December 17, 2009


I missed the felting party at Lettuce Knit last night, so now I am going to try something, and I have a big plan involving this:



and this information.  How hard can it be? 

I know, I know.  Those five words have proceeded more messy episodes in my life than any other.  (Maybe.  It might be a tie with "You know what would be fun?") If this were a novel, then the moment when I way "How hard can it be?" and then buy the dedicated felting plunger (I have a strong, strong belief that plungers should be single-purpose) would be a noted plot point, and the answer to the question in English class "At the end of chapter 2, the protagonist suffers a bizarre setback.  What was the moment that foreshadowed this setback?"

I tried to explain it on the phone with Megan.  I tried to explain that I'm not going to get weird with it.  That it's an experiment, and that if it doesn't work out or seems not to be going well or is taking too long or making a big mess that I will get off the crazy train at the next stop, and then take the streetcar over to somewhere where there's a top loader, and don't worry, it's all going to be very sane.  I just want to see if it works, or works well, because with Christmas breathing down my neck like a rabid reindeer, I need to give it a shot.  It could be awesome.  It could be the answer.It could be faster than travelling to where there's a washer and  there's no way to know until I go up to the bathroom, wing some ginormous slippers into the tub and beat the snot out of them with a dedicated plunger for a while.  Maybe 20 minutes.  If it's not working out at the 20 minute mark, I'll stop, put away the plunger, fish out the slippers, wring the water and my bitter tears out of them and head over to a top loader.  No worries. There's eight days until Christmas, and I'm not going to let it get weird. 

"That's what you say now" Megan said, and I know that's been true in the past.  In the past I may have gotten a little locked in or determined. I know. This time though, I'm just nipping up to the bathroom with a  plunger and a bunch of wool. It'll be fine.   It's just an experiment.

Posted by Stephanie at December 17, 2009 1:52 PM