September 21, 2012

In which my plan is solid

After several days of careful reflection, I realized several things.

1. The last time I went to A Verb for Keeping Warm, I bought some of this Kush yarn because it was so nice I couldn't stand it. Those colours are Transnational Fury and Jade.)   You know how it goes.  It was a standard knitter scenario.  Cashmere/silk yarn, hand dyed in nature dyes... hanging right there at eye level...  I'm not even going to try to explain.  I'm sure you know.  Anyway, it was gorgeous, but I choked at the last second and only bought two.

2. Fast forward a little while and here I am with these two skeins thinking that I want to make Suki out of them, and realizing that I probably (definitely) don't have enough. 

3. Realizing that really, I'm having this conversation with myself about how there isn't enough as I'm deciding what my plane knitting should be, because I'm flying to A Verb for Keeping Warm in the morning, and if it turns out that I don't have enough, I can just get more when I get there- and if I do have enough, knitting with Kush while I am in the presence of Kush could probably take the edge off. A perfect plan. 

Yesterday, I cast on in the cab on my way to the airport. 

By the time I got there things weren't going well.  I decided to rip back and not slip the first stitch of each row.  It was too tight.

I started again after I had a bagel.

Then I got my seat on the plane...

flew 5 hours while watching a terrible, terrible movie...

grabbed my luggage...

Checked into my hotel, and realized I absolutely was not going to have enough of the red, and congratulated myself on my clever plan.

Went out to A Verb for Keeping Warm and told Kristine my plan and then watched her get the this nervous look on her face, and that's when I realized that my whole plan hinged on there being a skein of that yarn in the store- and that I hadn't really thought that through. 

But there was. 

The end.  I love it when things work out. (Now I can start worrying about how fast this project is going.  I might need more yarn.)

(PS. I'll be at Verb all day, and I think the three classes are full but you could check if you wanted to be all spur of the moment, and from here I go to Texas on Tuesday to give a talk at MadTosh that evening and then it's on to StevenBe in Minneapolis for teaching and a talk on Thursday, and teaching on Friday.  If you ever want to know what I've got coming up, it's always in the sidebar if you click on "Where's the Harlot")

Posted by Stephanie at September 21, 2012 11:49 AM