The 2006 Knitting Olympics

Eligibility: Any knitter who, embracing the "Citius, Alitius Fortius" ideal, would like to challenge themselves while embracing the Olympic spirit, and is just whacked enough to play along with me.

Concept: You must cast on a project during the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics (Feb 10)- and finish before the Olympic flame goes out (Feb 26). That's 16 days.

1. The project must be a challenge for you to complete in 16 days.
2. There are no rules about what a challenge would be. Like the real Olympics, there are many areas to compete in. If you are a new knitter, then a garter stitch baby sweater might do...If you are experienced, well. I've already considered Torino. Use your own conscience.
3. While this is intended to be somewhat difficult (like the Olympics) it is not intended to ruin your life. Don't set yourself up for failure. (Olympic athletes may cry, but they do not whine pitifully, sob and threaten members of their family with pointed sticks because they haven't slept in five days. ) This is intended to (like the Olympics) require some measure of sacrifice, and be difficult, but it should be possible to attain.
4. No casting on before the flame is lit.
5. Finish before the flame goes out.
6. You may swatch before the games. (I consider this "training.")

The Knitting Olympics has only a gold medal. (There is only do- or do not.) Finishers get a gold medal button for their blog, their name entered into a draw for a chance at a prize from me, and the joy of knowing that they are an Olympic level knitter, no matter how experienced they are. You are only competing against yourself. (Well. And the Olympic schedule.)

Who's in?
If you're just crazy enough itching to be part of the Knitting Winter Olympics, leave a comment (or send an email) telling me who you are, what you're knitting and a link, if you have one. I'll list you in the sidebar. Consider carefully. Done right, this will suck up 16 days of your life and be an epic work.


(Crappy button made by yours truly. Really good button for finishers will be made by Franklin. Feel free to swipe and save to your own server.)

What am I knitting?
Hardangervidda. (I fully admit to choosing this because "Danger" is in the name.) How's that for a challenge? I figure that if I'm going to propose that you all take this on, that I set a fine example of being so completely out of my mind it's almost scary embracing the ideal.

16 days, many knitters, one dream. The Knitting Olympics.

Good luck to all the athletes.

4d - a pair of lace legwarmers
A Canadian Gal - Opal silk socks
Aarlene - Doublemossa cap
Abandonada - Clapotis
abbehope - reindeer mittens

Abbie - cream-colored poncho
Abby - a sweater
Abby - baby norgi
Abby F. - Flower Basket shawl
Abi - sunrise circle jacket from the new Interweave knits

Abigail - red lace sock
Adele - socks
Adelle - 4 Sweater
Adelle T. - Sweater with two clasp closure
Adri - scarf

Adrian - Norsk strkkedesign sweater with Detached collar
Adriana - Finishing a bunch of stuff
Adriana (hook..) - a pair of socks
Adriane - Elvis sweater
Adrienne - knitted doll

Agnes - long lace scarf
Aidan - knit felted clogs for my wife, son and myself
Aija - Cable and Rib Sweater with Hood (Debbie Bliss)
Aileen - knit and felt three purses
Aileen - Jaywalkers

Aimee - probably a cardigan
Aimee Noel - Blackberry from Knitty
Aina - mohoair jacket
Aine - One sock
aj - alien illusion scarf

AJ - wrap around cardigan
Alaina - monster bag
Alana - Shetland lace shawl
Alana (age 10) - belt with beads
Alaska - Size 6 sweater

Alden - Birch shawl or rogue sweater
Alene McC - 2 suede hats for twins
Alex - vest
Alex M. - red gansey
Alexandra - Pirate Mittens

Alexandrea - Aran
Alexis C. - FINISH a baby blanket I have lying around my house
Ali - sweater
Ali - Clapotis
Ali - Simulateous Jaywalkers on circs

Ali - sweater
ali - Potamus
Alica G. - Bandstand Vest from Knitters
Alice - toe up socks
Alice - lace shawl

Alice - sweater
Alice - Dale of Norway Salt Lake City Olympics sweater
Alice - Thrummed Moebius
Alice C. - Mans cabled pullover
Alice F. - gloves a la Nona

Alice M. - toddler cardigan
Alice T - a vest
Alicia B - Ene's Shawl
Alicia P. - one sock
alicisa - Yoga Wrap from the new Vogue

Aline - Undecided
Alisa - Aran Braid socks
Alisa (sleep..) - Tiger Swallowtail Shawl from Needle Beetle
Alison - a shawl
Alison - a sweater for her husband

Alison - cable afghan
Alison - Second sock of Sock Saviour
Alison - Hooded sweater with cables
Alison D - Bella paquita
Alison S - Crumpets

alison T. - Clapotis
Alissa - Aran Pocket Shawl
Alissa (age 10) - scarf
Alix - three pairs of above-the-knee stirrup socks in 16 days
Alli - Jaywalkers

allie - first clothing project
Allison - Pirate Mittens
Allison - Peacock Feathers Shawl
Allison - design,knit and write a pattern
Allison - Pomatomus socks

Allison - cotton maple leaf textured sweater
Allison C - Lace Sweater
Allison L. - Mikado Ribbon Lace Panel Cami
Allyson - Very first sock
Allyson L. - Knit for Victory socks

Altaviese - Candle Flame Shawl
Althea L. - 20 afghan rectangles and finish a baby afghan
Alyson - Boogie cabled vest
Alyssa - Baltic sea stole
Alyssa D. - Fir

Amanada - Irish Hiking scarf
amanda - genovesey
Amanda - Kepler
Amanda - socks for size 12 feet
Amanda - Blackberry from knitty

Amanda - first hat
Amanda - fair isle top
Amanda - Sweet Mary Jane Cardigan
Amanda B. - lace shawl
Amanda Cathleen - Hourglass Sweater

Amanda M - 2 pair slippers
Amanda S. - Booga Bag
Amanda W. - Lolita
Amanda W. - Baby blanket and socks
amber - somewhat cow

Amber - Fringe Collar Jacket (VK Winter 04)
Amber - Feather and Fan scarf
Amber - finnskogen
Amber D. - first fingerless mittens.
Amber N. - First pair of socks

amberdiel - Highland Triangle Shawl
ambermoggie - first pair of socks
Amby - Cabled sweater
Amelia - striped baby blanket
Amelia D. - Fair isle socks

Amelia T. - Clapotis
Amey - 50 preemie caps
Amy - Nightclub top
Amy - samus
Amy - voyage

Amy - sweater
amy - Big Bad Baby Blanket
Amy - Jaywalkers
amy - sweater of her own design
Amy - shawl

Amy - socks
Amy - Knitted teddybear
Amy - Liesel as a table runner
Amy - First pair of socks
Amy - Kepler sweater

Amy - Toddler-Sized Gansey
Amy - socks
Amy (blueeyedknits) - first lace scarf
Amy (horv..) - over-sized booga bag
Amy A. - sleeves for a shawl collar vest

Amy aka. NeonApple - First Baby Cable Sweater
Amy Artisan - Lace shawl
Amy Boogie - Baltic
Amy D - baby kimono-ish sweater
Amy H. - Blaze from knitty

Amy in AR - sweater for my daughter
Amy J. - 4 pair slippers/bed socks for charity
Amy K. - Branching Out scarf
Amy Lu - Latvian mittens
Amy M. - Branching Out

Amy M. - sitcome chic
Amy M. - Thrummed Moebius
Amy M. - Start and finish a pair of socks
Amy O - 12 charity afghan blocks
Amy O'N - first pair of socks

Amy R - lace wedding shawl
Amy Roz - baby blanket
Amy S. - Inishmore
AmyDe - Leaf lace shawl
amyk - fancy longies with cables and a Celtic knot on the bum

amykatherine - Aran baby blanket, sampler style so as to try 40 different stitches
amylin - Norwegian Olympic sweater
Amysue - blue gansey
ana - sweater
Ana - Minisweater by Glampires

Ana R - sleeveless sweater
Anastacia - Knitty's Very tall socks
Andi - Booga Bag in red white and blue
Andrea - a gaggle of knit gift bags
Andrea - Knitting Pure & Simple's Neckdown Pullover

Andrea - Canada sweater
Andrea - cabled gloves
Andrea - socks
Andrea - fingerless gloves
Andrea - EZ mocassin socks

Andrea - Tempting by Jenna Adorno
Andrea in Oklahoma - 2 scarves in anything but garter
Andrea S - a beaded bag
Andria S. - a pair of spiraly socks
Andy - bulky Aran sweater

Ang - Anouk from Knitty
Angel - Sitcom Chic from Knitty
Angela - a felted Fair Isles Purse from Vogue knitting
Angela - danica entrelac scarf
Angela - Langsjal Johonnu

Angela - Undecided
Angela - Bulky Cabled Sweater
Angela - festive
Angela - Clapotis or a shawl
Angela - lace handkerchief

Angela - Napramach from Folk bags
Angela - Undecided
Angela - fun fur Bear Rug from Knit1
Angela (bigan..) - sweater with cables
Angela A. - Felted clogs

Angela M. - Chinchilla Stole
Angelia - Cinxia
Angelika - Rogue
Angelina - Bog Jacket (EZ)
angharad - socks

Angi - Socks on two circs
Angi D. - Kristina bag from black sheep
Angie - first pair of socks
Angie - moebius capelet with fuzzy little roving tails out of my handspun Beast
Anike - lace sweater with detachable lower srms

Anisa - socks
Anita - Undecided
Anita - cardigan
Anita - Sit-alone-in-your-room-design
Anita H. - Bobbilicious

Anita in St Louis - socks
anita p. - 2 scarves
Anita79 - a shawl
Anjali S - Organza edged baby cardigan
Anjeanette -

Anke - socks
Anmiryam - Butterfly
Ann - Cabled Shrug from IK, Fall '05
Ann - pair of socks on really tiny needles
Ann - a Hogwarts inspired hat

Ann - first steeks
Ann - beaded socks or a shawl
Ann - spring blossom shawl
ann (annvio..) - Broadripple socks
Ann (lostino..) - as many hats as I can make for the Duulan Project

Ann (needl..) - Jade Sapphire shawl
Ann Em - a lace shawl
Ann in Ottawa - colour block sweater from Sandra for 12 year old granson
Ann K - a hat
Ann McD - shawl

Ann Rose - Pair of socks
Ann W. - Klaralund sweater
Anna - Candle Flame shawl
Anna - a hat in the round
anna - self designed stranded-colourwork sweater

Anna - Adult sweater
Anna - big fishing pullover
Anna - One sock
Anna B - Sirdar pattern 8509, a short sleeved top
Anna K - Forecast from Knitty

Anna L - Kureyon skull cap without the Kureyon
Anna S - Spencer
AnnaRamona - Design and knit five new blocks for a blanket
Annarella - self designed sweater
AnnB - Starburst Shawl

Anne - pair of gloves with lace and cables
Anne - socks
Anne - a couple of baby sweaters
Anne - Deep V Argyle Vest
Anne - Faina's scarf from Fiber trends

Anne - Knitting Bag Jacket
Anne - Knitting Bag jacket
Anne - socks from self dyed to self stripe yarn
Anne - Boogie vest from Knitty
Anne B - Alice Starmore's "Grapevine"

Anne C - a hat - yarn changes, knitting/purling and decreasing stitches
Anne D - Alicia Cardigan
Anne D. - throw rug
Anne Elise - baby blanket
Anne H. - lace shawl of my own design

Anne in PEI - pullover
Anne K. - a pair of gloves
Anne Rose - a sock
Anne S. - knit scarf using 3 different yarns
anne_u - lacy shawl

Anne-e - Undecided
Annee R. - vest
Anne-Kari - 20 Preemie baby booties and hats
AnneM - Mystery Shawl
AnneO - Sonnet Sweater from Knitty

Annette - Branching Out scarf
Annette - raglan with a 50" chest
Annette - first cable sweater
Annette - Multidirectional scarf & tablerunner
Annette - socks

Annette in FL - Tessellating Fish afghan
AnneV - Undecided
Annie - Clapotis
Annie - Lana knits sweater
Annie B. - I Do Shawl from Knitty

Annie from Haverhill - Alice Starmore's Kinsale
Annis - long lace stockings
Ann-Marie - sweater
annri - finish(6) incomplete pairs of socks knit a Calli vest
Annushka S-R-C family - Space dying Yarn & making socks

Anny - shawl collared cardigan
Aporanee - either a vest or a shawl
April - self designed baby blanket
April - Baby's First Tatoo sweater
April - Bobblicious

Aradi - Jake from Rowan Junior
Arden - a hat
Argiope - Decathalete - 10 projects
Ari - lace scarf
Aria -

Ariane - Ella shawl
Arianna - socks
Ariel - something entrelac
Arlette - Ramona from Rowan 39
Aryn - shimmer from knitty

Asamandra - Ten patten shawl
Ashes - Socks
Ashleah - sweater
Ashley - Wavy scarf
Ashley - lacy scarf

Ashley - first ever socks
Ashley - a PANTA
Ashley in OK - Ballerina Sweater from Loop-d-loop
Asja - Jacket from Sabrina
Aslaug - knit two socks

Assie - Baby's First Tattoo sweater
astrid - hat with matching mittens or a sweater or socks
Astrid - Jaywalkers
Atla - ravenclaw scarf
Aubrey - lace socks

Audrey - purple sweater with Cables
Audrey - create and knit a Knitters olympics hat
Audrey - pair of ribbed pulsewarmers (Audrey is 9 yrs old)
Aunt Gerry - socks
AuntiePanPan - a really long hat

Aunty Nin/lee - Socks for "bigfoot"
Aven - self-designed gansey
Avhy - Elisabeth Zimmermann "Bog Jacket"
Aya - socks
Ayla - Undecided

