May 21, 2012

A Reward for Good Behaviour

Today's Victoria day here in Canada - the reigning monarch's official birthday (no matter when their actual birthday is) and the unofficial start to summer.  It's the traditional weekend to open cottages, plant the garden and do outside things.  Lucky for me, Toronto weather got the memo, and this long weekend has been a lovely one - hot and sunny, with everyone outside making the most of it.   I took advantage of it by getting in a 60 km training ride on Saturday, and spent all day yesterday gardening, and then squaring away the back garden so we can sit out there when it's hot and nice, which today - it is, which is bloody brilliant, since after a day of riding and a day of gardening I'm just about paralyzed.

Since I'd done everything I had to do (let's overlook the condition of the inside of the house - the outside is smashing) today is a reward for good behaviour.  I sat and finished up Lou's sweater and set it to dry in the back garden, and then decided to keep it company. 

A hot day, a cold beer,*  the start of summer, the start of a new project.**
It's pretty nice over here. 

*Someone always asks.  The beer of choice today is Black Oak Nut Brown.  It's good and local.  A little dark for summer, but I'm late switching to something lighter.

**I know. I didn't give you the details of what I'm making. We can talk about what project I settled on tomorrow. Right now a beautiful day is calling me.
Have patience, Grasshopper.

Posted by Stephanie at May 21, 2012 4:02 PM