May 16, 2007

Easy to Entertain

I have made a stunning discovery. If I actually sit at the wheel and spin, spinning gets finished. I know this must seem obvious to those of you brighter than yours truly, but considering how much time I've spent just looking at the wheel, sighing deeply and just thinking about spinning up some of the stash, wishing that bunches of spinning would get finished.... it is clear to me that I must have thought that inaction would get me somewhere.


I finished all of the singles, and was so completely taken with them that I couldn't wait to see what would happen when I plied them up. I am a simple soul, and when I sat down to ply I was so entertained by waiting to see what two colours would end up beside each other next,


that I plied the whole thing in one go. It was enchanting. Completely enchanting. I was spinning this to be a heavy sock weight, and I couldn't stop looking at it as a pair of socks as it came together. I was absolutely charmed by whatever two colours were barberpole-ing around each other and practically hysterical with glee when the the two plies matched up colour-wise.

I actually sang out to Joe at one point "There are two blues! The two blues are next to each other! This part is just blue!" Joe looked at me like I was some sort of alien, then pulled it together and sort of mumbled "Good honey...that's ....great." I realized he didn't get it. "Joe..." I said (rather emphatically) "This is sock yarn. That means that part of the sock will have a BLUE STRIPE."


He nodded sort of enthusiastically at me, but he was totally faking.
It's good that I have you people to show this too. It's so hard to get any sort of knitterly satisfaction out of regular people.
The best part (although the whole thing was seriously, seriously fun) was the end. You know how when you are spinning a two ply (or however many) that at the end there's always more left on one bobbin? One always runs out before the other and you have this chunk of singles that you can't really do anything with? It doesn't matter how carefully you try to balance the bobbins never comes out even? This time...


This was all that was left on one bobbin. As close to perfect as it can be. Dudes. It was a totally entertaining spinning experience, and I'm so excited about the idea of it being socks, but I'll have to wait. It's 250m of heavy sock weight, and it can be yours to make socks if you donate to Claudia's Knitters Against MS Drive. It's a prize. Claudia's big bike ride effort (two days, 150 miles) is near and dear to my heart, and I'd consider it a personal favour if you gave her some money. Give early. Give often. Win prizes.

Posted by Stephanie at May 16, 2007 1:43 PM