Ayse - Jaywalkers
Béatrice - lace cap from knitty
B.B. - Dayflower lace scarf
Bad Amy - Twisted Sisters Eve
BAM/Beth - Perfect Pie Shawl

Barb (b.swee..) - one sock
Barb F. - felted bag
Barb G - Pink Ribbon socks
Barb H. - baby sweater with cables
Barb in WI - Rowan Aran sweater for my daughte OR the green cardigan from KnitPicks

Barb S - a pair of socks "and they will have rings on them"
Barbara - first adult sweater for self
Barbara - moebius shawl
Barbara - checkerboard baby blanket
Barbara - hooded sweater

Barbara A. - 2 wraps
Barbara from Glencoe - Salsa socks in five colours
Barbara from Nova Scotia - Snow Crystal Sweater
Barbara M. - knit on and complete ONE project without starting another!
Bea - Bobbilicious

Bea (Lene's mum) - slouch socks
beadntat - Kiri shawl
Beadslut - topsecret sweater
Beatriz - Venus Shrug and socks
Becca - Rogue

Becca - Heirloom Silk Shawl
Becca - baby slippers
Becca - harlot poncho (Becca is 11 years old)
Beccaknits - slip stitch wrap
Beck in Sydney - Mariah

Becka - size 13 socks
Becka - lace shawl
Becky -
Becky - diagonal Front sweater
Becky - finish UFO's

Becky - dish cloths
Becky (bclem..) - shrug
Becky C - garters
Becky C. - Preemie hats
Becky H. - socks

BeckyH - cardigan from Rowan's Classic Knits
Bee - Phildar Sweater #20 Automne 05/06 Tendances
Bee - Norwegian Stockings
Bee - two socks simultaneously on DPNs
Beebs - triathlon: pair of thrum mittens, scarf from stash, and a baby afghan

Bekki - BPT from knitty
Belai - Undecided
Belinda R - three items: wave scarf, flora hat and easy peasy hat
bellydancemagic - Undecided
Benjamin - garter stitch scarf (Benjamin is 8)

Bernadette - socks
Berni - tie front bolero with trumpetsleeves
Bertha - socks
Beth - Knit whits herbie hat
Beth - top down Raglan

Beth - Shawl Collared vest
Beth - first lace Scarf
Beth - Gansey style sweater
Beth - socks
Beth - something lacy with mohair

Beth - sweater and hat
Beth - cabled sweater
Beth - Mamluke socks
Beth - Hourglass Sweater
Beth - hat

Beth - Clapotis
Beth - first pair of socks
Beth - four scarves
Beth - Scarf with the Harley-Davidson logo
Beth - Toy dragon (big one)

Beth - Vertical Garter Ribs Scarf
Beth B. -
Beth B. - Miss Bea's Bookworm Sweater
Beth C. - Violets by the River (from Blackberry Ridge)
Beth D. - The Sugerplum Pullover from Handknit Holidays

Beth from Montana - first cardigan
Beth G in VA - matching mommy and daughter Thuja socks
Beth H. - French Market bag
Beth in Evanston - Miss Bea's Bookworm Sweater
Beth in Michigan - fair isle sweater

Beth J - a baby blanket
Beth L. - first colourwork, socks
Beth M. - Patchwork Jacket from Jamieson's Book #3
Beth M. - Wedding shawl
Beth P. (pellk..) - Undecided

Beth R. - Daisy
Beth S. - Mrs. Beeton from Knitty
Beth S. in New Mexico - 3 childrens ponchos and one baby sweater
Bethanie -
Betharoopie - first socks

Bethe - Pirate mittens
bethieee - socks
bethlehem2 - a scarf like item
Bets - Billie vest
Betsy - felted purse and matching hat of my own design

Betsy - Dale of Norway Ladybug set
Betty - cabled sweater
Betty - first socks
Betty B. - 6 foot scarf for my friend's 80th birthday
Betty D. - Felted mittens

Betty F - blue lace pullover sweater
Betty in Minnesota - Violets by the River shawl from Blackberry Ridge
Betty N - Socks
Betty P. - Jester Hat.
Bev - first pair of socks

Bev - VK trellis bag (felted)
Bev - fair Isle beret
Beverly - Braided scarf
Beverly in New Zealand - cape
Bevin - Felted bag -12 colours, bobbles

Bezzie - mohair lace scarf
Billi-Jean - Undecided
BJ - poncho
Bliss - gloves
Blueknitters, The (team) - shawl

Bob - Dale of Norway Torino
Bob LoP - Amhra'n Gra' (Love Song) sweater.
Bobbingal - self designed sweater
Bonnie - self designed vest
Bonnie - map of the world sweater

Bonnie - baby sweater and hat
Bonnie - Bolero from VK
Bonnie - 12 pr lg slippers; 12 pr sm slippers
Bonnie - custom designed hat
Bonnie - first garment - shell

bonnie - lace mohair shawl
Bonnie C. - Men's Argyle pullover
Bonnie G. - Undecided
Bonnie H - Marina handbag
Bonnie L. - Librarian Vest

Boo! - three jumpers (or maybe just one)
Booch - 2 baby sweater/hat/bootie sets for twins
Bracie - baby bunting
Brad - first project, red cabled scarf.
Bradley - striped mittens

Brae - lace beret
Brandi - Striped child's sweater
Brandy (in the fourth grade) - baby blanket
braverdebbie - three felted bags
Bree - Mariah

Brenda - Tubey, Cravat and one Sock
Brenda C. - Geometric Felted Carpetbag
Brendergrrl - square for a charity blanket, by following the pattern
briana - pair of Socks That Rock
Briana the Brilliant (aged 13) - legwarmers for the Olympics

Brianna - Tempting 2
Briar - paisley lace shawl
Bridget - basic socks
Bridget (anneda..) - Irish Walking scarf
Brie - "first sock...but just one"

Britt - Hat
Britt KSR - a toque (beanie) and matching gloves
Brittany - moebius basket
brittb - first hat
Britt-Marie - long scarf pattern self designed

Bronwyn - learn to drop spindle and make something from the yarn
Bronwyn - Irish diamonds shawl
Bronwyn - Michael Kors sweater
Brooke - Diamond Fantasy Shawl
Brooke - Baby bootees, a right AND a left

Brooke - Fair isle snowflake socks
Brooke - Hourglass sweater
Bryn - Branching Out scarf
Buffie - Bird's Eye Shawl
Bugheart - moss stitch slippers

Bunny - sleevless shell
Buster - Lily Chin's easiest lace shawl
Cait Y - WIPs: fan and feather shawl and a blue cardigan
Caitie - first socks
Caitrin T - lapghan

Calaidos - Cable sweater
Calnj - Clapotis
Cambria W - Greek mittens
Camilla - Mittens
CamillaS - Tubey

Camille D. - First pair of socks
Camo - Big Skull tote from hello yarn
Camomille - first shawl
Candace - Finish lacy Bonnet
Candace - white lies Heather

Candace - sweater vest
Candace S. - Capelet
Candace T-H - First Norwgian hat
Candice - Skating Queen skirt.
Candy - felted bag

Capital L. - first cabled sweater
Cara - Pirate Mittens from Hello Yarn
Cara (carad..) - baby sweater
Caren - wrist warmers
Caren - Branching Out scarf

Cari M. - Backyard leaves
Carie - lace stole
Carin - Salina from Vintage Knits
Carina - charity squares
Carina - Glad

Carissa - Lyra (table cloth)
Carla - Backyard leaves scarf
Carla -
Carla - Debbie Bliss Baby Dress
Carla - a headband

Carla - funnel neck pullover
Carla A - little girls' dress and tid bits
Carla N. - baby sweater
Carlaviii - Childhood
Carly - first completed sweater

Carly aka djeterg19 - first adult sized sweater
Carly K. - sweater
Carly S. - Doll clothes
Carly W in Utah - Self-designed sweater
Caro - Trellis

Carol - one sock
Carol - a pair of socks
Carol - Noro Blossom Slip Over
Carol - entrelac shell
Carol Ann - first sock

Carol B - Seascape throw
Carol D. - spin and knit a mens cable scarf
Carol F. - summer pullover
Carol K. - Lace Checks Shell
Carol M. - Berkshire Sweater

Carol P. - complete the back of my sweater
Carol R. - Fair-isle sweater with handspun, hand-dyed yarn
Carol R. in Texas - Fair Isle cardigan (1 year size), working only in Continental style
Carol940 - Austerman Barkarole sweater
Carole - socks

carole - entrelac - Danica
Carole (carolb2..) - diagonal stripe scarf
Caroline - Embossed Leaves socks
Caroline - babyjacket with plait pattern
Caroline - Alphabet Blanket

Caroline L. - Einstein Jacket
Caroline M. - Scottish kilt hose
CarolMarie - Felted clogs
Carolyn - Gull Stitch Cardigan
Carolyn - Cabled sweater

Carolyn - top down sweater
Carolyn - gloves
Carolyn - Have A Nice Day scarves to be thrown on stage at a JBJ concert
Carolyn - Jaywalker
Carolyn - kitty bed

Carolyn (cbmcd..) - scarves
Carolyn in GA - Cat bed
Carolyn L. - pirate vest
Carolyn W - Embossed leaves socks
Carrie - Hourglass sweater

carrie - ella from knitty
Carrie - Clapotis and socks
carrie - fair isle skirt
Carrie - Mariah from Knitty
Carrie - socks

Carrie - two pairs of socks
Carrie /Tigs - Top down hoodie
Carrie R. - a felted bag
Carry - Snowflakes and Arrows vest
Caryl - Triango Mambo Sunset

Caryn - Torino
Casey - First pair of socks
Casey - river stole
Casey (age 9) - (Danica) scarf
Cassa - Rogue

Cassandra - Zeeby's bag
Cassie - Pair of socks
Cassie - Lopi sweater
Cassie - a doll blanket
Cat - baby sweater and hat

CatBookMom - Jaywalker socks
Cate - Prisoner of Azkaban scarf
Catharine - pirate theme sweater
Catherine - Ribby Cardi
Catherine - bolero

Catherine - scarf
catherine - Chevron Rib Tank from IK
catherine - embossed leaf socks from interweave
Catherine - mittens
Catherine - wrap cardigan

Catherine - St.Anton mittens
Catherine B. - Sweet Mary Jane
Catherine B. (cbrae..) - aran sweater
Catherine L - St-Anton mittens, child size
Catherine M - Raglan sweater

Catherine S - Skully
Catherine W. - Eunny's deep V argyle vest
Cathering - fair isle 101
Cathy - Dune, summer tweed
Cathy - A Bohus.

Cathy - lace, for the first time
Cathy - B4 bag
Cathy - Fingerless cabled mitts
Cathy - her own shawl
Cathy - a pair of socks

Cathy - Summer Braids Cardigan
Cathy - Vivian Hoxbro Rainbow Jacket
Cathy G - Flamingo with scarf
Cathy P. - Simple Tank from Filatura Di Crosa Spring/Summer 2005
Cathy W - scarf and a shawl

Cathy W. - toe up socks
Catie - baby sweater
Catrin - Birch
Cattie - Rain Dance shawl
Ceallach Knits - Undecided

Cece - Blithe Cardigan
Cecelia - Vest
CeceS - Tamar's eyelet vest
Cecilia D. - Vest Cable 101
Cecilia N - Latvian mittens

ceejay - first pair of socks
Celia - Kathy Zimmerman's Copper Plait
Celia in Alaska - Handspun, Hand dyed, Cashmere-Merino,Komi-style hat
Celtic Queen (and her aunt) - Thinking about the entrelac felted market bag
Cerridwen - First pair of socks

Chandra B - first sock
Chantal - dress/tunic with intarsia pockets
Chantal - first pair of socks
Chantelle - Irish Hiking Armwarmers
chappy - cabled shrug

Charis - Rogue
Charissa - Undecided
Charity (age 8) - fuzzy shawl/wrap
Charlie - Mukluks
Charlotta G. - Danica

Charlotte - a pair of socks
Charlotte - baby poncho
Charlotte - socks
Charlotte - striped receiving blanket
Charlotte L - lace mobeius

Charmaine H. - Undecided
Charyl H - Children's bolero
Chelle - Vinternatt Mittens
Chelle - first-ever pair of socks, magic loop style
Chelsea - Cables socks

Chelsea - Liesel
Cher U. - Jean Moss Eriskay Cardi
Cherie - Irish hiking scarf
Cheryl - Clapotis
cheryl - Gauntlets

cheryl - fair isle pullover
Cheryl - a sweater for her husband (in cotton!)
Cheryl - Shawl
Cheryl - Frostrosen Mittens
Cheryl A. - Felted bag

Cheryl F. - White lies - Melinda
Cheryl G - Nancy Bush's Huron Mountain socks
Cheryl K. - Diamond Fantasy Shawl
Cheryl K. (Team Yarn market news) - Gathering intentions (Fiona Ellis)
Chesley - a sweater and at least one chemo cap

Chialea - first sweater and more socks
chibent - Undecided
Chicagowench - Beth from Rowan
Chickitoo - Cabled Sweater
Childe - self designed child-sized scarves for The Dulaan Project

chittavrtti - Aibhllin from Knitty
Chloe - sweater
Chloe Sparkle - Belle Epoque
Chloek - lace shawl
Choc - sweater from 9yr old NZ yarn

Chris - Hourglass Sweater
Chris - lace babushka
Chris (cckg..) - lace shawl
Chris J. - "sock within a sock".
Chris Junebug L. - Christmas in Tallinn Stocking

Chris M. - viking cable vest.
Chris P. - Shawl or sweater
Chris W - Thuja socks from Knitty
ChrisE - Blazer
Chrissie - Honeycomb stitch baby blanket

Chrissy - Cabled shrug
Chrissy - Charlottes web
Christabel - pirate mittens
Christene - something fair isle
Christie B - hat and a scarf

