September 28, 2011

Randomly on a Wednesday

1. I had a really great post all written and was adding pictures and then it my computer crashed and took the post and a bunch of other stuff with it because I am 43 years old, reasonably tech savvy, and still can't remember to hit the freakin' save button.

2. I hate that about myself.

3.  I decided to do this instead of hating myself. I don't have time for self loathing today. 

4. I decided to make myself a sweater for Rhinebeck. Two weeks ago.  The yarn still looks like this. 

(Shelter, in Embers)

5. Because I am a crazy person. I don't think that it's unreasonable to expect it to look like this in 17 days.

6. Instead of knitting on that sweater, I made an almost four year old girl a pair of socks. 

7. They are cute as a little buggins, and they took a little extra time because I had to avert my eyes from the colourway while I was knitting.  It's a little blinding.

8. When Melissa gave me this skein of yarn at Sock Summit (it's Lolli Socks MCN) I sort of wondered what on earth I would do with it - considering that the colourway looks to me exactly like it would if Barbie and My Little Pony went on an acid bender and barfed up cream soda on a unicorn.

9. Oddly, that's not the name of the colourway.  It's really "Pink Lemonade".

10.  I had no plan for it until an almost four year old girl needed socks, and I remembered that there is no colourway more beautiful in the world to an almost four year old girl than "Barbie and My Little Pony went on an acid bender and barfed up cream soda on a unicorn."  She is going to LOVE THEM.

11. Natalie sort of does too, though she isn't four years old. (On the outside)

12.  All of that means that my sweater still looks like this:

13. And now I'm sort of worried that the previously reasonable idea of turning it into a sweater before Rhinebeck (in 17 days) is not totally and completely crazypants, and I'm going to end up doing some really twisted sweater race.

14.  Again.

Posted by Stephanie at September 28, 2011 3:41 PM