August 24, 2009

Thing Finished and Thing Started

That title sounds like it should be more like "Thing one and Thing two" doesn't it? (Ok. Maybe just in my head. I'm used to that. Never mind.) This weekend moved at breakneck pace for our family, as Joe's younger brother Chris finally took the plunge and married his beloved Robyn. The wedding was on the Toronto Islands, and it was a very wonderful thing to have family from near and far gathered for such a happy purpose. Joe and I hadn't seen a lot of the family since our wedding a few years ago, and we just had the most wonderful time. We really did.
My girls were lovely and charming, and were a sight to behold in the company of their cousins - who are also very beautiful girls. It worried us - that many pretty girls in one spot. I'm surprised they weren't beset upon by teenaged boys from miles around.


Joe was Chris' best man, returning the favour Chris did him at our wedding, and the pride they had in each other was evident to all. Those of you who know us will take a moment to observe the unbelievably rare event of Joe in a suit. He didn't even wear one for our wedding. When he walked up to his sister Kelly, she looked him up and down and said "Joe!? You look..... " and Joe finished for her. "Unusual?"



It was a pretty day, followed by a really grand night - and it was even fun taking the water taxi back towards the sparkling city after seeing the last of the guests off.


Now I bet that some of you have already figured their wedding present out, or at least you are guessing. It was two-fold. We commissioned my talented Uncle Tupper, a woodworker, artist and carpenter, to make them this beautiful wee chest - made of cedar and pine... it's beautiful and smells wonderful.


Inside? No surprise to you, I bet.. but a wonderful surprise to them.



Finished in the nick of time, and I do mean that. In classic knitter style, the thing was cast off the morning after the wedding, washed in the bathtub, spun in the washer, and then dried on the rack of my dryer for two hours before it was presented to them at their post-wedding party.


I love it, and hope it finds a nice spot in their home. I'd make one for myself if I thought I could take that much garter stitch heat again without feeling the need to drink heavily or strip myself of all my clothes and run in the rainy street screaming "I just need something INTERESTING".


Log Cabin Moderne, from Mason Dixon Knitting. Cascade Ecological wool, purchased at Lettuce Knit, several of the undyed shades. 5mm needle.

I hope the blanket lasts as long as their lives together will, and that it plays host to many happy days.


They're a great couple, and they deserve all the best.

Posted by Stephanie at August 24, 2009 1:36 PM