Christina - two cabeled sweater sleeves
Christina - Very first socks
Christina - Baby Bobbi Bear
Christina - first socks
Christina - Ron Sweater from Harry Potter

Christina and mum, Helen - Tempting, and a first hat
Christina C. - two pairs of fibre trend clogs
Christina c. - Afghan of her own design
Christina G. - 96 square Afghan
Christina M - Flower Basket Shawl

Christina O. - Sweater for the ages
Christine - Fair isle cardi (my own design)
Christine - fair isle mittens
Christine - Undecided
Christine - Garter Stitch Baby Jacket

Christine - my first pair of socks
Christine - Helen's Lace Circular Shawl
Christine - Lara
Christine - Undecided
Christine - Audrey

Christine - Abigail sweater
Christine - Branching Out
Christine - Greek Pullover
Christine D in CA - tiny baby hat with 6 colors
Christine D. - a tam for each of her three kids

Christine H. - Hourglass Sweater
Christine R - Wild Stripes from Knitty
Christy - Snowdrop shawl
Christy - Cabled sweater
Christy - socks

Christy - Hermione's cable and bobble hat
Christy (in MN) - "it will most likely involve cables"
Christy S. - Dale Norge 2000 baby stockings
Churchlady - a pair of slippers or socks
Cin - cable scarf

Cindi - Not your average sweater
Cindi - Only work on one thing for 16 days
Cindi (aka BabeeBlue) - baby afghan
Cindi S - Fair isle socks
Cindy - baby sweater

Cindy - Bi-Color Cables sweater
Cindy L. - cardigan
Cindy M. - first socks
Cindy S. - Openwork scarf
Cindy S. B. - Branching Out scarf

Cirilia - Teva Durham's Lace Leaf pullover
Citabria - pair of adult size socks
CJ - first Fair isle
Claire - Branching Out scarf
Claire - Catwarming set

Claire - knit (4) Chemo Caps and one H2O hat
claire - lace socks
Claire - Samus
Claire M - purple knitting bag
Claire M. - Grumperina's Odessa

Clare - Black Socks for darling Bloke. Minimum 2 pairs.
Clare - Ella shawl
Clare - Branching Out scarf
Clarelight - Fair isle mittens and hat
Clarise in Seattle - Pirate Mittens

Claude - Bristow from Knitty
Claudia - No. 18 Lace shawl from 2005 Vogue knitting
Claudia - prayer shawl
Claudia C. /Zeebie - Falling leaves shawl
claudia mcb - 3-4 pairs of kids' socks

Claudine - mini Picovoli
Cleaopatra M. - Simple baby blanket
Coarine - Felted needle case
Coco - scarf
coffee-drinker - first sock(s)

Colby R. - Cabled vest
Colette - Mariposa Bamboo shawl
Colleen - cable trim cardigan
Colleen M. - Tweak Spring Breeze top pattern and offer it in sizes.
Colleen P - Oompa Loompa socks and wristlets

Congogirl - Throw for a wedding
Connie - Angelica
Connie - Kimono - Debbie bliss
Connie M - lacy cardigan
Connie S. - socks

Cookie - Rose of England by Marianne Kinzel
Corey - Two Debbie Bliss Lace and bobble throws
Corey W - first Dale sweater, #4 from book 170
Cori W. - socks
Corrie - Madli's Shawl from IK Summer 2004

Corrina - either Sitcom chic or dreaded man socks
Cory (bunny lady) - Undecided
Cosmo - three scarves
Courney - Raglan pullover
Courtney - Picovoli

Courtney - Jaywalkers
Courtney - Fjalar (from Viking patterns)
Courtney - placemat in fair isle
Courtney B. - Tempting II
Courtney C - felted bag

Crimson - a mosaic bag, chart to be determined
Cristi - Socks using the magic loop
Cristy - Irish hiking scarf
crumpet - Mariah from Knitty
Crystal - Ella from Knitty

Crystal - baby booties and a cap
Crystal - Boogie
Cursingmama - cabled scarf
Cynthia - "one small sock…"
Cynthia - Green Stranded Vest

Cynthia - Viennese Shrug
Cynthia - light weight clapotis
Cynthia - first sock
Cynthia - Lady Elenor entrelac stole
Cynthia - top-down sweater

Cynthia - Red Palm Bohus sweater
Cynthia - socks
Cynthia S - Felted Kureyon Tote
d0t - Clapotis
Dagny - Thistle Coat or an Starmore Aran

Daisy - Rogue
daisy - To-The-Cottages pullover
Dale - lace shawl
Dalmatica - Stocking stitch sweater
Dana - Jaywalkers

Dana - Gloves
Dana - two complete socks for DH
Dana S. - A seed stich Jacket
Dancingbarefoot -
Dani W. - Princess sweater

Daniel - Rowan's Denim Sheringham
Danielle - mac and me yoga socks
Danielle - Weasley sweater (first sweater)
Danielle - Artisokka's Rose sweater
Danielle - Undecided

Danielle - Mariah from knitty
Danielle - fair isle hat or mittens
Danielle in MA - 2 kids sweaters for charity
Danielle in Ottawa - Arrowhead top from knitters
Danielle S. - silk garden beanie

Dannah K. - babyfeet baby blanket
Daphne - sweater
Dara - Samus
Dara W. - Cabled aran scarf
Darby - Felted Purse

Darby Rose - Ye Dreaded Sweater, aka the Thing Which Scares Me Most
Darci - Clapotis
Darcy - Babette from Berroco
Darcy - self-charted cardigan with cables
Darlene - 16 different hats for a local pregnancy support centre

Dave C - hiking socks
David - Kilt hose
Davinal - sweater
Dawn - Baby norgi
Dawn - Undecided

Dawn - Cherry Blossom shawl
Dawn - Rogue
Dawn - a colour block sweater
Dawn - fancy shmancy pair of cabled socks
Dawn - knitting a wall hanging with wire

Dawn - New England socks from Knitting on the road
Dawn - No. 9 in Dale baby book 155
Dawn - the sweater that shall not be named
De M. - Shoalwater shawl
Deb - Fish lips purse

Deb - toe-up socks
Deb - Icelandic pullover
Deb - a sock
Deb - finish 3 projects
Deb - hoodie poncho from Yarn Girls with the Norwegian flag

Deb - two knitwhit hats
Deb - WIP marathon
Deb A. - Kimono Shawl
Deb S. - doll with a sweater
Deb W - bulky loose coat in fall vogue

Debbie - intarsia baby sweater
Debbie - a pair of felted clogs for my son
Debbie - Slipped Stitch Rib socks
Debbie - Felted Entrelac Tote from Knitpicks
Debbie - first sweater/Knitty's Tempting I

Debbie - Lace trim bolero
Debbie - Branching out scarf
Debbie - Lady Eleanor Stole
Debbie - twin-sized blanket.. mostly stockinette
Debbie - Frostrosen mittens

Debbie - Sitcom Chic from Knitty
Debbie - blanket (huge)
Debbie B - Lazy Day Tunic
Debbie C. - pink ribon socks
Debbie L - Debbie Bliss kids's tunic

debbieB - butt scarf
Debi -
Debi R. - baby cardigan
Deborah - Faroese inspired fair isle wrist warmers
Deborah (dctau..) - Celtic Fantasy shawl

Deborah H - first felted (Kitty Pi cat bed) or first lace project (Branching Out scarf)
Deborah M - lighthouse afghan using stranded and intarsia color methods
Deborah McL - first cabled scarf
Debra (sew-n..) - "latest knit-along sox with beads"
Debra (thistle..) - 2 St. Moritz ski hats

Debra of St. Paul - Starmore's Irish Moss.
Debrah - finishing 7 WIPs
Dee - circular shrug
Dee - Bebbie bliss baby raglan
Dee M. - one entrelac sock

dee near Berkeley - fair isle mittens
Deena - original sweater
Deesha - Shell Patchwork Shawl
Deidra M. - Elsebeth Lavold Ljod sweater
Deirdre - socks

delta - Meema's marsupial bag
Dene - Print O' The Wave Stole
Denice - finish a piece of lace knitting
Denise - Backyard Leaves
Denise - Somewhat cowl

Denise A. - Backyard Leaves
Denise A. - Fair isle socks
Denise K. - Pair of socks
Denise O - my first sock
Denise S. - Magic loop socks

Denny - Jaywalkers
Denny the wonder knitter - Vogue Coat and the buttons too.
derea - One skein wonder
Derrick - scarf with c4f's and c4b's
Desiree - something Fair Isle

Desiree - sweater
Desirée - Fairly easy fair isle from S&B
Desta - Debbie Bliss lace-edged toddler cardi
Deva - Undecided
Devin - the back of a crazy complicated cable in XL

Dez - Koigu Shawl of my own design,and an Official Irish Drinking Hat
Dharia - St. Moritz
Dharma - socks
Diana - first shawl using Elann's free pattern
Diana B - Chemo hat and cap for a friend

Diana B - socks
Diana H. - gloves
Diana R - Socks knit two at a time
Diana S. - Stahman's Faroese-shaped Alka shawl
Diana T. - Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers

Diane - Hufflepuff Harry Potter Scarf
Diane - Spirit of the Southwest Shawl
Diane - a Bohus sweater
Diane - Fair Isle bag
Diane - cardigan

Diane (rdduga..) - lace scarf
Diane A. - 10 scarves
Diane D (ddina..) - a hat
Diane D. - Sitcom Chic
Diane D. - 16 pairs of socks for CIC

Diane E. - Birch
Diane H - blue sweater with hearts
Diane H - Charlotte's Web shawl
Diane H K - vest with cables from handspun
Diane N. - Jaywalker socks

Diane N. - sleeves for Morehouse Merino Basketweave Sweater
Diane T - Shawl Collar Textured Rib Sweater
DianeS - a pair of socks
Diann - Viking Turid
Dianna - Eyelet Pullover

Dianne and Jane - Afghan for Afghans
Dianne N. - Spinning and knitting a shawl
Dianne R. - Sunrise Circle
Dibble - Estonian Lullably Blanket
Dida - first felted bag

Dina - Diamond Fantasy Shawl
Dina - first purse
dirtgirl - somewhat cowl
divy - Cat Bordhi Cashmere Cowl
Dixie - wavy boxes baby blanket

Dixie - shawl
Doll in Alaska (for the Canadian team) - Sheri's lace socks
Donna - lacy, rectangular shawl of my own design from recycled yarn
Donna - Jaywalkers and Mosaic pattern socks
Donna - Baby Norgi

Donna - chevron socks
Donna - first fair isle
donna - Leisel Lace Scarf
Donna - Recovering and knitting a dale
Donna - Clapotis

Donna - cardigan
Donna (donnatr..) - clogs
Donna (rayd..) - We Call Them Pirates, and learning to knit with left hand
Donna B. - Snowflake Vest
Donna C. - Cabled scarf

Donna from St Louis - lace shawl
Donna H. - Green zipper vest
donna in chicago - Tubey
Donna Jean C - You Are My Sunshine dress
Donna K. - complicated size 14 socks

Donna M - sweater
Donna R - Celtic knot sweater (modified Alice Starmore design)
Donna S. - shawl in the Olympic ring colours
Donna S. - Navada City windows Jacket
Donna W - cable hat

Donnae - Undecided
donni - leg warmers
Donyale - Undecided
dora in NY - Eyelet Baby Blanket
Doreen - shawl

Doreen P. - Thrum mittens
Dorene - Shawl
Doris - Cabled hat
Dorothee - Sockaplaooza socks
Dorothée - lace shawl

Dorothy - Baby blanket
Dorothy (Zach's mum) - sweater
Dorsey - 2 pair baby socks and a sweater
DoryO - knitting the official olmpic mascots.
Doublehelix (Suzanne) - adult sweater

doulicia - Hooded baby poncho
Dr. B. - Moose Hat from Bea Ellis
Dragonintherain - fair isle sweater for my son
Drea - 3-5 garter stitch scarves
Ducky - first lace shawl

Duffy - self designed sweater
Dumbledore635 - Slip-stitch shawl
Dustbunniescanwait - Marshmallow sweater
Dyann - Ene's Scarf
Dympa - Mary Maxim sweater

e - Flirty ruffles
E.S. - self designed fair isle poncho
Eala - first doily
Earthami - Samus
Eclair - top-down raglan

Eden - Undecided
Eden L. - Elann's flower petal shawl
Edna - Clapotis
Edna H. - shawl
Eejayya - Norwegian Stockings.

eeva - knit something that I have designed myself
Eileeen - Some sort of lace thing
Eileen - vest for my mother
Eileen - my first pair of socks
Eileen (missei..) - felted purse

Eileen G - Kiri shawl
Elaine - Fibercrack baby blanket
Elaine - fair isle mittens
Elaine - Estonian Garden Lace Wrap
Elaine - as many mp3 covers as I can

Elaine - Pi shawl
Elaine - Torino
Elaine (efav..) - Fair Isle Hat
Eleanor - lace shawl
Elemmaciltur - two scarves

Elena - spin, dye, knit, felt a pair of slippers
elewa - Totoro softie
Elin - Jaywalker socks
elisa - after years of training, elisa will complete her unfinished projects
Elisa - Falling Leaves socks

Elisa - silky tie wrap
Elisabeth - Olympic sweater used by Team Norge for daughter
Elisabeth - carding, spinning,knitting and felting mittens
Elisabeth A - Undecided
elisabetha - cabled neck cowl

Elise - fair isle mittens
Elise (egbl..) - socks, yes, two of them
Elisha - Birch (in Alchemy)
Eliza - Pirate Mittens
Eliza - a wicked hat

