June 26, 2009

Sock Museum

Surprise! It's a Sock Museum!

(ST-1 is just getting so much done that we shock ourselves.)

Another chunk of the Sock Summit fun and games are up and running, and this one is for everybody, whether you're involved with the Summit or not. The Sock Museum is live (in no small part, thanks to the generous sponsorship of WEBS and Blue Moon Fiber Arts. We love them.) In this section, you (or your local knitting group, and we think this would be a blast to do as a group) can sign up to knit a sock from history (recent or long past) to submit to the Museum. Once submitted, the socks become part of the Museum, which will be present in person at the Summit, as well as on-line for all to see. We've included a "starter list" of socks, but are actively seeking the input of knitters worldwide, for additional projects. Read about it here, sign up if it sounds like fun, or submit a sock you'd like to do that you think we've missed. The museum is intended as an ongoing work in progress, so feel free to contribute your ideas.

Have fun (and yeah, time is a little short. Thank the server. It's now not just the fun of submitting a pair of socks, but a race to get them done.) We think it's going to be a blast.

Posted by Stephanie at June 26, 2009 2:21 PM