May 13, 2011

Not Quite

The Jacob Damask project is almost done and going so fast.  I'm so close that last night I sort of thought that today's blog post might be a finished shawl, gloriously posed amongst the fallen cherry blossoms in High Park.

Clearly,  I'm more delusional than ever, because it means that somehow I believed that I would have finished it, washed it, blocked it, let it dry and transported it to the park and back in 16 hours,  which would have been pushing it if there wasn't a few hours of knitting left to do, which there is.

This afternoon the beautiful thing still isn't done, and while being not quite to the finish line usually makes me antsy, this time I'm fine with it.  It's the first time  in a long time that I've had the thought "This project is going so fast" immediately followed by "Bummer."

It's so beautiful and it's going so well, I might not want it to end. 
Maybe tomorrow.

Posted by Stephanie at May 13, 2011 3:55 PM