Eliza Sea - finishing UFOs
Elizabeth - Cardigan wwith pattern inspired by the Gulf of alaska
Elizabeth - Lace wrap by Susan Sternleib
Elizabeth - Fair isle or intarsia socks
Elizabeth - Jaywalkers

Elizabeth - Wonderful Wallaby
Elizabeth - Branching Out scarf
elizabeth - Aran pullover
Elizabeth - Cabled shrug
Elizabeth - Christmas stocking

Elizabeth A. - Northern light mittens
Elizabeth B - Neck Down Weekend Pullover
Elizabeth B. - shetland shawl
Elizabeth D - Norwegian mittens
Elizabeth F. - chain link scarf

Elizabeth H. - Erin cardigan
Elizabeth in Norway - a pair of socks
Elizabeth in Tennessee - socks
eLIZABETH k - bolero shrug
Elizabeth K - Big Bad Baby Blanket

Elizabeth N. - Dale's Østerdalen
Elizabeth R - shrug from Wrap Style
Elizabeth Z. - lace mohair shawl
Elizzabetty - Vesper socks
Elka - Undecided

Elke - Pants and booties for newborns in need
Ella - Musa sweater
Ellen - Bianca
Ellen - a vest for my Master Knitter Level II course requirement
Ellen - Skull Cap from Hello Yarn

Ellen B. - Merino Sei Mitered Capelet
Ellen G - shawl from Artful Yarns leaflet #92127
Ellen R. - Kiri
Ellen-Mary - fair isle cardigan
Elli - pair of Swedish mittens

Ellia - Flap bag with knitted flowers
ellie - cashmere t-shirt
Elsa - wrapped cardigan from "Lena 8/04"
Elsha - first sock
Elspeth - jaywalkers

Elysbeth C. - Victorian Lace Shawl
Em - Puddinpie baby sweater
Emarific - Irish hiking scarf
Emily - Rogue
Emily - first pair of socks

Emily - I do shrug
Emily - Villa Poncho
Emily - turtleneck shrug
Emily - Branching Out scarf
Emily - Lacey Wrap Jacket

Emily - Clapotis
Emily - lace shawl
Emily - socks
Emily - Kate the cat from knitty
Emily - pair of socks

Emily - vogue cable cardi
Emily - Checks & Charms hat and mittens
Emily (18) - 18x18 inch pillow
Emily (age 12) - first hat
Emily (elhe..) - Fog Chaser Jacket

Emily (eptom..) - two charity afghan blocks
Emily B. - hourglass sweater
Emily from CT - Lace stole
Emily G. - Mariah sweater
emily in aotearoa - finishing UFO's, first off Birch!

Emily L. - First pair of socks
Emily S (age 9) - poncho
Emily W. - First pair of socks
Emma - Gansey sweater from handspun
Emma - a sweater that fits only one person at a time

Emma - Twist from Chicknits
Emma - Belle Epoque
Emma - her first pair of socks
Emma - socks
Emma (age 10) - a headband

Emma H. - mittens
Emma in Baltimore - self-designed top down raglan sweater
Emma in Seattle - Faroese-style shawl
Emma R - poncho
Emmalee - paisley lace shawl

Emmie - Bella Paquita
Emy - AbFab
Encántame - hooded sweater
Endora - Irish Hiking scarf
Energibombe - Fanasaeter from Dale

Erica - Rogue
Erica - Two pairs of socks and her UFOs
Erica - W, from Knitty
Erica - self-designed lace stole
Erica and Michael (Pairs knitting) - Michael socks, Erica, topdown tee.

Erica B. - The Somewhat Cowl
Erica H - pair of sockapaloooza socks with a free-form textural design
Erika - Rogue
Erika -
Erika - a stuffed doll or doll's clothes

Erika - second scarf
ErikaJo - Pi shawl
Erin - Celtic Knot Afghan
Erin - Grecian
Erin - Norwegian Stockings from Folk Socks

Erin - Cabled sweater
Erin - Tubey
Erin - Lacey Lamb shawl
Erin - September mittens
Erin - a pair of socks

Erin - knitting kiri
erin - Beau sweater
Erin -
Erin - Cardigan
Erin - one shoulder tunic

Erin - Northern Lights mittens
Erin - scull scarf pattern
Erin - Socks or something
Erin (thekn..) - Undecided
Erin B. - One Baaad Poncho

Erin F. - Argyle socks
Erin from Ketchikan - Beau sweater
Erin G, relocated from Ketchikan - Beau sweater from Rowan Vintage Style
Erin H - Barbara Walker-inspired top-down raglan cardigan
Erin in MD - Sheep Dreams baby blanket

Erin K. - Knitty's Blu
Erin P. - Skull mittens and cap
Erin S. - 1 pair of socks for each of my 3 boys
essie - an afghan
Estee - Jaywalker socks

Ethomsc - polo shirt for grandson
Eunny - Frost Flowers & Leaves
Eva - Undecided
Eva - Sweater from Verena Fall 2005
Eva - Bea Ellis Traditional hat

Eva Anita - long hooded jacket
evelyn - Fair Isle Mittens and hat
Evelyn - river
Evelyn G - finishing UFOs
Evelyn RN - adult sized sweater (my first)

Evie - Pippi Kneestockings
ewe_spinster - Rogue zip hoodie
Ez - Danica scarf
Ezi - a scarf of her own design
Fae - second biologist sock (toe up)

Faith Fiberflash - Picovoli - first sweater
Faith Noelle - 3x Chic sweater
FanniePie - cables in chamonix sweater
farm-witch - yoga wrap out of homespun
Fawn - Girlfriend swing coat

Faye - Undecided
Felicia - Sitcom Chic or Rogue
Felicia at sweetgeorgia - Peacock feathers shawl
Felicia in Colorado - lace shawl
femiknitter - a felted skirt

Fenella - socks
Feral dustbunny - finishing WIPS
Fia-Knit - Rowan Denim sweater
Fiber Scriber - knitting sampler from the sweater workshop
Fiberdev - Luminous Vest

Fiona - hush hush petticoat
flajol - finishing a complicated cabled sweater
Flan C. - Manly mitts from knitty
Fledchen - Fair isle socks
Fleecy - Foothill Vest by Mountain Colors

Florapie - Flower Basket Shawl
Flossie - Mrs. Beeton
Folkcat - Kiri
Foogrrl - lace shawl
Fraces S. - yoke sweater

Fran L (Blue Gal) -
Fran O-S - a sock on dpns
Frances - Potamus
Frances Allen (almost 15) - working on mastering mosaic knitting
Frances S. - Pair of socks

Francie - Pasha the Penguin from Knitty
Franklin - Orenburg sampler shawl, using a pattern in Galina Khmeleva's book
Freecia - Cat Bordhi moebius
Fujifunmum - fair isle bag
Funfairiegirl - sweater

Fyberspates - Rogue
FyrDrakken - Shoulder bag
Gabi - Hapsaler Maiglöckchentuch
Gabi - socks
Gabi - pair of socks

Gabs - filati sweater
Gaby from Germany - a jacket from Kauni yarn just for me
Gail - Winter Jacket biathalon
Gail - Tomten sweater
Gail - child's cardigan

Gail - Audrey from Rowan#35
Gail - Kiri
Gail from Scappoose - Aran weight victorian lace shawl
Gail G. - Baby sweater
Gail L - one sleeve of an Aran sweater

Gail R. - a cable-type sweater and finishing 3 UFO's
gaile - Leslie Scanlon's tweed Jacket from Knitscene
Galit - Lilies of the Valley Shawl from Fiddlesticks
gamerknitterwritergeek - lace shawl
Garnet - Picovoli from Mag Knits

Garrison - Irish fisherdog
Gayle - a 9 square pillow with various knitting stitches
Gayle - Cinxia cardi from Knitty
Gayle - intarsia child's sweater of her own design
Gayle B - child's cardigan with a mosaic patterned front

Geana -
Gena - Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino baby sweater
Gena - first pair of socks
Genevieve - a pair of socks
Genevieve - Undecided

Genevieve - Clapotis
Geo - 1 charity afghan block and 2 necklaces in different styles
Geoff - garter stitch scarf
Georgina - Undecided
Georgina - big socks on really tiny needles

Geri in Ohio - scarf
Gerrie in MN - Aran-style vest in cotton
Gerry - lacey scarf from pygora handspun
GG - pink ascot length garter stitch scarf
Gi Gi - Undecided

Gibsongrrl, aka Michele - First pair of socks
Gigi - Complete both socks of a pair
Gilah - glittens in school colours
Gill - Cozy or clapotis
Gill - Mrs Beeton Wristlets from knitty

Gillian M F -
Gimpelise - Baby dress
Gina - Hourglass Sweater
Gina - a bag -- my first felted project
Gina - Cabled Hoodie

Gina - Clapotis
Gina - Undecided
Gina - Northern Lights mittens
Gina - felted Lopi tote
Gina - Rockport Vest from Oat Couture

Gina (merm..) - 2 pairs of longies and a pair of soakers
Gina D. - River.
GinaS - socks
Ginga - poncho, fair isle
Ginger - Rogue

Ginger - lace socks
Ginger - first pair of mittens
Ginger B. - Flyaway Free Jacket
Ginger C. - Leaf Lace Shawl (my first shawl, eek)
Ginger in Ottawa - Self-designed shell

Ginnie T. - Undecided
Ginny - Shawl
Ginny - pair of heavy socks
Ginny T. - Dale 125th year anniversary sweater
Girlie Jones - baby bootees

Gitte - dominoknitting
Giynlith - a sweater
gleek -
Glimt - socks
glittrgirl - Print o' the wave stole

gloria - second sock
golden - two pairs of socks
Grace - Cabled news boy cap
Grace - Eris sweater
Gracie - Danica scarf

Gracie B. - Maried, a baby bunting
Gregg - 5 hats
Grenadine Girl - Finishing
Gretchen - Debbie Bliss dress pattern
Gretchen - Fair isle 101

Gretchen (gsau..) - mittens
Grrlfriday - Baby's First Tattoo Sweater
GRS - Charlotte's web
Grumpy - Amanda Bag from Black Sheep Bags
gwen - Falling Leaves socks

Gwen - socks
Gwen (tghill..) - Undecided
Gwen r. - Shawl
Gwyneth A. - Kimono shawwl in drooping elm street
Hadjie - Scarf

Halaisa - Flower Basket Shawl
Haley (age 10) - ribbed scarf and vest
Hanane - Kimono Shawl
Hanane - Kimono shawl
Hanka - Sweater with raglan sleeves and shawl collar

Hanna - child's sweater with raglan sleeves
Hanna G - long cardigan
Hannah - very tall socks
Hannah - Poncho
Hannah - purse

Hannah - shrug and scarf
hannah (mudji) - bobble hat
Hannah c. - saxon braid scarf
Hannah R. - Knee socks or Fingerless Mitts
HappyFunBall - Hermione hat and mittens

haqiqa - Baby hat, scarf & mittens
Harley Davidson - Modern Bustier from Alter Knits
Harmony - self designed mitred pillow
Harriet - Poncho Villa Italia
Hattie - Phildar jumper from their Automne 2005 magazine

Hayden - Evergreen Gift Bag
Hayley - bella cardigan from Knitty
Hayley W. - Stitch diva hairpin lace skirt
Hazel - plaited scarf
Hazel - knitted shawl

Hazel - 1 mitten thumb, 2 scarves…& as much of a lacey shawl as I can finish
Heather - first patchwork sweater a la Horst Schulz
Heather - pirate hat and matching mittens
Heather - Roll neck intarsia sweater
Heather - Debbie Bliss baby sweater

Heather - first socks
Heather - Weasley sweater
Heather - cable socks
Heather - cashmere shawl
Heather - Cabled Cork sweater

Heather - Irish Hiking scarf
Heather - lace leaf shawl
Heather - Nell by Debbie Bliss
Heather - ribbed wrap
Heather - Tri-aran-angle

Heather - cabled leg/kneewarmers and wristwarmers
Heather - attempt fair isle for first time
Heather C - first pair of socks
Heather G. - Birch
Heather in Maine - Clapotis

Heather J. - Grace (from
Heather K - elbow length sweater of own pattern
Heather L. - Weasly sweater
Heather L. - Victorian Lace Shawl
Heather M - Gesta vest

Heather O. - Vogue Map of the world afghan
Heather P. - earflap hat
Heather R. - blanket from S'n'B
Heather W - poncho
heather w (hhw..) - Clapotis

Heather W. - Shoal water shawl
Heatherly - The hoodie sweater for her husband
Heathermione - S'n B to dye for.
hedvig - felted bag in my own design
Heide - Vine lace socks and After Bertha socks

Heidi - olympic torch socks
Heidi - Chevron ripple coat
Heidi - girl's dress and flower girl baskets
Heidi - baby blanket
Heidi (hfiel..) - Einstein coat

Heidi from VA - bike bag from Vogue knitting winter 2004/2005
Heidi R. - clapotis
Heike - knitting little things for preemies
Helen - Crumpets
Helen - Mittens and a matching headband for my secret pal

Helen - Anouk from Knitty
Helen - Tubey
Helen (of troy) - "Not a scandinavian sweater"
helen aka poetangel922 - Yoked Pullover
Helena - first pair of socks, using the magic loop method

Helena - Ella shawl
Helene - Hyrna Herborgar
Helene - cabled sweater
Helga - Finish UFOs
HeliP - lace scarf

Hellahelen - Fairly Easy Fair Isle
Helle - Violet (blouse from Amimono)
Helminalle - sheep pullover
Helminalle (Daughter 10) - scarf
Helminalle (Son 6) - key ring

Helminalle (Son 8) - wristwarmer
Hemer H - a hat
Hermione - sweater
Hester S. - sweater
hilari - Ella or shedir

Hilary W. - mittens
Hill (rhod..) - a crown in pink
Hillary - Socks
Hillary I - Fuzzy ornge striped scarf
Hillary R. - Diamond Fantasy Shawl

