November 11, 2006

Whistle Stop Wireless

This entry brought to you courtesy of the wireless on board the train from Ottawa to Montréal. Seriously. Wireless on a train. I think it's just about the slickest thing I've ever seen.

Note: This turned out to be a red herring. The wireless on the train is present, but apparently signing onto it was an intelligence test that I failed. I kept getting a very apologetic screen. This actually comest to you from my Montréal hotel, days later than I intended.

When last seen, I was taking my lotion head down to the Kingston Chapters where I was going to actually let people see me. It turns out that lotion hair is the exact opposite of what you think it's going to be. It's massive. Each hair curls and frizzes independently of every other hair and it's just....well. Unforgettably huge. Dolly Parton dreams of this kind of volume. Behold the knitters of Kingston!


Well, not all of the knitters of Kingston, but it's not a huge city and I didn't give them a lot of notice, but I think that I got most of them in this picture. (You will note that Kingston is not a blurry city at all.)

This is Joan H. from the comments.


She is wearing her first lace ever (the Branching Out scarf) pretty, non? Meeting Joan was a lovely surprise, since I know her from the comments here but I had no idea...NONE, that she lived in Kingston. That's the miracle of the internet. Anybody can be anywhere. (I imagine that I picture you all living far more exciting and exotic places than you actually do.)


Here's Molly Wolf, Writer, Editor, co-mother of the Knitlit series of books...I did know Molly lived in Kingston, but I'm surprised she could leave the house, since she's gone over to the dark side and is still in the honeymoon phase with a new loom. (I didn't ask her the details. I know how these weavers work. You ask them a couple of questions, you let them tell you stuff, next thing you know there's a warping board in your kitchen, you use the word "weft" in normal conversation and you don't think there's anything wrong with sleeping on a fold out couch because you gave up your bed space for a floor loom. Not this girl. I'm wise to it.)


Faye and Sheila, dream team.




and Randi. See what they've got? Entrelac. There was more too...there was a lady with an entrelac scarf who got away from me, (She was really quick actually.) and another lady who I think was doing a bag. Since Entrelac (especially well executed entrelac) is quite rare, spotting four incidences in a group this size represents a substantial outbreak. Maybe something in the water? I have notified the CDC of this, and I have hope for Randi as well as the bag and scarf ladies...but Deb....Deb is too far gone. That's a whole sweater she's got there, and interestingly, she seems very normal. All we can do for Deb is send her to NASA where her gift/illness may serve her and humanity best.

Overall, Kingston was a treat. It's really, really nice to do this in my own country and to talk to Canadian knitters. Special thanks to that little boy (I bet he's a friend of Hanks) who turned the squeaky bookrack to my left while I was talking. It wasn't distracting at all.
Thursday I did Ottawa and Kanata, (I'll tell you about that soon. It was seriously fun.) and last night was here in Montréal. Serious knitter infestation. I'll get it all posted....

I took a moment to remember today. Did you?

Posted by Stephanie at November 11, 2006 9:04 AM