August 14, 2013

Welcome To the Flock

Warning. This post contains an extremely cute sweater in a newborn size. It is possible that this sweater may trigger embarrassing cooing or squealing in otherwise healthy, normal adults with a usually reliable degree of decorum.

This warning should be taken seriously. The sweater is very little, and has many small sheep knit into the yoke.  These two factors together can create a force of cuteness that exceeds normal levels.  Symptoms that this sweater may be more than you can handle include suddenly exclaiming "Oh! Widdle sheepies!" while you are still at your desk in front of colleagues,  or finding oneself clapping your hands a little bit, while unexpectedly saying "BAA BAA!" in a disturbingly high pitched voice.

Pattern: Welcome to the flock. Yarn: Rowan Pure Wool Dk in #19 - Avocado (2 balls) and little bits of Black (004) and Enamel (013). Needles 3/3.5mm. Buttons: Vintage from my Grandmother's button bin.

Unfortunately, an additional high pressure system is brought to bear by this sweater when a knitter considers the name of the pattern, and imagines a little lamb cared for, clothed and loved for a lifetime by those that love them, now viewed as "Flock".  (Additionally, it should be noted that those knitters with a special affection for sheep may be more vulnerable to predicted levels of cuteness than anticipated, and should approach this pattern with extreme caution.)

If your reaction is severe, and you find yourself looking at bunnies and thinking that they aren't cute, or wishing for a grandchild, even though your eldest child is only 14 and unprepared in any way for providing you with a sweater model  parenthood, then immediately close your browser and navigate away from the pattern purchase page on Ravelry, or direct your efforts towards the closest family shelter in your neighbourhood. 

(For public safety reasons, I have decided not to make the hat.)


Posted by Stephanie at August 14, 2013 3:10 PM