HJ - Shrugawl
Holly - Durrow or Consy socks
Holly - liesel scarf
Holly - EZ's mistake stitch moebius
Holly - Undecided

Holly - mermaid
Holly - artful sweater
Holly C. - her first completed sweater
Holly J. - Pearl buck Swing Jacket
Holly S - baby sweater

Hope - Glampyre shrug
Hope - ipod cover
Hope - Tubey
Hope P. - fingerless mitts and matching hat
Hoppsannsa - jacket

Howard - yoga mat
Ialiuxh - socks
Ianea - Kiri
idlehands - self designed 1920's style striped bathing suit jumper for my 2-yr old
Idlewild - Lace throw

Ilea - thrummed mittens
Ilona - Undecided
ilu - kids pullover, colour-knitted, self designed
Imbrium - We call them pirates hat
Imoeris - First pair of socks

Imogene (misim..) - a doggie coat
Ina - Cabled vest for husband
Indigo - Cabled hat.
Ines - cardigan of own design
Infinity - fingerless gauntless with dragon scales

Inky - Elizabeth 1 lace scarf
Inky - first socks
Iraida - fair isle socks
Irena - very long finger chain (she's seven)
Irene - Union Square Market Pullover

Irene L-S (Texanadian) -
Iris A-P - Daisy sweater, with hood
Irisine - Cosy from Knitty
Irisknitting - 2 hemp face cloths
Isabelle - first shrug

Isabelle M - Alligator mitts
Isela - 16 items for Dulaan project
Isis - tall socks
itgirl - lace
Ivana - modular pullover

Ivete - Little Rivers
Ivonne - first purse of own design
Ivy - moo-moo pillow
Ivy R. - sweater
Izzy - 2 colour Aran cardigan on cicular needles to my own design

Jackie - lace shawl in kid silk Haze
Jackie - Mittens
Jackie - Striped scarf with fair isle borders
Jackie - cabled scarf
Jackie - long bodywrap

Jackie E. - Revolution
Jackie J. - Clapotis
Jackie R - fair isle sweater
Jacky - Diamond Fantasy shawl
Jacqueline - 1 1/2 socks freestyle

Jacquie - Irish hiking scarf
Jacquie - an afghan
Jacquie - new directions
Jacquie H - TKGA Master Handknitter's Level II Vest
Jade - Madil's Shawl IK 2004

Jae - Rowan's Audrey
Jaime - Undecided
Jaimi - Cables in Chamonix
JaKnit - hallowig
Jamie - Mariah from knitty

Jamie - romper with matching hat and booties
Jamie - Kimono Shawl
Jamie H. - Clapotis
Jamie M from Las Vegas - scarf
Jan - socks

Jan A. - sweater
Jan F - mitered poncho
Jan G. - lace scarf
Jan in Alexandria - Thunder Bay from Dale
Jan M a.k.a. Caffinna - high socks

Jan M. - Branching Out scarf
Jan s. - Undecided
Jan T. - Mitered baby blanket
Jana - scarf or shawl
Jana S. - Gothic leaf stole

Jane - Lace Lattice Shawl
Jane - Hanging Garden Lace Stole
Jane - Manos Pullover
Jane - sweater
Jane - spin and ply last pound of roving

Jane (..abcb..) - a shawl
Jane (jane_d) - either socks or double-knitting mittens
Jane (moonm..) - Big Bad Baby Blanket
Jane (stee..) - Fair Isle armwarmers
Jane Ellen - Ellen's Knit Hat

Jane F - Anthracite Shawl from Knitters Mag
Jane H - Embossed Leaves Socks
Jane in london - Joy (vintage style)
Jane in MA - a handspun cardigan and making polymer clay buttons to go on it
Janeanne - Rib warmer

Janelle - Lace scarf
Janelle - sweater
Janelle - Clapotis
Janelle - first stranded pattern
Janet - a fringed poncho

Janet - Cow slippers
Janet - Giacca jacket
Janet - Weekend Getaway satchel
Janet - first self-designed sweater
Janet B. - pair of socks

Janet C. - knitting socks with self-striping yarn
Janet H. - Urban necessity mittens
Janet J. - TWO Knit ripple baby blankets
Janet L. - first pair of lacy socks
Janet M. - DNA scarf

Janet S - Turino Olympic sweater
Janette - Branching Out
Janette M - socks on #3's and fingerweight
Janey from Nova Scotia - lacey scarf
Janice - top down raglan

Janice - Dale of Norway baby sweater
Janice - Cabled Cardigan Sweater
Janice - Fair isle sampler hat
Janice (janili..) - cardigan
Janice B. - Butterfly cardigan

Janice C - Baby bootees
janice m - moebius scarf
Janice MacK - Big Bad Baby Blanket
Janina - original lace scarf
Janina in Red Deer - Angelina sweater

Janine - Kiri
Janine B. - Meg Swansen's Saddle-Shoulder Aran Cardigan
Janis - Clapotis
Janna - Crusoe socks
Janne Lea - Tubey

Janola - felted initial bag
Jasmine - Dale of norway # 5015
Jasmine - garter stitch sweater
Jathy in Juneau - jaywalkers
jaws - cabled wrap

Jayme - Baby Cardigan
Jayne - Alice Starmore's Zauberflaute
Jayne - first big fair isle project with steeks
JayneH - cabled socks
JD - first time fair isle something

Jean - Colourwork hat
Jean - top-down raglan sweater
Jean (slgj..) - Prayer Shawl
Jean B. - medium-sized dog sweater
Jean C - French Market Bag

Jean C. - 3 pair slippers/bed socks for charity
Jean E. - Baby Booties
Jean S - scarf with fancy stitch.. real challenge will be: no swearing
Jean S - a ruffle scarf in Classic elite Raspberry Wings
Jean T. - first pair of socks

Jeanelle - Baby Ugs
Jeanelle H. - Ugg Booties
jeanette - cabled shrug
Jeanettte - Bi-color brioche
Jeanie N - cloche hat, mittens and socks

Jean-Marie W. - Design and knit 2 baby blankets
Jeanne - Peacock feathers shawl
Jeanne - socks
Jeanne - first socks
Jeanne - Tempting II from Knitty

Jeanne S. - Falling Leaves scarf
Jeanne-Marie - Short-row socks
Jeannie M - Ruffled Scarf
jeannie P. - Afghan squares
Jeannine - one-skein wonder

Jeff - purple and black scarf out of Homespun
Jen - tank top
Jen - first socks
Jen - first DPN project, wrist warmers
Jen - Sweater of her own design

Jen - fair isle mittens
Jen - self designed afghan
Jen - hat
Jen - 5-paneled A-lined skirt
Jen - Banff

Jen - Intarsia felted bag
Jen - poncho
Jen - felted knitting needle case
Jen - cabled dog sweater
Jen (jenwtr..) - at least 2 afghan squares

Jen D. - first pair of socks
Jen E - Rogue
Jen F. - Tempting II
jen in Bellingham - Pasha penguin with team Canada olympic sweater
Jen M-G - Rowan's Birch shawl - my first piece of lacework

Jen S - Elfine's Socks
Jen W - Rowan's Angie sweater
Jena - Trellis baby sweater
Jena (the yarnharpy) - cabled headband
Jenean - a shawl

Jenelle - teddy bear sweater
jengadda - lace for lace-edged pillowcases
Jeni - Robot from Jess Hutch's book
Jeni - socks
jeni - Future Forward Aran

Jeni (jenig..) - simple sock pattern
Jenifer - Adamas shawl
Jenifleur -
Jenipurr - Undecided
Jenn - TechGuy Socks

Jenn - We Call Them Pirates hat
jenn - a shawl or wrap
jenn - first pair of socks
Jenn - Wrap
Jenn - socks

Jenn - two socks on two circs at one time
Jenn B. - Probably socks.
Jenn C. - Sea Colors cardigan or a shawl of my own design
Jenn F. - pair of socks
Jenn Marsh - Fair Isle child's hat from 2003 St. Moritz book

Jenn S. - Spiral shell
Jenna - Broadripple socks
Jenna P. - peace fleece old friend pullover
Jenni - halterneck top
jenni - Pirate mittens from Hello yarn

Jennie - start and finish the first pair of socks for myself
Jennie - Market squares bag
Jennie - cable purse
Jennie C. - Clapotis
Jennie H. - Appian way Sweater

Jennie L - Ella
Jennifer - ballet wrap Cardi
Jennifer - Kathy Zimmerman's Wall Street cables
Jennifer - Chaos sweater
Jennifer - Dale polar bear sweater

Jennifer - River forest gansey
Jennifer - Pi are square shawl
Jennifer - Placket sweater
Jennifer - Kyoto
Jennifer - a baby blanket

Jennifer - French Market Bag
Jennifer - slippers of booties
Jennifer - two pairs of socks
Jennifer - baby sweater and socks
Jennifer - Celtic Spiral Socks

Jennifer - Manly sweater
Jennifer - scarf
Jennifer - Shetland Triangle shawl
Jennifer O. - finishing Ufos
Jennifer (foyj..) - Dale of Norway baby sweater

Jennifer (jlawb..) - 2 pairs of socks and a pair of fingerless gloves
Jennifer (mingz..) - argyle patterned scarf
Jennifer (Purse_Ho) - two socks on a circular needle
Jennifer B in IL - baby blanket
Jennifer C - Booga Bag

Jennifer H. - Leaf lace shawl
Jennifer in PA - felted bag
Jennifer r. - Tubey
Jennifer S. - one pair of socks
Jennifer the Canuck - Newfoundland thrummed mittens

Jennifer W. - Fiber Trends Wide brim felted hat and Patons felted satchel
JenniK - Latvian mittens or a shawl
Jenny - Jaywalkers
Jenny - The snowdrop shawl
Jenny - Tubey

Jenny - dinosaur sweater
Jenny - Pirate hat and mittens from Hello Knitty
Jenny - vail
Jenny - 2 cabled sweaters (Trellis)
Jenny (hobbit..) - a sweater

Jenny S - Debbie Bliss Poppy Sweater
Jenny T - Baby Suprise Sweater
Jenny W. - Alice Starmore, St. Brigid
JennyAnn P. - first pair of socks
Jepy - shawl

Jes -
Jess - Zig-Zag from knitty
Jess - mittens
jess - drop spindle fibre and hand knit resulting yarn (likely mittens or hat)
Jess - finish WIP's

Jess - Jaywalkers
Jess - Undecided
Jess - Clapotis
Jess (Jessalu) - Huntington Castle sweater
Jess F - Mariah

Jess in Kzoo - Undecided
jess of the bugs - first Cardigan
Jess W. - 3 items my design: Viking hat, toy chameleon, and something fair isle
Jessi - Michael Kors Aran Tee
Jessi - Sockulator V socks

Jessi T. - Rogue
Jessica - fair isle headband
Jessica - HP House Unity Armwarmers, Hufflehat, Neckwarmer
Jessica - Rogue hoodie
Jessica - Dainty Bess

jessica - ribby cardi from chicknits
Jessica - fair isle headband
Jessica - Lelah top
Jessica - socks
Jessica C in NYC - ballet wrap sweater

Jessica W. - second Jaywalker sock
Jessie - Antoinette (Spring Rowan)
Jessie - Demi sweater
Jessie - Easy Raglan Sweater (Green mountain)
Jessie E. - Baby Bobble Jacket

Jessie R. - Tubey
Jesso - cabled shrug
Jewell - lacey shrug
Jieun - Tempting II or honeymoon cami
Jilanna - Hurry up spring armwarmers

Jill - Fair Isle Yoke Pullover
Jill B. - cable scarf
Jill J - sock monkey with clothes
Jill S. - Clapotis
Jill s. - Shawl collared vest

Jillann - a sweater
Jillian - a scarf
Jillz - 2 pairs of socks
JMH - two cable patterns. Sweater/coat
Jo - circular scarf

Jo - Veste everest
Jo - toe-up socks
Jo - Katia sweater
Jo - Texture time Cardi AND basic cardigan
jo m. - tile pattern cardigan

Joan - American Flag sweater
Joan - fair isle vest "Electra"
Joan - Lace project
Joan - toddler's hooded Aran cardigan
Joan (eau..) - tote bag and a pair of socks

Joan D - beaded evening bag
Joan from NC - Clapotis
Joan from SoCal - Branching Out scarf
Joan H. - toddler size cardigan
Joan M. - prayer shawl for my good friend, a one time olympic gold medalist

Joan V - Baby sweater
Joanna - Kyoto
Joanna - Cascading lace socks
Joanne - Baby sweater
Joanne - Rainbow Jacket by Vivian Hoxbro

JoAnne - socks
Jo-Anne - socks
Joanne McM - Clapotis
JoAnne O - Romp in the Woods cardigan
Joanne P. - sweater

Joanneh - probably a pair of socks
Jocele - Irish Hiking Scarf
Jocelyn (SF Bay Area) - Clapotis
Jodee - cable shrug
Jodi (jodig..) - at least one Lava flow sock

Jodi G. - socks
Jodi G. - sweater of her own design
Jodi H in Denali Park - Komi cap
jody - FI sweater of my own design
Jody - broad ripple socks

Jody - Dale of norway, baby size.
Jody (pajoh..) - sweater
Jody from CO - Fair-Isle cardigan
Joelle - learn to make yarn
Joey - lace shawl in baby alpaca

Jofran P - sheepsdown sweater
Johanna - Kimono syled sweater
Johanna - Birch
Johanna K. - Lace Cardigan
Johanna W - a tank top with an image of Pucca in the center

John - aran scarf
Joko - Birds eye shawl
Jolie - felted tote bag
Jon - Raglan cardi that fits
Jonathan - baby cardigan with intarsia hamster

