May 7, 2010

Really Random Friday

1. Kiama's not finished, but the short rows look good. I think it's going to work, which would be about 8 kinds of awesome, since I love this piece.

2. I got a wii fit and have spent some time screwing around with it.  I'm not sure it's a killer workout or anything, and I think I might still prefer going to yoga or going for a run to doing it virtually in the living room, but it is raining today- and it is fun, I give it that.  I have to get over the anger I feel towards it that it gave me a "wii fit" age of 49 though.  Pretty insulting.

3. I started the May socks of my self-imposed sock club.  The zip lock I pulled at random this month had Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Sierra in it -

and it was paired with the Froot Loops socks from Knitty.

I think the combo's pretty good, and I'm already at the gussets of the first one.

4. I can't believe this self-imposed sock club thing is working, but it is.

5.  I also can't believe that I got mail about saying nipple and breasts in my blog post yesterday.  I've emailed back and forth with the people who sent mail, and everything is cool.  I'll tell you what I told them.  Nipple is not a dirty word.  They are present on (just about) every person on earth, and in mammals (and we are mammals) they serve a pretty good function. (Let me take that back by 50%.  I'm not sure of the purpose they serve on men.  I think nature can't figure out how to get them off.)  Nipple is no different a word than elbow. It cannot corrupt youth, get them pregnant or make them think about sex so much that they consider doing it. (Hint: Youth is already thinking about sex that much, even if you don't say nipple.)   Furthermore (and you can tell I really mean it when I start whipping out the furthermores) nipples, at least on women, are there for the purposes of nursing our young, and frankly, I think that maybe if we didn't have them all caught up in the crazy sex thing to the point that we can't even talk about them at all without feeling dirty or worried, then maybe women wouldn't be so totally screwed about what to do with them when a baby comes along.  From the perspective of someone who counseled breastfeeding women for years and years, I can tell you I really, really, really think it would have helped if the word nipple wasn't coming up for the first time when we were trying to attach 7 pounds of starving humanity to it. 

Nipple Nipple Nipple Breast.

(And yeah, I know what sort of spam that's going to get me.  I'll live with it.)

Posted by Stephanie at May 7, 2010 4:03 PM