March 21, 2007

Out the door

Ok. I'm sprinting. I've got the pins and my speech and some money and my black pants and my jeans and lots of knitting and I'm just bringing socks to knit...I think that's the thing, and I've got my plane ticket and my itinerary and crap...where was that list of phone numbers? Maybe I should bring my knitpicks needle thing so that I can cast on anything I want? Okay. The dishwasher broke and I'm going to New York and Joe's going to Montreal for a gig and Ken's coming to stay with the girls but he won't be here when a repair guy can come, so I guess I'm leaving it until Monday. (Better put a note on the dishwasher so someone else doesn't find out the way I did and end up having to watch buckets of white froth spew from the bottom of the door. You hear that Ken? Dishwasher. Do. NOT turn on. Also the coffeemaker has not survived Joe's latest backwash of grinds into its inner workings, but there's a bodum. You know.)

What am I forgetting? Who knows. I've got to leave in 10 minutes and Sam forgot her backpack and I'm not quite packed and I need my keys and to find my thumbdrive and do you think the hotel will have a printer? Never mind. Don't look at me...I'm a mess.

The represent page has been updated again.
Johanna has a very special bonus for knitters. She has arranged with FIT and Ann Denton (a Knitting Proffessor at FIT - a knitting professor! These people have their priorities straight) to take any interested knitters on a tour of the FIT machine knitting labs, look in on a class...that sort of thing. Details are under "tour guide" on the represent page. Do take advantage of this. Very cool.

Amy tells you what to do with your car at the various events and fun stuff this weekend. (This is a great idea.)

Katy added a tour that she'll run on the weekend if you like.

Good luck intrepid knitters. I'll be on the street in NYC looking for you this afternoon. (If I can find my the hell did I lose my shoes?)

Posted by Stephanie at March 21, 2007 9:00 AM