Jonelle in Fl - stashbusting
Jonie - 200 mini socks
Jonna - Icelandic style lopi pullover (child size)
Jordan (age 9) - a hat for charity
Jordi W. - hoodie sweater

Jorun - jacket or sweater
Jos P. - Socks
JoShell - Lotus blossom shawl
Josie - finishing 3 UFO's: pullover, a baby sweater, and a cardigan
Josie D - scarf or tie wrap

Joy - Baby sweater
joy - Marianne from Rowan 37
Joy B. - Cable sweater in suri alpaca
Joy W - self designed Ruana
Joyce - socks

Joyce - first pair of socks
Joyce - Swirl Mitered Skirt
Joyce in NJ - boot length socks
JoyceAnna - Hallowig from Knitty
jpknits - sweater

judi - pinwheel purse from Modular Knits
Judi - sweater
Judie H. - Rogue
Judith - first pair of socks
judith - beaded Green Man hat

Judith C.C411 - Eric's Glovelets
Judith D. - first pair of socks
Judith L - Latvian mittens
Judith P. - lace shawl
judy - Angelina Jacket

Judy - Olympics illusion scarf
Judy - Flower Basket Shawl
Judy - poncho
Judy "Knitting … Take Me Away" H - mock neck sweater with a cable up the front
Judy (jclcrea…) - Undecided

Judy (stitc..) - finishing UFO's starting with a sock
Judy A - Norwegian Snowflake mittens
Judy C - one sweater sleeve
Judy from CT - socks
judy from Solon OH - Artyarns Diamond Modular Scarf

Judy H. - first socks
Judy S. - Barbara Venishek shawl edge
Judy W - sweater
Juli W - pair of socks
Julia - Angelica sweater

Julia - first mittens (Northern Lights)
Julia - a gknitted gknome
Julia - Hourglass Sweater
Julia - Knitted Gnome (she's 10)
Julia - socks

julia - first lace
Julia (10 years old) - knitted gnome
Julia (jjones..) - short version of Einstein coat
julia fc - shawl with beaded cast-off, and a mitten/day for Dulaan Project
Julia H. - shawl

Juliana - Bsb - Cheeseylove from Knitty
juliann - pair of matching aran bags in cotton
Julie - Rogue
Julie - Clapotis
Julie - Over-the-Knee Socks

Julie - Camisole sweater
Julie - lap afghan
Julie - Rowan biggie print sweater
Julie - Breast Cancer pattern socks
Julie (juliebug..) - Cosmos Vest from Simply Shetland

Julie Anne G. - Coronet from Knitty
Julie D - husband socks
Julie G. - Clapotis
Julie H. - cabeled things
Julie H. - Faroese shawl

Julie K. - very first socks
Julie La S - socks
Julie R. in Portland - Octogon Purse
Julie S - Felted evening bag for charity auction
Julie S. - fanning the flames mittens

Julie S. - baby sweater
Julie T. - summer tank
Julie U. - knitting a toy
Julie V - mittens
Julie Z. - Jesse's flames

Julie-Ann - Nicky Epstein's faux bear rug
Julieanne - Anouk from knitty
JulieAnne - a baby sweater
Juliecam - ribbed vest
JulieR - Nancy Bush's "Traveler's Cardigan"

Juliet - Rambling Rose
Juliet - Twisted Float Shrug
JullesT - felted mittens
Julsey - Glampyre's Angelica
Just a knit wit - rosebud scarf

Just Joan - Cable&Lace panel pullover
Just Tama - Armagh , her first steeks
Juti - Liesel scarf
K*m c. - Leftovers vest
K.Anne - Branching Out scarf

Kabira - Empty needles by the end
Kackie C. - We call them pirates mittens
Kadi - her first sweater
Kaela - a pair of socks
Kait "Don't Need No Stinkin' Pattern" B. - Smorgasbord Socks

Kaitie Tee - baby blanket
Kaitlyn - Shetland Triangle shawl, first provisional cast-on
Kaley K. - Lucky
Kandy - We Call Them Pirates hat
Kara - Shawl

Kara - beaded scarf
Kara - Josephine
Kara - Winter Wonderland shawl
Kara- knitma - short row ring.
Karan - first sweater

Karen - Samus
Karen - Shedir
Karen - socks, two at once on two circs.
Karen - team Canada inspired hat
Karen - Odessa Hat

Karen - Tubey
Karen - a scarf with 2 strands of novelty yarn
Karen - socks
Karen - toe-up socks
Karen - Venus (a Berroco shrug)

Karen (khwil..) - first sock
Karen B. - Beaded Lace Scarf II
Karen E. - shrug
Karen F. - Yoga socks
Karen G. - sweater

Karen J. - Dashing Datewear Entrelac shrug
Karen L. - skull and crossbones hat/toque
Karen L. - fiest feet socks or sweet mary jane
Karen M - Besotted Scarf
Karen Marie - a beaded pendant bag

Karen N. - Giant squid hat
Karen O. - lace shawl, Aran Weight Victorian Shawl
Karen P. - 4 hats for the rosebud reservation
Karen P. MA - Aurora Cabled sweater
Karen R. - Embossed Leaves socks

Karen R. - scarf
Karen V - Children's bolero
karen w in michigan - 1 sock from the Six-Socks Yahoo group, complete with beads and lace
Karen W. - Stahman shawl
Karenology - Opera gloves

Kari - Sonoma Mountain Wrap
Karin - hybrid Picovoli/Lelah
Karin - finish Sonja's striped scarf
Karin L. - hooded sweater
Karin R. - making yarn

Karin S. - Jinny from Rowan 39 in Cotton Glace and 2600 beads
Karissa - first pair of socks
Karla (ThreadBndr) - lace scarf of shrug
Karlie - Mittens - fair isle
Karoline - Hourglass sweater

karrie - Pirate Mittens
Kat - Victorian lace shawl
Kat - Flower Basket Shawl
Kat - Tubey
Kat - Samus

Kat - Gryffindor scarf
Kat - toy using new techiques
Kat - baby sweater
Kat - piano scarf
Kat S. - Cowl from S&B

Kat with a K - socks
Katarina - cardi from Yll and Tyll
Kate - Knit and finish Pulse Warmers IK 2004
Kate - Panda bear
Kate - sweater in french

Kate - Irish Hiking scarf
Kate - top down pullover
Kate - socks on two circs
Kate - Shedir and Odessa (hats)
Kate - Tyler Hamilton Shawl

Kate - aran cardigan
Kate - Manly socks
Kate - purse
Kate - Spindle spun shawl for spindlicity
Kate - Thuja socks

Kate - sweater
kate - Faroese lace shawl
Kate (kateo..) - first sweater
Kate A. - Wool Peddler's Shawl from Folk Shawls
Kate B. - hooded sweater

Kate EG - self designed baby afghan
Kate G. - Sweater relay: finish 2, make one, jump to socks with a shawl finish?
Kate in Iowa - Booga Bag
Kate in KS - Lion Earthtone Cardi
Kate in MN - Einstein jacket

Kate in Norway - a bolero for my daughter
Kate in VA - afghan and cowl
Kate R - Higland Triangle Shawl from Folk Shawls
Kate S. - garter lace scarf
Kate the Great - as many Dulaan hats to donate as possible

Kath - pirate mittens as fingerless gloves
kath (kathk..) - Sherri's lace socks
Kath S-R-C family - finish a sock as far as the heel
Kathe - afghan
Kathen - a rippin hat

Katherine - Santa sweater and hat for daughter
Katherine (fiber.kat..) - Bamboo Kimono from Two Sticks & a String
Katherine A-T - Moss stitch scarf
Katherine L. - Ombre Blamket
Katherine T - poncho

Katherine U - Rogue
Kathie - sweater
kathigail - fancy pattern socks
Kathleen - Norwegian black and white socks
Kathleen - mittens

Kathleen - Kyoto from knitty
Kathleen - Clapotis
Kathleen - Felted baseball shaped bag
Kathleen - first sweater
Kathleen (age 14) - first pair of socks

Kathleen M - Baby blanket for charity
Kathleen M - Baby blanket
Kathrows - Vintage 3/4 sleeve sweater
Kathryn - rogue hoodie
Kathryn - cabled sweater for her son

Kathryn - first pair of socks
Kathryn (catgun..) - self designed shawl
Kathryn (kadia..) - first pair of socks
Kathryn A. - Undecided
Kathryn D. - Undecided

Kathryn Q. - tricoter vest for her dad
Kathryn T. - self designed celtic aran
Kathy - Pivocoli
Kathy - sweater
Kathy - Feather and Fan shawl

Kathy - custom designed sweater on circular needles
Kathy - Rogue or Eris
Kathy - a daughter requested sweater
Kathy - a pair of felted clogs
Kathy - baby blanket

Kathy - Boats for Cameron baby blanket
Kathy - Nordic style mittens
Kathy - One sock
Kathy - Pair of socks
kathy - ravens and crows shawl out of handspun

Kathy (iowak..) - pair of nordic mittens
Kathy B. - first pair of patterned socks
Kathy from Michigan - first sweater with sleeves from the top down
Kathy H - 5 funky 5ft long scarves
kathy in alaska - Jaywalker socks

Kathy L - Baby sweater
Kathy P. - A baby sweater
Kathy W. - knit a scarf continental
Kathy.r - seed stitch sweater
KathyMarie - a hat, first time in the round

Kathyruth - Silk Corset with long sleeves
Kati - An essential stripe
Kati - pasmina scarf
Katie - Mariah
Katie - Electra, first fair isle

Katie - Hermione hat
Katie - Ginny hat
Katie - socks with stripes
Katie - Leaf lace shawl
Katie - essential stripe sweater

Katie - first sweater
Katie - two panels of the Arisaig cardigan
katie - finishing UFOs
Katie - Felted purse
Katie (Daisy) - 2 baby jumpers

Katie A - Oat Coture cabled vest
Katie b. - Flower Basket Shawl
Katie C - Clapotis
Katie J - A Wymple in Tyme (lace)
Katie L. - Jacket

Katie T. - Lady Elenor entrelac stole
katiefull - completing all projects currently on needles
Katja (team college hill) - Ene Scarf
Katja K. - Flower basket shawl
KatjaL - Mystery Shawl 1.

Katri - a cardigan with lace in the hem and sleeves
Katrina - Sweet Mary Jane Cardigan
Katrina - Del mar
Katrina and mum - Community Afghan from Handknit Holidays
Katrina from Topeka - rowan Aura hat

katrina grace - Rosedale Cardi
Katt - Rowan Sport Cardigan
kattepus - Kiri shawl
Katy - Shoalwater Shawl
Katy - Rockstar jacket

Kay - baby blanket
Kay - intarsia sweater
Kay - lace vest in purples and pink
Kay - 16 hats
Kay - lace wrap-over cardigan

Kaylee - a set of dishcloths, each one teaching a new skill or pattern
Kaz - Gryffindor house scarf
KB - felted clogs
KB - Undecided
KB - felted clog

KC - card, spin and knit socks.
KC - Clapotis
kdigggs - a cabled belt
Kecia - poncho
Kelcie - Alphabet Baby Blanket

Keli - Lace Knee High socks from IK
Kelle - Forest Path Stole
Kelle - Irish Hiking scarf
Kellee - Latvian or Komi Mittens
Kelli - samus and socks

Kellie - Jaywalkers
Kellie - dress
Kellie N. - Peacock shawl
Kelly - Backyard Leaves from Scarf Style
Kelly - first pair of socks

kelly - Lady Eleanor stole
Kelly - 8 baby hats for charity
Kelly - Canada Socks
Kelly - Sweet Mary Jane Cardigan
Kelly - Skydive stole from Cabin Fever

Kelly - Tubey
Kelly (and daughters) - Nicki Epstein leaf pullover from VK Fall 2004
Kelly (kccre..) - at least one iPod cozy of my own design
Kelly (speck..) - a scarf
Kelly D. - brown socks in amazing yarn

Kelly F. - booga bag
Kelly H. - pair of socks
Kelly K. - Socks, hat and a t-shirt
Kelly l. - I side of Spider queen
Kelly M. - Tubey

Kelly N. - a self designed sweater
Kelly Q - cable knit hat
Kelly W. (snglm..) - cardigan
KellyO - socks
Kelly's daughter,Emma (age 12) - first knitting project: a purse

Kelly's daughter,Leah (age 11) - first knitting project: a scarf
Kemma - striped baby blanket
Ken - the sleeves of Durrow
Kenya from TN - baby sweater
Keri - sweater

Keri - Baby afghan
Kerin H. - norwegian hat.
Kerissa - Magnolia
Kerri - Marina Pullover
Kerrie - Lace shawl (cashmere)

Kerry - Rogue
Kerry - Undecided
Kerry - baby kimono
Kerrysknits - Scrap Afghan
Keziah (age 9) - mittens

Kezzi (age 9) - gauntlets
Kiki - lacy scallops socks from sockbug
Kim - Ribby Cardi
Kim - Twinkle hoodie jacket
Kim - top down Henley

Kim - Lotus blossom shawl
Kim - matching hat and mittens for both myself and a friend's daughter
Kim - Clapotis
Kim - Jaywalker s
Kim - Fiber trends vest

kim - first ever steeked fair isle sweater (baby-sized)
kim - cardigan
Kim - the body of Forecast from the Winter 05 Knitty
Kim - 3 pairs of knitted beaded votive holders
Kim - Ella scarf

Kim - Tubey from Knitty
Kim - A tricky square
Kim - her first pair of socks
Kim - Cuff to Cuff Fair Isle Sweater
kim - Sheepy Baby Blanket

Kim - Undecided
Kim C. - Rogue
Kim G in MD - Bordhi mobeius and a felted knit basket
Kim g. - Sleeves in your Pi
Kim H. and her mum - Henly and fringed poncho

