April 24, 2012


A wonderful time was had here at camp, although an unexpected virus ripped through a very great number of campers.  Tentatively called WWJK - or "What Would Josie Knit" it appears to have been touched off by this camper:

and her two gorgeous Color Affection Shawls. So beautiful was her example, and so infectious was her enthusiasm, that knitters began to fall almost immediately.  Symptoms include putting all the yarn in groups of three,  discussing the nature of the shawl's construction ad nauseam, and being unable to manage an evening without saying "I just want to nail a few more stripes before bed."

Even the staff is not entirely well.

This one is mine. 

By the end of camp all of us were calling it the "Colour Infection" shawl - since it seemed more appropriate. Only a few campers remained well enough to resist,

The rest of us are hoping Josie doesn't decide to knit an afghan next year.

(PS.  I ripped mine out and tried again. The edge was too tight.)
(PPS. Have you ever noticed how well people pick the colours that are right for them?)

Posted by Stephanie at April 24, 2012 2:45 PM