June 5, 2009

Where did you think it would be

Have you ever had a day where you realize that if you tried to explain where you are and what you do and how things are in your life that people might try to get you some help or something?

Today was one of those days. I'm here in Saskatchewan to teach knitting and give a knitting speech, so when I woke up this morning in my room in the guest dorms of the Monastery I'm staying in...

Oh... see that! SNAP! That was it. Turns out that the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference is held in a Monastery.
Yes. A Monastery.
No, not a building that used to be a Monastery and is now used for something else..
A fully functioning Monastery, full of friendly and kind Benedictine Monks who bake awesome bread.

They are all lovely, have a wonderful sense of humour and a delight to be around. The conference has a lot of classes. Quilting classes, silk painting, sewing... and my favourite (just because we're in a Monastery...)
Bra making. For real. (Can you think of anything better for a monk to be good natured about that a lingerie class?)

I'm knitting pretty socks. I'm living with monks. More later.


Pattern: Loksins, Yarn: Sleeping Dragon Hand painted merino in "Pool"

PS. The sky in Saskatchewan is the prettiest anywhere. Prairies really know sky. You can't tell me different.


Posted by Stephanie at June 5, 2009 7:41 PM