November 25, 2008

If loving you is wrong I don't want to be right

Dear Blog,

I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize publically. I'm sorry. I know that some of you come here for the entertainment of watching a parade of interesting knits go by (and that likely the rest come out of force of habit) and I feel badly that I'm letting you down, for all I have to show you today is all I've had to show you every other day for some time now, and I know that it's got to be a bummer to click on over and to see what I'm doing and be confronted with the same thing, over and over again. I know it's boring. I know I'm boring. I've tried not being boring. I tried all day to not be boring and here we are, at 4:30, which is almost so late to be posting that it's probably pointless to even try not being boring. I should probably just have accepted that I'm boring today and given up, and moved on... lived to blog another day. I could have tried hard to get it out of my system overnight, prayed that some accident or knitting malady would befall me before another blogging day dawned bright and early - but no. I've been me all day, and I'm boring and I'm sorry about that.


I'm still knitting a two row striped Noro scarf. I may be helpless to stop, there's no way to know. This is scarf number three, and as much as I know that this must be the reader equivalent of watching paint dry (Oh... bloody hell. I've hit rock bottom. I actually did that on the blog this week) but I have a problem with trying to be not boring that I can't seem to get over.

Heaven help me... I'M NOT BORED. I'm not. I'm not even a little bit bored. I've knit about five and a half metres of striped scarf in 1x1 rib, (that's about 18 feet, for the metric impaired) and each and every row is still a sparkling point of interest and a shiny opportunity for joy. Yes, it turns out that I am exactly so simple that watching a scarf turn colour can be so gripping that I've got no aspirations for other knits at all. One would think (me - for one) that doing the same beginner level project over and over might wear on me, that maybe after one or two of them I would be thinking "Maybe a little lace might be nice" or "You know what would hit the spot? A nice fat cable." but no, no. Not a glimmer of boredom. Not the slightest urge to haul off an knit something else. Sure - I did hanker for a change at the end of the scarf that was Silk Garden 267 and 245,


I admit it - and that was exactly why I did the next one out of Silk Garden 267 and 205. Whole new ballgame, and I was as enthralled mid scarf on that one as I was with the first.


Now I'm only human, so it's not like I can totally keep doing the same thing over and over - not really. I mean, I do have an intellect that needs challenging. I'm not so entirely dim that my entire self could be totally consumed by knitting a plain scarf three times back to back without adding enough variation to hold my interest.

That's why on this one, (289 and 269) I shook it up like a milkshake and cut loose, for the sake of my sanity and yours.

I did a tubular cast on instead of the long tail.



(Who can't exactly promise you that tomorrow will be better.)

Posted by Stephanie at November 25, 2008 4:56 PM