November 2, 2007

Make Hay

As a direct result of the dinner party last night, the dining room table was uncharacteristically clear of Joe's crap today. It turns out that he's not an idiot and even he couldn't get around the fact that the whole family for dinner + no dining room table = an absolutely indefensible position. He cleaned it up.


I know an opportunity when I see one, and who knows how quickly Joe will have it filled back up again, so when I saw the table was still clear this morning.....


I got all of the clean gansey wool carded, even though it was not Tuesday and nobody had bugged me.


Turns out the weight of my own guilt is enough motivation some days. It remains to be seen if this will be enough carded wool to finish the gansey though, but I'm feeling optimistic. I may do one more batch, since I think having too much yarn would be preferable to coming back to this phase again. It's taken two (three?) years, but I'm starting to be more than ready to see the back end of this project.

Q&A from the comments?

Frances inquires...

"That mitten almost makes me want to wear mittens. How do you knit colorwork so quickly? Seriously? "

I knit colourwork with two hands, which I think is way faster than any other system I've seen, once you get the hang. I carry the main colour in my left and knit continental (picking), and I carry my contrast in my right and knit in my usual odd style (a variation on throwing). Works great, and quickly....and it also helps me to remember what hand I had what colour in. (Colourwork can get wonky looking if you keep swapping out which colour is in which hand.)

Anne asks....

"HOW do you knit so much so quickly? Is it just that you don't work full time outside your home? I wish I could knit at work ..."

It's partly that I can knit at work, though you would be surprised at how little it helps, considering that I'm a writer and am yet to learn how to knit and type at the same time. It's a pretty rare day when I can afford myself the luxury of knitting much during work hours... Mostly this job (even though it is at home) is a lot like other jobs. If I don't put in the hours, I don't get it done and I'm in trouble. Today I carded when I should have been working, and I'll have to make it up this evening by writing instead of knitting. Knit and read I can manage...and I probably get a half hour of simple knitting in that way each day. I knit in the evenings...or if I leave the house I often knit while I walk (but not ride my bike, obviously) or on the bus. I knit in queues, I knit on the phone.... I think I get the bulk done in two or three minute increments here and there while I'm waiting for something else to happen. There's also the fact that I've been knitting for 35 years. I've got some practice.
Mostly though, I'm the queen of multitasking. All those 5 minute intervals of knitting really add up. In addition, I feel compelled to point out that I neglect the housework. Profoundly. Frees up buckets of time.

Now, I shall excuse myself. I've really got to get my carder and crap off the dining room table before Joe comes home and points out that me leaving my crap on the table after sever weeks of complaining about his crap on the table leaves me in a pretty indefensible position.
(If I want the upper hand in these disputes, I have to be careful not to damage the high ground.)

PS. Furnace War update: Ian and I are both still in the running. (Samantha got up this morning and told me that she dreamed I had turned on the heat and the whole family was mad at me.) Last night it dipped down to 1 degree, and the high today is only supposed to be 9 (48F). Tonight may not help either, as the temperature is forecasted to be a repeat of the rather nippy 1 (33F) from last night. Snow is predicted for Tuesday, and nobody has ever taken the Furnace Wars through to the snow time. In my favour... Ian has a cold. That may weaken him enough. I should have never knit him woollen clogs and an afghan. It's like arming the enemy.

Posted by Stephanie at November 2, 2007 3:34 PM