May 15, 2007

Tuesdays are for...

That's right, SPINNING!
That vague thump you just heard were the collective bodies of commenters Rams, Presbytera and Rachel H. all hitting the floor simultaneously because I have managed to not only make it to the wheel (I admit, I have been rather seduced by the siren call of my mistress knit lately) but have made it to my wheel on an actual real life Tuesday, that high and holy day in my house that is indeed supposed to be for spinning.


Today's Fibre: Happy Fuzzy Yarns 100% blue faced leicester wool roving in the colourway "Quilt". I love it. Once it's drafted it pretty much spins itself.

I started doing "Tuesdays are for spinning" because without some sort of reminder, I just sort of let the wheel get away from me. To be a good spinner (which I am not... I dally around the edges of "okay") you need practice, and practice only comes at the wheel or spindle. Therefore I had this big idea that if I made a habit of spinning every Tuesday, three things would happen. I thought that spinning at least one day a week would do something to keep the fibre stash upstairs from multiplying like tribbles, I thought I would probably finish spinning the gansey wool, and I was pretty sure I would become a better spinner.


While a weekly culling of the herd was happening in the fibre stash for a while, (and I did finish the gansey wool) I've obviously fallen off that horse, and I aim to get back on it. It worked for a while. One day a week to spin...six days to knit it up. No problem. Then I skipped a Tuesday (ironically, I skipped it to work on the gansey, that most beloved of all fibre albatross.) and then I was travelling so much and I sort of said "Well, spinning on Tuesdays is not really a's more of a guideline" and that Tuesday turned into another, and then the next thing you knew I had lost it entirely and was hauling off and spinning for an hour on Sunday or maybe even a little shot on a Wednesday around noon, or maybe not spinning at all. All of a sudden the spinning wheel was getting the same amount of attention as the vaccuum cleaner but I was still buying, collecting and receiving fibre and....


The code needs to come back. Spinning. Tuesdays. In search of a better spinning self and any hope of seeing the floor of that room upstairs. I'm on it. I will spin Tuesdays, and if I am not home, I will use a spindle. No excuses. (I am sure that Rams, Presbytera and Rachel, imbued with the spirits the Moirae, will see that I regret that vow, but that will be another day.


Tuesdays are for spinning bonus: I just found "Spindle and Wheel", a brand spanking new quarterly online magazine for spinners. I am entirely obsessed with the article about spinning beaded yarn and were it not for the little promise I made myself about using some of beads I bought before I bought more.....
Note to self: Starting up with a whole other kind of stash will not help.

Posted by Stephanie at May 15, 2007 9:42 AM