April 18, 2008

Another time...at sock camp

Hey? What are those knitters doing?


Can I see too? What's Jen got on her computer?



Jen's an engineer. Jen made a program that predicts colour patterns in painted skeins. You measure the colour sections of the skein, knit a swatch and measure a couple of things, then input that information into Jen's program, choose the colours, and then click.


From there, Jen's program can tell you what that skein of yarn is going to do at any stitch and row gauge, over any number of stitches, and knit flat or circularly, and it generates a picture to show you.


Big Brain. Jen has a very, very big brain. This is the best use of a knitters vocation and natural tendencies towards the obsessive compulsive side of things that I have ever seen.

When knitters run the world,


Things will be very different.

(PS. The pattern for the tiny sock monkey (and there is a big one too) is from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. You'll be able to get it on their website, in about a week. Happy now?)

Posted by Stephanie at April 18, 2008 1:31 PM