Kim K N - daisy sweater
Kim L - first socks
Kim P (aka Scarf Ace) - 2 sweaters
Kim Q. - Cardi Rogue
Kim R. - Butterfly lace camisole

Kim R. - Tubey
Kim T - leaf patterned shell
Kim W. - Harrisville Designs Aran Pullover
Kim W. - socks
Kimber - EZ's Baby Surprise Jacket

Kimber VonB - blanket
Kimberley - mobius scarf
Kimberley D. - socks
Kimberly - knitted felted bag
Kimberly -

Kimberly - Clapotis
Kimberly - baby afghan
Kimberly V. - log Cabin Socks
Kimbo - felted purse in the round
Kim-chi - Faux russian Stole

Kira - at least one pair of socks
Kira - cabled socks
Kirsten - Chemo cap for Margaret
Kirsten - Hurry up spring armwarmers
Kirsti - Threadybear

Kirstin - Branchin out scarf
Kirsty - attempting a sweater
Kirsty - Clapotis
Kitt - Elisabeth bag from Back sheep
Kitty KAT - cabled seamless yoke sweater

Kitty Kitty - Kiri Shawl
klutzy91 - Klaralund
Kmamsmith - First pair of socks
Knit Angel - Blackberry
Knit Chick - socks

Knit Finn - colourwork socks
Knit nut - clapotis
knitandcycle - Entrelac socks of own design
Knitannie - Teal green cable sweater
KniTaPaLooZa - cabled shrug of own design

Knitkitty - Baby afghan
KnitSteph - Glorious Gloves
Knitter4life - Supple rib arm warmers and chilli pepper socks
Knittinannie - felted purse
Knittinbrit - philosophers wool Ocean spray

Knitting naked in SD - Intarsia baby blanket
knittingnurse - team of 8 all knitting slipped stitch stole/poncho
KnittnChick - fingerless mitts.
knittydoll - Socks
Knitzalot - Debbie Bliss' Katy

Kori - a pair of child's socks
Koshka - Odessa
Koukuttaja - sweater
Kris - Debbie Bliss' "Sam"
Kris - dye and knit homespun into a Jayne hat

Kris - Hanging Garden Lace Stole
Kris - 6 prayer shawls
Kris B - bias shawl, hat and two pairs of socks
Kris in Wisconsin - hat of my own design
Kris N. - Felted slippers

Krista - Undecided
Krista - sweater vest
krista n - fancy scarf
Krista- The Silent K - socks
Krista W - first baby afghan

Kristal - a hat
Kristel -
Kristen - Greek sweater
kristen - The Seventies Poncho
Kristen -

Kristen - Pomatomus socks
Kristen - Lady Eleanor scarf
Kristen - Bulky Green Cables
Kristen - Hourglass Sweater (Last Minute Knitted Gifts)
Kristen - sweater

Kristen - weight yarn from Habu
Kristen (kelki..) - peace shawl
Kristen (nayh..) - first pair of socks
Kristi - Fair isle gloves
Kristi - Toe up socks

Kristi - Two socks at once
Kristi in PA - One Shari's lace sock
Kristie - Christmas stocking
Kristie in BC - Fair Isle mittens
Kristin - Flower Basket Shawl

Kristin - legwarmers
Kristin - knit bunny
Kristin - baby bootikins
Kristin - Baby Norgi
Kristin - Intarsia felted bag

Kristin (..schr..) - Undecided
Kristin F. - sweater for mom
Kristin P./HL - Ribbed for her pleasure scarf
Kristina - Baby afghan
Kristina - blanket by knitting squares and sewing them together

Kristina in Maryland - a ribbed tank top of my own design
Kristine (Sock Groupie #2) - Lace stole
Kristy - Clapotis
Kristy - Shifting Colors Moebius
Kristyn - dye, design and knit mittens

krisztina - a jumper for my daughter
Krysia - Berroco softy cocoon shawl
Krystal - lace hat
KT - Tubey
Kt - first socks

KT - one sock with Nordic colourwork
Kvilla - socks
Kyle - scarf
Kyle - shawl
Kylie - Norah Gaughan's Sunburst Pullover

Kym - Marta
Kym aka Boop - socks & or a cardigan
Kyrie - socks
La - Rhapsody in tweed
la margot l'escargot - thrummed something for an infant

Lacy - Urban rustic gloves
LaJuana - Stonington Shawl
Lana - sweater
Lana - Preemie hat and bootie sets
Lana - Nevada City Lights using handspun

Lanie - Butterfly (beads and all)
Lara - first sweater
Lara - Glove, hat and scarf set in entrelac
Lara and Katie - finishing a long list
Larissa -

Lark - 1 pair Opal socks
Larrissa - bobblicious from knitty
Lars - Rose's Hose
Laura - crossover sweater from Garnstudio
Laura - Moebius scarf

Laura - wallaby
Laura - lady elenor shawl
Laura - Tubey
Laura - Raglan sweater
Laura - self patterend shrug with a simple cabled rib

Laura - Northern Lights Mittens
Laura - Jaywalkers
Laura - first sweater
Laura - Kerry Blue Shawl in green
Laura - Koigu socks (a pair)

Laura - Skating Queen skirt from Knitty
Laura - felted bag
Laura (lef68..) - Irish Cables purse
Laura Gayle G. - Lace shawl
Laura H. - Scarf

Laura in MN - Lady Eleanor Stole
Laura in MS - Deborah Newton's Lace Wrap
Laura in Washington - Cable stitch scarf.
Laura J. - Pacific Northwest Shawl
Laura Jean - one sweater sleeve

Laura P from MA - first sweater
Laura R. - Short sleeve sweater
Laura S. - Odessa hat
Laura S. - First pair of socks
Laura V. - Jolly roger sweater

Laura(keet) - Clapotis
Laural - Cigar gloves from knitty
Laurel - Falling Leaves scarf
Laurel - Grecian Plait from knitty
Lauren - Cabled sweater

Lauren - Irish Hiking scarf
Lauren - Knitty's honeymoon
Lauren - first sweater, Rowan's "Bless" cardigan
Lauren - Jessica sweater
Laurence - Tarai Shawl

LaurenKB - baby sweater
Laurie - Bistro shirt from Oat couture
laurie - Showy Shrug
Laurie - short row scarf from Magknits
Laurie - Peacock Shawl

Laurie - toe up pari of socks
Laurie A. - poncho
Laurie C - baby afghan knit on the diagonal in Manos
Laurie from Michigan - 2 Teacozies
Laurie from NJ - snowdrop shawl

Laurie H. - as many ufos as she can
Laurie H. - summer tee (self -designed)
Laurie H. - Reversible cable scarf
Laurie in Maine - French Market bag
Laurie in Vancouver - "stuff" bag designed by Laurie's daughter

Laurie's daughter (age 11) - scarf
Lavender - a hat a day for the Dulaan Project
lavieengris - Sweet Mary Jane Cardigan from Knitpicks
Leah - first sweater from handspun
Leah - 4 hats for charity

Leah - Ene's Scarf
Leah - Baby sweater
Leah (age 12) - a scarf
Leah (Team college hill) - Ene Scarf
Leah B - design and knit 2 fair isle hats inspired by "We Call Them Pirates"

Leah R. - sweater
Leanne - Inishmore
Leanne - sweater inspired by a friend's painting
Lee Ann - fair isle vest, first steeks
Lee Ann - skull hat

Lee b. - orange sweater
Lee in WI (another one) - assemble cardigan sweater parts…and crochet a border
Lee K. - a square or a dishcloth
LeeAnn - Odessa Spiral Hat
Leeanne - felted bag

LeeAnne R - a hat and scarf
Leelaine Picker - first socks
Leena - tablecloth
Leigh - Skating queen skirt and pom-poms for skates
Leigh - leg warmer

Leigh B. - Intarsia hat
Leigh W. - vest of her own design
Leigha - First pair of socks
Leisel - Flower Basket Shawl and a sock
leisl - bobbled cardigan

Lena - Flower Basket Shawl
Lene - bookmark
Lene - Shetland shawl
Lesa - a cardigan
Lesley - socks

Lesley - Elizabethan lace scarf
Lesley F in NY - Peace Fleece cardigan
Lesli - Shrug
Leslie - Apricot Jacket from Rebecca
Leslie - a new blanket (for my bed!)

Leslie - scarf
Leslie - Sheep footstool
Leslie - snake scarf with hat kit from Morehouse Farm
Leslie - Cable Baby blanket, sweater, hat and bootees
Leslie B. - her first socks

leslie d - Scully sweater
Leslie F - Self designed shawl
Leslie G. - first pair of Magic Loop socks
Leslie K. - two pairs of socks and Pop-top Mittens
Lexie - frilly scarf

Li - socks or dishcloth
Liam (age 6) - self designed treasure bag
Libbilu - Birch shawl
Libby - first lace pattern
Libby - Moebius sling bag

Libby - fair isle hat with skulls
Libby (rupp5..) - 2 baby hats and a pair of felted clogs
Libby H. - baby sweater
Liberty - Dale of noway Christening gown or clapotis
Libi - Stashghan

Lies - Opal tiger socks
Lilfawn(Jenni) - Swamp Witch
LilleBlå - Marius sweater
Lillepuz - first colourwork mittens
Lillium - Baby aran

Lily - Aimee sweater
Lin - Philosopher's Wool Stars sweater
Lina B. - baby sweater
Linda - Cable sampler blanket
Linda - cozy from knitty

Linda - Dale Ladybug sweater/hat
Linda - Fiber Trends Cocoon Lace Scarf
Linda (forbe..) - pair of socks
Linda (Lrad..) - a tank
Linda (sfbea..) - first vest based on a pattern I have drawn

Linda B - Multidirectional scarf
Linda B. - Wildflower sweater
Linda B. - Beth's Candy Canes Seamen's Scarf
Linda B. in Ottawa - Rogue
Linda in Chicago - first gloves

Linda in CS/CO - Dale Ladybug Hat and sweater
Linda in Kazoo - Hooded pullover and one of her ufo's
Linda in Pittsburgh - sweater
Linda R. - Childrens Dale of Norway Fana
Linda S (lbstac..) - first lace shawl

Linda S. - Flax jax
Linda S. - top down toddler sweater
Linda W. - double knit hat in black and white
Linda Y. - 5 baby hats
LindaJ - her challenge is deciding what to knit

Lindsay - Clone Mr. Dangley (cat)
Lindsey - Kyoto
Lindsey and Lisa (mum and daughter team) - Saxon Braid scarves
LindseySt - black and funky poncho
Lindy - Dale - 2003 St.Moritz pullover

Lindy S - lacey christening blanket
Liona J - afghan
Liora - lace something
Lis - pomatomus
Lis R - intarsia wristbands

Lisa - Ufserud fair isle hat
Lisa - Baby afghan
Lisa - finishing 3 WIPs
Lisa - vest
Lisa - Knitty's Cozy

Lisa - Birch shawl
lisa - charlotte's web with blue heron rayon
Lisa - Debbie Bliss rosebud cardie
Lisa - felted flap hat
Lisa - fingerless gloves

Lisa - Pomatomus socks
Lisa - prayer shawl and finish a felted bag
Lisa - first hat
Lisa (ldp409..) - top-down cardigan
Lisa A. - Peacock feathers shawl

Lisa C. - Charlotte's Web Shawl
Lisa C. - Flower petal shawl
Lisa E - Magic shawl
Lisa E. - Flower Basket Lace Shawl
Lisa F - Parade socks

Lisa F. - vest
Lisa F. - Straight-laced socks from knitty
Lisa in Oregon - Rogue
Lisa in PA - Fair Isle gloves from Folk Knitting in Estonia
Lisa in VT - Sweater

Lisa Inkyfingers - a fulled version of the Urban Necessities Tam
Lisa M. - Lace
Lisa O. - Aran Capelet from wrap style
Lisa P - Marlotte
Lisa R - Durrow

Lisa R in Ottawa - Dale of Norway style mittens
Lisa S - socks
Lisa S - shrug
Lisa T. - hat with cables, braids, and bobbles
Lisa the Diva - Jayne Cobb hat

Lisa W - Project to be announced
Lisa/Cat's eye - Elfin Lace
lisa's friend (another lisa) - cable knit purse
Lisbeth - hat with beads
Lise - Instarsia sweater

Lise W - toe-up magic loop socks
Lissa - 5 cooper scarves
Lissy from Germany - Odessa
Littja - Flower Basket Shawl
Living Lakeside - first sweater

Livvy (age 12) - fingerless gloves with a cable up the middle
liz -
Liz - Leaf fair isle
Liz - Leaf lace Pullover
Liz - first pair of socks

Liz - Branching Out scarf
Liz - Rogue
Liz - Socks
Liz - size 13 socks
Liz - Shawl using star stitch

Liz - Triangles within Triangles shawl
Liz C. - Samus cardigan from Knitty
Liz Cadorette - Rogue
Liz D. - Boogie vest
Liz G. - baby blanket

Liz in MA - Jo Sharp Kaleidoscope sweater
Liz in Portland - dress socks
Liz K. - Seed Stitch Cardigan
Liz L. - Brilliant retro from interweave knits
Liz M. - cowl neck jumper from S&B

Liz M. - Ribbed tube top
Liz R. - Baby blanket
Liza - Baby sets
Liza - Candace from Bee's Knees Knits
Lizard LD - Estonian Garden Scarf

Lizz - sweater
Lizzie - Accordian from knitty
Lizzy - at least one Latvian mitten
LizzyB - Midwest Moonlight scarf
ljh - finishing as many UFOs as possible

Llisa H. - first patterned shawl
Logan - cardigan
Lojane - stEEK!ing DROPS 52-19, visoppskrift
lolita - socks
Lone knitter - socks

