January 26, 2011


Woke up this morning to a pretty snow and since it didn't look like much to me, I left for La Guardia Airport anyway.  Juno was more suspect - but humoured my good natured Canadian belief that this was not much snow and wouldn't be a problem.  Turns out the scale is a little different here, and it is, indeed, a problem. What should absolutely have been less than 90 minutes to the airport (complete with mandatory traffic) stretched way out past two hours and then some - and I arrived thinking I'd probably missed the cutoff for my flight.  When my sister-in-law texted that the flight was delayed I was thrilled and delighted, which in retrospect, may have sent the wrong message into the universe, since there's been another delay since then.

I'm fine though.  Unlike the couple sitting opposite me at the gate, I'm entirely calm because a delay is really just more sock knitting time. (This couple keeps pacing, sighing and saying things like "This is unbelievable" in a tone that implies that they clearly think that Air Canada and The city of New York should have done some way better planning and simply not permitted it to snow while they were planning on flying.)  I would normally be annoyed by all this...  but I have cashmere, and it gives me all sorts of tolerance for things that are less soft.  Meet my Artyarns Cashmere Sock sock. 

This is a genius little yarn, and soft like nobody's business. Two strands of single cashmere lie alongside a two ply of wool and nylon, and it gives it the most charming texture.

I don't know if you can see what I mean in that last shot.  A dark airport with a little camera doesn't give the best detail shots.  I rigged a simple slip stitch pattern to try and keep it from pooling (which hasn't worked, really, but I still like it) and I love, love knitting it. There's starting to be a beautiful halo coming up on the yarn just from handling it, and that's only going to be more pronounced as I go along. 

It's just lovely, and even with sitting here wondering when I'm going home, I'm really just thinking of how nice a time I'm having. I think if I had some of this yarn for everyone in the airport - even if they just held it and patted it like a wee pet - we'd all get through this delay a lot better.

If this flight doesn't go (it's in the air from Toronto - but they aren't sure they can land- they may turn around and go back without stopping) then I am going to likely be here until late tomorrow - which I can still sort of figure out....

As long as I don't run out of cashmere.

Posted by Stephanie at January 26, 2011 1:54 PM