October 3, 2008

it is too a real word

Many, many moons ago (like, last August - which I know isn't really that long ago, but this is the internet, so it's practically forever) I was knitting my way around North America and I was in the Toronto Airport, headed to Boston, and I saw Greg Kinnear. You can read about it here, but essentially, I didn't have the nerve to ask him to hold a sock - or I sort of did, because I am not ashamed of the sock, but it seemed to me that he had the air about him of a guy who was just trying to get on a plane without holding a sock that day, so I took a picture without him knowing.

I wrote that blog post calling secret pictures Kinnearing, because I thought it was pretty funny, and pretty soon there were other people who thought it was funny too, and I could believe the whole thing when it was just knitters and friends of the knit who were doing it, but when it turned up in the Urban Dictionary I started to think it had probably left my control. I knew it had when The New York Times made it official. (Two things about that? 1. Inventing a word is not what I thought I would be in the New York Times for. I don't know what I thought I would be in there for, but I was pretty sure that the article would include words I didn't coin, like "allegedly" and "unbelievably" and "repeatedly". 2. Did you know that if your name is ever in an article in the New York Times, then when you die they publish your obituary? Who knew.)

I've always wondered what Greg Kinnear thought of that. I mean, did one of his friends phone him after the NYT thing and say "Dude! Yer a VERB", or did someone he know knit, so he found out right away? I mean, if there's only 6 degrees of separation between any two people, then it didn't really seem so crazy that he might have known... and I wondered. (Essentially I wondered if I needed to avoid Greg Kinnear for the rest of my life because it turned out that he was born without a sense of humour or something, which didn't seem like it was going to be very hard, since we don't exactly travel in the same circles and I wasn't exactly going to have to start skipping parties to avoid Greg Kinnear.) I wondered and wondered (but I didn't get a restraining order or anything) and I was wondering... until today.

Enter Carol, a knitter strategically embedded with the media. Earlier today, Carol saw an incredible opportunity, and she went for it.


Oh yeah. Guess who. Need another one?


Whammo. Look at that. Supreme Kinnearing, but then our intreipid knitter totally went nuts and hauled off piled a sock picture on top of the kinnearing.


Yup. She handed her socks in progress to Greg Kinnear and Harry Smith. (I love that they both look a little concerned and confused.) Harry recovered first...


Then Greg.


How much do you love that expression? It's mostly "wow some days is it ever weird to be me" with a little "I think I sort of like this sock" on the side. I think he's game. Carol said he was actually a brilliant sport about it - very funny and charming, which I'm delighted to hear, since I think you can tell a whole lot about a person from their reaction to a half knit sock. (A refusal to hold a sock is to me, a very poor sign.) This last picture though, this last picture is all this circle needed to complete itself. This last picture is proof that occasionally the wheel of life turns just the way you would have it do...


because my friends.. that picture? That picture is GREG KINNEAR TRYING (and sort of sucking at it, which only makes it even better) TO KINNEAR HIMSELF.

Man. That's beautiful.
Carol? Ya done good.

PS. I am in California. I'll see you tomorrow (if you're in California too) for sock pictures at Copperfields in Santa Rosa at 3:00pm.

Posted by Stephanie at October 3, 2008 7:29 PM