May 22, 2007

A clever diversion

This entry is really going to be about the fun surrounding the Canadian Launch on Friday night. Since that is of limited interest to the rest of you, I am mingling in pictures of the socks I finished this long weekend while Canada was closed for the May two-four and I had lots of time to knit. (Yup. I got the garden done. You get the cottage open?) The plan for Friday and Saturday is as follows. Again, those of you with limited interest in these happenings...Look! Socks!


Yarn: Online Sierra, colour 890 (I think), needles: 2.25mm (US 1)
Pattern: my basic recipe.

Friday 10-6: The Textile Museum is having it's 12th annual More Than Just a Yardage Sale, at (you guessed it) The Textile Museum of Canada here in Toronto. If you click on the link on their page (pdf) you get details. Admission is free and it's a neat way to spend the afternoon.


Friday 7:00- Book launch/freaking out people who don't understand/giving the staff at Indigo a serious upset. Is it very wrong that I want there to be more knitters there on Friday than there will be regular people on Thursday for Justin and Colin? (I love Justin and Colin.) Indigo told us how many knitters were there for Tracey Ullman last year and I was not instantly consumed with an urge to have more people than Tracy (Stop that laughing. I am not that competetive. Besides, I didn't say I didn't want us to get more than her. I said I wasn't instantly consumed. She's a fellow knitter. There's only so much you can want to whup her.) but two BBC nancy-boys with a passion for tile? Totally fair game.

Jaywalkers (Free pattern), in Vesper Yarn's Tartan.

Afterparty - The Spotted Dick, 81 Bloor Street East (That's totally walking distance from the Indigo) will be expecting an influx of knitters from 9:00pm onwards until we call it a night. They have hosted the Drunken Knitters Night, so they know what to expect, and they will look for us all to filter in as we finish at the Indigo. (They are actually very fond of knitters over at the Dick, which, while a very unlikely sentence to type.)


Saturday: Yarn Crawl - meet at 11:00 at the Naked Sheep with a TTC Day Pass in your hand. (They cost $8.50 and you can get them at any station. If you don't get a pass, you will need cash or tickets for each leg of our journey - That's at least 5 legs X $2.75.) We'll hit a whack of yarn shops by way of the subway and streetcars (out of towners will get to see a bunch of the city) have lunch in Kensington Market (lots of choices) and wind up done in the West End at about 5:00. Native Torontonians and folks who get to the city easily should note that there is another chance to do this....Better probably, on International Knit in Pubic Public (Well now. That's the worst typo ever.) Day at the famous TTC Knit-a-long. Rachel H and I have already resigned ourselves to hosting a very pale substitute, but we will do what we can for those of you who can't come for the real deal.

One last diversion for those who don't care about Toronto stuff...


Today is Tuesday, and this is my spinning. Anyone recognize the fibre?

Posted by Stephanie at May 22, 2007 1:10 PM