May 30, 2006

Happy, Happy Birthday

Please join me in welcoming, with all of the joy and happiness that this community is capable of:


the much awaited twins. Both are healthy and beautiful, as is their mother, who did womankind proud today, as she brought them into the world with strength, grace and exactly the sort of fortitude it's going to take to be a wonderful parent to them. (Their dad rocked it pretty hard too.)


Parker, the eldest and most laid back of the two, weighing in at an extraordinarily healthy 6lbs 4oz


and his sister Lily, 5lbs 14oz, and a clearly inquisitive being.

These two are destined for greatness, as they share this birthday with my darling Amanda, who did me the honour of making me a mother on this day 17 years ago.
It's an auspicious beginning.

(PS, did I cut it close on those sweaters or what?)

Posted by Stephanie at May 30, 2006 4:20 PM