July 25, 2012

Break an Egg

I love this shawl.  Even though it's name is spelled funny (I still think it should be Omelette, but who am I to argue.)  I took it out on a little field trip yesterday, so that I could photograph it somewhere pretty, and I ended up in High Park. 

Yarn: Space Cadet Superwash merino Laceweight, in Honey.
Pattern: Omelet. By Joyce Fassbender.

Now let me tell you a little thing about taking pictures of knitted things in public.  It's poorly understood, or it must be, because in all the years that I've been outside hanging skeins of yarn from trees, or nestling socks among hostas, or laying shawls over rocks by a creek, not a single soul has ever asked me what I am doing. Even my neighbours don't get into it, and they see this behaviour several times a week. They walk by, they wish me good morning, they might say something like "nice weather" or "your lilies look great" but nobody has ever said "Hey Steph,  I notice that you frequently need to put mittens in a cherry tree and take pictures of that.  Can I ask why?" Realistically, I think they're afraid of the answer.   I feel like they're worried that I'll say something really crazy, and then it will be uncomfortable.

Yesterday, as I hung Omelet over trees, railings, fences and the like, not one, but two people told me it was pretty.  They still didn't ask what I was doing or why, but I think that the fact that people were willing to speak to me while I was doing something that's normally ignored very studiously,  means that they were moved by the beauty of this thing.

They should be.  Omelet is so lovely that it really hurts to follow through and give it up like I said I would, but I'm trying to remember the phrase "Give until it hurts."  (I thought that the last time I landed on the road on a training ride too.)  To be completely truthful, I'm also thinking about knitting another one, if there's too much of a pang as this one heads off to its destiny.  If you are this shawl's destiny - email me. StephanieATyarnharlotDOT.ca.  Highest offer before I post tomorrow takes her home. (To answer a quick question from yesterday, No.  You can't re-offer if someone outbids you.  I know that's how it works on Ebay, but here I really like the idea of someone offering truly what they think it's worth and can afford, without getting caught up in competition or craziness. Make a bid that suits you and your pocketbook, and see what happens.)

Finally let me tell you about something wild.  There's this amazing knitter named Lisa, and she sent me an email the other day that just about knocked me to my knees.  I was so stunned I called Joe in to read over my shoulder.  Lisa's email says that if I raise another $1000, she will match it.  That means $1000 can turn into $2000, and that's a lot of money my friends.  A lot of money.  I know you've all given what you're able, and I'm very, very grateful and please don't feel any pressure at all,  but if you haven't given yet and you were thinking about it, now would be a great time.  Even $5 put with a bunch of other $5 adds up like stitches on a sweater.  Thanks for thinking about it.  I'll see you tomorrow.  There's another shawl to bid on, and this one has beads.

PS. I've had the opportunity to explain to a few people on the Rally where the fundraising money is coming from.  I really, really wish you could be with me when our family explains that we're representing knitters.  It's priceless. 

Posted by Stephanie at July 25, 2012 11:56 AM