May 22, 2012

The Money Shot

Little Lou's sweater was dry and done this morning, and so I packed off to deliver it to him. 

I know everyone will want to know what pattern it is, and I can't help you there. This whole sweater was built on a wing and a prayer, with just a few measurements from his mum.  I really did just do a quick sketch and then launch. This did lead to a few troubles (like that may only look like two button bands, but it's really four because I had to re-knit the first one a few times to get the rate right) but mostly, it worked beautifully. I decreased the sleeves at a rate that simply seemed right, and it was.  I decreased for the cuffs so that they looked like proper wee cuffs, and they were.

The whole thing fits him beautifully too.  It's a little big, which is spectacular, since he's growing so fast it would take your breath away.  The sleeves need to be rolled up now, but that will mean they can be unrolled in the autumn.  I think he likes it too...

Although he does have one question, which might be related to the fact that I packed him into a sweater on a hot day.

"It's summer.  Why the heck did you make me an Aran?" 

I don't know Lou.  I don't know.  The ways of knitters are a mystery some days, and our passions are odd.
Enjoy the sweater.

Posted by Stephanie at May 22, 2012 2:48 PM