January 21, 2010

Randomly on Thursday

1. After the furnace guys installed the new ducts, the carpenters came and boxed them in, and today the painter has come to sand, prime and paint the whole downstairs, since the whole downstairs got messed up by the furnace. (I like pretending that the downstairs was FINE before the furnace came.)

2. The downstairs is being painted the exact same colours again.  I told everybody it was so that it would cost less money and time (one coat!)  but really- I might have a small problem with change.

3. I have gone to the pub to work for the afternoon because our housepainter is a friend of ours and I know if I stay, I'll over-supervise him to the point of damaging our relationship. 

4. A bunch of my neighbours that I thought had jobs are actually in the pub.

5. When I pointed that out to the guy next door, he pointed out that I'm at the pub and I  have a job.   (Touché.)

6. This led to a really interesting conversation about the fact that my neighbourhood has a really high number of artists (painters/writers/actors) living in it - and how everybody (including me, apparently) thinks that creative jobs aren't real jobs.  I pointed out that what may be confusing them is the lack of real paycheques and the fact that we are in the pub.   (He said touché to that one.)

7. Current knitter donations to Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders is in the right sidebar -->
As of now, the total is $913 711, and we have a ways to go in the inbox.  You guys are so incredible that I want to tell strangers on the street about you.

8. Rachel H spent all day yesterday entering donations to the tally. She's awesome too. 

9.  I'm almost done Joe's Christmas socks, and after that I only have two more things to finish, and then I'm all done and caught up, which means that I actually might  be done my Christmas knitting before the end of January, which is really exciting.

10. Pattern from Classics in Kroy, an old Patons book- #922 though I don't know if it's still available.  Yarn, the colour Tina made for Joe called "Meet Brown, Joe" in STR Lightweight.

11. These socks are HUGE.  Joe's always complaining that they aren't long enough, so these ones are stupid long.  I'm hoping that this will go further in proving my love than bitching at him about the state of the bathroom did yesterday.  (Sigh.) These socks are going to take at least 1.5 skeins.

12. Turns out that even if you're in a pub in the afternoon with a bunch of creative people, not many of them understand why you've jammed a half knit sock on your arm, taken its picture and posted that to the internet. 

13.  I'm so misunderstood as an artist.

Posted by Stephanie at January 21, 2010 1:39 PM