June 30, 2011



Yesterday morning I spent forever with Joe and Natalie trying to get our desktop computer to work for her for Sock Summit related stuff, but it wasn't interested. 

Yesterday I tried really hard to leave on time for Knit Night, but my printer wouldn't work and seventy-five things went wrong with work and so I had to leave late.

Yesterday, I finally managed to get enough stuff done that I could leave late, and then I went down to get a clean shirt out of the dryer and everything in it was still wet because I forgot to push the button, and I had to wear a dirty shirt out. I didn't tell anyone. I also found out that the new skirt I've been wearing for three weeks is actually a dress and I've been wearing it wrong, which may or may not explain the looks that young beautiful women keep giving me.

Yesterday, after I put on a dirty shirt and left for Knit Night, my bike had a flat and there was a really, really big spider on the pump and we had to battle for pump ownership. I won - but not by much, and it took a run at me twice.

Yesterday, when I got to Knit Night, I couldn't find my bank card, and I thought I left it at home, but it looks like I lost it.

Yesterday, I left Knit Night early so that I could come home and work without it being 2am when I was done, but on the way home my bike broke.  The seat clamp let go or something, and the front of the seat suddenly jacked up and the back rammed down and it really hurt in a way that gives new meaning to the word "bummer".

Yesterday, when my seat broke? I got tossed backwards and I broke the zipties holding my milk crate trunk on, and it fell off.

Yesterday, I tried riding home standing up while holding the milk crate on but it didn't go really well, especially on hills - and I think I scared a lady walking her dog when I said a bad word.  (Or ten.)

Yesterday, I gave up trying to ride standing up and holding my milk crate and I got off and walked the rest of the way - which was about 5k.

Yesterday, when I was pushing my bike up a hill and my milk crate kept falling off my back rack and I was just about done with the whole (&Y^%$#$%^!ing thing, I stepped in a mammoth pile of dog sh*t, and I was wearing Birkenstocks and some got on my foot.

Yesterday, when I got home late and put my bike in the back and hosed off my shoe and then washed my feet, I went into the kitchen and opened my laptop and it was a freakin' brick.  Total doorstop.  No longer a computer, just a taunting black screen of hopelessness. Sometime while I was out it just  died for no other reason that to test my will. 

Yesterday, when my computer left the land of the living? I really felt for about 3 minutes like there wasn't going to be a Sock Summit because there are really only a few weeks left and seriously, what if the backup thing wasn't working and it didn't back-up and holy crap how am I going to make all this work with no computer and I think the world went a little black around the edges and that was when I decided that I should cry.

Yesterday when that happened, I told Joe that he had to get the computer fixed today and he reminded me that tomorrow is Canada Day and Monday is a holiday in the US and that maybe I had better start wrapping my head around not having a computer until Wednesday, which is when I reminded him I'm flying to Portland on Monday, and he said "That's not good" and I'm too much of a lady to tell you what I said.

Yesterday we managed to get my profile off the backup and install it on the desktop, which was a pretty good solution except I sort of wiped Natalie's profile off there.

Yesterday (or today) I poured myself a glass of wine at 2:34am, because I still couldn't get stuff to work.

Today, I'm thinking about writing "approach with caution" on my forehead and I just had chocolate and a beer for lunch.  

Posted by Stephanie at June 30, 2011 2:48 PM