April 25, 2008

The law of Averages

The law of averages dictates that eventually, you must get all results, and I suppose that if you're going to travel this much, eventually you have to get this result...
but man, does it suck.

I'm here in Toronto, not in Chicago. They cancelled my first flight this morning at 9am, and when they rebooked me on a slightly later flight I went to the airport with no idea what I was in for. I've spent 8 full hours at the airport today, as they cancelled flight after flight after flight to O'Hell. O'Hare. I made three full circuits through customs and immigration, I picked up my bags without going anywhere three times. I sat on chairs, waited in lines, struggled through customer service and burned through an entire cell phone battery. There wasn't even knitting time -and I still didn't get to Chicago. Rain there. Thunderstorms there.... No planes going there.

I'd tell you the whole story, including the part where Jayme and Amy from Storey publishing and I were ALL on the phone with different agents trying desperately to get a flight to anywhere near anywhere that might work at all. I might even find a way to tell it that was funny, or hysterical or manage to generate a few ha-ha's out of me weeping in various parts of the airport, but it's just not funny at all. After all of that, charging around the airport as they cancelled all my flights and then announced that the weather that was closing O'Hare was going to move this way and close Pearson here, and I looked at the board and saw nothing good at all, and as Jayme and Amy and I slowly came to realize that it was already 7:00 in Chicago, with nothing on the horizon at all.... that I wasn't going to make it, no matter what we did. That I wasn't going to be late. I wasn't going to run in at the last minute with a great story.... In that moment, I have to tell you that I lost any shred of something that might have resembled a sense of humour. Turns out that this sort of story is only funny if in the end, you make it to Chicago. Which I didn't, and it's not.

I feel just sick. Beyond sick. All those knitters sitting there, waiting for me and I can't get there. I was, and still am, just furious with frustration, and there isn't even anything that I can do about it, or anyone that I can blame. Mother nature gave me the finger today, and I can't apologize enough to all of the knitters who got the shaft, and especially to Trish at Nana's Knitting Shop, who must have done so much work to get ready for this, only to get rained out. I'm really, really, really sorry. So sorry.

Posted by Stephanie at April 25, 2008 10:04 PM