June 2, 2006

You don't want to be here

I am profoundly boring. I have just returned from the hospital (where the twins continue to thrive) and


I am knitting a plain hat, and plain socks.
(I can't believe I took a picture of that. I am even boring myself.)
There are better blogs to visit today.

1. Go see Sam's spinning. The woman is to the spinning wheel as Zenobia was to the rule of Egypt. There is no chance that she would take more than two years to spin corridale for her mate's gansey even though she was being pestered by a wild Rams.

2. Ted is spindling and knitting for lace. (This is, you will realize when you get there, is the understatement of the century. If you doubt me, see this, and this or this. Now close your mouth before flies go in.)

3.Eunny. Enough said.

4. Pacalaga has a baby worth peeking at.

5. Freshisle Fibers has watermelon sock yarn to go with the hat.

6. Wannietta (The fastest knitter in North America) and the Toronto Spiders are participating in the Back to Back Wool Challenge at Riverdale Farm this weekend. Go look. It's really cool.

For Canadians who are interested, I'll be trying to to humiliate myself on CBC's Fresh Air tomorrow morning at (and I can't tell you how much this works against me) 7:30am. That's startlingly early for my sort of person, and will probably result in a good chunk of incoherent babbling about knitting. Might be worth turning the radio on for if you're up anyway.

I shall endeavor to be more entertaining on Monday. Maybe I'll knit lace.

Update: Apparently (thanks for the tip Lauren) you don't have to be in Canada to listen to the CBC. I haven't tested it, but it looks like this page (I'm in Toronto) will let my 7:30am ritual humiliation be heard by a wider audience. Excellent.

Posted by Stephanie at June 2, 2006 4:05 PM