February 7, 2006

I knew there were perks

I'm rather unexpectedly in MA visiting my publisher for a photo shoot, and I have learned three things.

1. It takes a lot of makeup to make it look like you are wearing no make-up at all. This is extremely disconcerting if you are the sort of person who normally wears no makeup and achieves the same thing.


2. I have no idea what is going on here.


This is a life size concrete elephant. This has nothing to do with my photo shoot, but it was strange as all get out.

3. If you are an knitting book author long enough, apparently the perks start to be things you couldn't imagine.


This is my Yarn Boy. Charlie was the handsome gentleman assigned to position my yarn and pull lengths of it free from the ball for me. (I swear it. A yarn boy. Can you imagine? "Oh Yarn boy....") He may have done some other stuff too, but I was laughing to hard to tell .

I'm home tomorrow (briefly) and we'll catch up then.

Olympic Notes:

The deadline for new entries is tonight at midnight. This is necessary to keep S. Kate, Emma and I from sobbing helplessly as we try to keep up. There are nearly 3000 entrants, if you are not on the list yet, keep holding one. There will be a change to make corrections to the list tomorrow.

Finally, from Beadlizard...some very, very good advice.

Posted by Stephanie at February 7, 2006 10:05 AM