darfur.
That's equivalent to the tsunami toll, for which more than 6 billion dollars were raised, leaving workers scrambling to spend it all. In the face of the magnificent, generous and simply decent giving to that disaster, those who gave to MSF to support workers saving lives in all tragedies happening quietly in other parts of the world deserve a special thank you.

Barbara (B. to her friends) knit this beautiful hat,


destined to sit elegantly on the head of a small friend of Kate B.s

Claudia made this shawl


Which has the most beautiful backstory ever. Lisa F. I've sent you an email explaining all about it.

Suzie has 6 balls of a handsome Bando ribbon yarn


which will (sadly, without the equally handsome spokes-model) be winging it's way toward Larry D.

Finally for today (more tomorrow...I promise, we're working our way toward the mittens.) Debbi has a copy of Folk Mittens that she will be mailing to Stephannie T.
(Lucky knitter. That's a beautiful book for the mitten obsessed.)
and a copy of Vogue Knitting Accessorize that will be going to the soon-to-be accessorized to die for Sarah H.

Happy Monday to my generous Knitters Without Borders!

Posted by Stephanie at April 4, 2005 1:48 PM