May 12, 2010


On Sunday I went out with my kids for Mother's Day, and I had just the loveliest time.  They wrote me  charming cards, spoke civilly to me for a full morning,  took me for brunch and gave me flowers.  Nobody screamed, there was no drama, and nobody told me that they were pregnant, addicted to something or dropping out of school to follow a sexy beat poet/tree planter  across Canada.  It's taken almost 21 years to get a Mother's day like that, and it was pretty posh.  (Someday I'll be ready to talk about the pain of the Mother's Day of 1994, when 2/3 kids puked on me and the third one cried all day. Good times.)   Before we went out in the morning, I had a few minutes to weave in the ends on Kiama.  It's seen here unblocked, so the cast-off edge is curling up the littlest bit.  Now that it's had a bath it doesn't dare.

I love this jacket. 

Kiama, knit from Berroco Origami Yarn in "Sunset Rendez-vous".  Took one skein less than the pattern called for and was a pleasure to knit.   Big thanks to WEBS for getting the kit out to me so fast once I decided I wanted to knit it. (That Kathy Elkins, there's a woman who understands a yarn emergency.)

I knit this just about as instructed, except I did work some short rows to lengthen the fronts so that they would end somewhere more flattering than at my nipples.  (Look! I said nipple again!)

The fix is totally imperceptible, but the short rows are here-ish.

It turns out that this knit was just what I was hoping it would be, which is a chic, quick, go anywhere sort of jacket.

I think it looks even better with short sleeves, but it was way too cold here on Sunday to prove it to you. (I'm not really good at the whole "pain for beauty" thing.)  Just as an aside, this jacket can be worn the other way... upside down, so that the back is sort of open over the arse and it makes a big shawl collar.  I don't care for it that way, but my friend Andrea tried it on and loved it, so there you go. One jacket, two ways.  I got the feeling actually, when she was trying it on, that this might be one of those knits that looks good on most people, but I'm going to test that a little bit before I declare it.  Stay tuned. 

In the meantime, I've added something to my wardrobe that I really wanted.  A snazzy, interesting, year round knit that doesn't scream KNITTER in the same way that an aran cardigan does.  Instead, it sort of calmly states "Knitter" in a way that can absolutely go to a business meeting. I like that.

PS. Thanks to everyone who emailed about the silk retreat yesterday.  As of right this minute we have all spots filled - but just, and anyone who emails now will go on the wait list.  Last year 10 people from the list ended up getting in, so don't give up if you want to come. Still pretty good odds.)

Posted by Stephanie at May 12, 2010 2:14 PM