Lora - Dyed in the wool Gumbo cardigan
Lora - lace shawl
Lora (AKA Krazi Knitter) - Undecided
Lora in Indiana - a pair of socks for me
Lorelei - garter stitch squares scarf

Lorena - Lace Wrap
Lorenda - Prayer shawl
Loretta - first intarsia sock
Lori - Ipod holder
lori - "not sure...but i know it's not going to be Hardangervidda"

Lori - Aran Sandal socks
Lori - Alice from Magknits
Lori - baby sweater
Lori - Knit a coat
Lori (loriha..) - Jaywalker socks, attempting the magic loop method

Lori in Florida - a sock
Lori in Ohio - a shawl from my handspun
Lori K. - Ray from jaeger
lorie d. - Anouk from Knitty
Lorili - alpaca lace scarf

Lorraine in Ohio - Salt Lake City sweater (to the armhole)
Lorraine LoB - Riding Jacket
Lorraine W. - a single sock
Lorri - Knitty Kitty
Louise - socks

Louise (lea14..) - Fair Isle socks
Louise in Madison - Warm-up America Afghan
Louise in Maryland - baby sweater for new grandchild
Louise PBJ - faux ruffle tank minus the faux ruffle
Lu - make and finish a sweater for me

Lu-Ann - baby sweater
Luanne - Undecided
Luanne - #2 lace wrist warmers
Luba - ripple shawl.
Lucette - finish 5 projects

Lucia - sweater with a yoke
Lucia - sweater
lucinda - cabled wrap
Lucubratrix - afghan
Lucy - Lady Eleanor wrap

Lucy - design and knit a wall hanging
Lucy - either a felted purse, or a pair of sox
Lucy - steering wheel cover
Lucy L - button-top version of the Fair Isle Sampler Hat
Luke M - a square

Lulu - Elann lace shawl
Lunastrixae - Flower Basket Shawl
lv2knit - Eris cardigan
Lydia M. - first pair of socks
Lydia Z. - Dale of Norway throw

Lyn - knit my husband a sweater
Lynda - feather and fan shawl
Lynda - Joan McGowan-Michael's Amelie cardigan
Lynda (busqu..) - Undecided
Lynda Pyroguppy - Irish Hiking Scarf

Lyndsay - socks
Lyndsey - Blossom
Lynette - kiri shawl
Lynette Mc - afghan
Lynn - Half pipe scarf

Lynn - Tubey
Lynn - African Domino cardigan
Lynn (lynnhaf..) - Lucy Shell Shawl from Beyond Wool
Lynn (lynnka..) - Veste Everest
Lynn (lynnwe..) - a poncho

Lynn B - pink aran sweater
Lynn F. - 1 pair slippers/bed socks for charity
Lynn in WI - Marilyn's not-so-shrunken Cardigan
Lynn M - Almost Argyle socks
Lynn S. - Birthday sweater with cable panels

Lynne - Wavy scarf
Lynne - Lacy/cabled scarf from alterknits
Lynne - Nordic fair isle hat
Lynne - cable purse
Lynne J. - socks and a lace hankerchief

lynne s of oz - socks
Lynneski - Lacy Kerchief Scarf
LynnH - Sally Melville Cross-Over Top
Lyz - socks
Maartsi from Finland - red&white pullover with a figure of a snowflake

Maayan - Bulky Green Cables
Mac - Tubey
mac - spinning yarn for…
Madame DeFarge - self designed sleeveless t
madeline (age 9) - a pair of socks

Madelynn S. - a Hanne Faulkenberg sweater in 16 days- size large on size 3mm needles
Madge - first lace item ever, Branching Out scarf
Magda M. - the 40" lace center square of a 60" square wedding veil/shawl
Magdalena D - Branching Out scarf
Maggi - Scalloped counterpane bag

Maggie - Clapotis
Maggie - Grace, cabled cardigan
Maggie - Shawl
Maggie - Bark Aran sweater
Maggie - Puppy sweater

Maggie - pirate fair isle
Maggie B - first pair of socks
Maggie in NJ - double thickness hat
Maggie P. - winter hat
Maggie R. - a shawl on circular needles

Maggie R. - knit and sew together (the hard part) a striped sweater
Maggie r. - sweater
Magpie - WhiteLies Designs Shapely Tank
Mags - Kyoto
Mai - hourglass sweater

Maia - Stockinette stitch vest
Mairi - Tubey
Maja - white babyset
MajK - 4 baby blankets for our local premmie ward
Mali - first pair of socks

Mali - wire and bead jewelry
Malia - Ene's scarf
Malin K. - Purse
Mallory - Clapotis
Mallory - Fiber Trends Felted Clogs

Mama Lu - Ene's Scarf
mamacohen - vest for DH, and socks for two small pairs of feet
Mama-E - Blanket and a poncho
Mamaloo - Feather & Fan Comfort Shawl
MamaSnooze - Feather and Fan scarf

Manda - Tubey
Manda - Bobblicious
Manda - Broadripple socks
Mandella - Ene's Scarf
Mandie - scarf

Mandie - celtic knot pattern fair isle soaker or longies
Mandy - Jaywalkers
Mani - sweater
Mani - first sweater
manne - Henrietta and her chickens

Manny - a pillow
Manon - Clapotis
Mara - felted tote
Marcia - sirdar aran
Marcia - American Red Cross WWWII Servicemans socks

Marcie from Michigan - cotton socks
Marcy - over-the-Knee Socks
marcy - Aran Stocking from Handknit Holidays (first cable, first sock)
Mardi - lace shawl
Mareen - Rogue

Maret - felted bag and felted carpet slippers
Marg - Lacy Scallops Socks from the Sockbug
Marg McA - socks
Marg McA's mom - baby sweaters
Margaret - a hat and scarf in Manos

Margaret - Lady Eleanor Stole
Margaret - Mock Cable Cardigan
Margaret - sweater
Margaret A. - shrug
Margaret from South Dakota - 2 Church World Service baby sweaters

Margaret M. - a sock. Maybe even a pair
Margaret N. - Branching Out scarf
margarita - Unique Rib Bobble Rib Flower Pullover, but as a vest
Margie - Celtic vest from Folk Vests
Margo Lynn - Multidirectional scarf

Margo S. - Clapotis
Mari - Hourglass sweater
Mari - Biathalon of shawl knitting
Mari in Chicago - LB Microspun Ripple Shawl
Maria - Straight-laced socks

Maria - Rogue
Maria - Wavy
Maria - Cat Bordhi moebius basket
Maria - Hanne Falkenberg Lascala
Maria C. - Ik ballet wrap cardigan

Maria R. - Rowan's Butterfly (with beads)
Maria.z - short sleeve lace sweater of own design
Marianne - Shawl
marianne - first lace project - maybe socks and something else
Marianne B - socks with Opal yarn, two on one circular, using magic loop method

Marianne F - DIVA - Hanne Falkenberg
Marianne M. - Norwegian sweater
Marie - pair of socks
Marie - 4 sweaters
Marie - clover leaf wrap

Marie - beaded Valentine socks
Marie - Elegant Beaded Scarf (first time with beads)
Marie - "Colinettesqe" throw for friend's wedding
Marie (One Knitting Mama) - Good Ole Cabled Scarf
Marie in Florida - mittens

marie in florida - wee baby gansey
Marie R - Undecided
Mariela - Fiber Trends felted clogs
Mari-Johanna - toddler size fair isle
Marika - knitting Mermaid

Marika H. - Tweedie by Hanne Falkenburg
Marilyn (mbmb..) - Debbie Bliss Shawl Collar Jacket
Marilynn - Rogue or Dale sweater
Marion - wristwarmers using jaywalker and mrs. beeton
Marisa - Tubey

marisa - zippered cardigan
Marisa Y. - Chinese Charm Bag
Marisol M - cabled armwarmers
Marissa - spin 1.5lbs of llama and then knit a moss stitch wrap
Marissa - Undecided

marit f - hamlet scarf (from
Marita (egnar..) - pair of lace socks
marji - Lady Eleanor Stole
Marjorie F - Super Simple Knitwit Socks
Marjorie McL - ruffled baby hat and a pair of mittens

marke - sweater or bolero
Marla - New Vintage Capelet
Marleda - legwarmers
Marlene - Shawl
Marlene S. - Branching Out scarf

Marlyce S - striped sock earrings, tapestry yarn on 000 dpns
Marne - Skull Socks of fury
Marnie - Childs swing top
Marnie N. - sweater and pant set for toddler
Marseille - Fair Isle Sampler Hat

Marta - something Moebius
Martha - Spinning for knitting
Martha - Undecided
Martha - Rebecca's Apricot Jacket
Martha - Knitted doily

Martha - Sweater from handspun
Martha (marthaa..) - first lace scarf
Martha C. - About 4 balls of yarn's worth
Martha H - aran a la EZ
marti - Samus

Martina - Toe-up socks
Martina - Canadian Deerstalker hat
Marty - knit bikini
Marva - squares for a charity afghan
Mary - Picovoli from Magknits

Mary - Branching Out scarf
Mary - a baby layette
Mary - Voodoo Wristwarmers
Mary - Wishbone sweater
Mary - Eris

Mary - diagonal twist princess-seam jacket
Mary - Finish UFOs
Mary - first pair of socks
Mary - Heather
Mary - Mariah from knitty

Mary - Estonian mittens
Mary - Undecided
Mary (13 years old) - blanket for a soon to be sibling
Mary (in Texas) - River Forest Gansey
Mary (kippa..) - Clapotis

Mary (Maisie's nana) - a sweater for our dog Moses
mary (maryb..) - first pair of socks
Mary Ann C. - Skull cap, hand-spun Shetland wool with Turkish eyelash
Mary Anne -
Mary Anne (momko..) - Future Forward aran from Aran Celtics

Mary B. - eyelet lace sweater
Mary B. - African Vest
Mary B. - Weeping Willow shawl
Mary Beth - a cardigan and a Nordic ski hat
Mary Beth - intarsia cd player carrier

Mary C. - Print O' the Wave Stole by Eunny
Mary D - a sweater for her husband
Mary deB - lace vest
mary e. - socks
Mary Ellen - cabled hat

Mary G - hooded sweater for my gransdon
Mary G. (aka Slow-Motion) - Sally Melville's Knitting Bag Jacket
Mary in Boston - hat and one pair of mittens
Mary in Cleveland - market squares bag.
mary in little rock - first beaded sweater

Mary in Maine - Kiri shawl
mary in Santa Barbara - Olympic colors felted bag
Mary Jo - Windfall shawl
Mary Joanne - cabled pullover
Mary K. - Moebius basket

Mary Kay M. - abandoned baby sweater: will rip, start over and FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS
Mary Lee - 16 hats for the Dulaan Project
Mary M - socks
Mary P - finish husband's endless sweater
Mary P. - 4-6 foot sample of cable patterns

Mary Tess - an edging on to my Kerry Blue Shawl
Maryann (Gina's sister) - first pair of socks
Mary-Ann N - prayer shawl
MaryAnne - Einstein Jacket
Mary-Heather - Sousa Dogwood Shawl

Maryjean - Neckwarmers for twins
Mary-Lou - a jacket
Mary-Margaret - Mens Cardigan
MaryMR in Northern CA - Lace Stole
maryse - color on color scarf

Matt - Spiral, ruffled scarf
Matt - knit as many 7 x 9 squares for the charity as I can in the next 16 days
maura - Field of Flowers shawl
Maura - First pair of socks
Maureen - laptop bag

Maureen - entrelac baby blanket
Maureen - Men's aran sweater
Maureen - socks
Maureen C. - Aran Jumper
Maureen in Hockanum - two sleeves to my husband's aran sweater

Mavis - Princess Snowball Cat beds (2)
Maxine - wide-ribbed mock turtleneck
May - socks
May (mayvo..) - first pair of socks
Maylin - Noro Coat with stash yarn

Maytina - baby cardigan
McKenna M (15 years old) - shrug
Mckenzie (age 5) - pompom puppets and machine knit doll clothes
Mea - Anouk, from knitty
Meera - Fair isle sweater

Meg - Pippi knee stockings
Meg - Flower Basket Shawl
Meg - Undecided
Meg - Eris pullover
meg - lace scarf

Megan - Chaos
Megan - socks
Megan - legwarmers
Megan - Socks 101
Megan - Undecided

Megan - Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf
Megan - Meg Swanson lace shawl
Megan - Knee socks
Megan - anthropologie inspired capelet
Megan - Clapotis

Megan - Tasha from
Megan - Teva Durham's Lace Leaf Pullover
Megan (du..) - socks, two of them
Megan A. - socks
Megan B. - Elizabeth Zimmerman's norweigan mittens

Meghan - intarsia baby sweater
Meghan (pinkm..) - first socks
Meike - We Call Them Pirates hat
meknits - a 3/4 coat using own hand-dyed yarn and original design
Mel - Rolled Brim Baby Hat w/ Topknot

Mel - Empty needles by the end
Mel in oz - a pair of cargo's
Melanie - two pairs of socks
Melanie - a vest
Melanie - Jaywalkers

Melanie - grey sweater
melanie - coat - Autumn walks
Melanie - shawl
Melanie C. - Odessa
Melanie from Cromer via Minnesota - First pair of mittens

Melanie G. - Daisy Cardi from knitty
Melanie in VA - 2 pairs of socks
Melanie S. - modular sweater
Meleah - two baby sweaters
Melinda - Sampler Afghan

Melinda - Ene's Scarf
Melinda inWI - 2 two color hats and a felted Lucy bag
Melinda M. - Clock Vest from Folk Vests
Melissa - snow flakes and arrows vest
Melissa - an afghan or socks

Melissa - socks
Melissa - Mrs Beeton Wrist Warmers
Melissa - First Aid Cardigan
Melissa - Tempting II
Melissa - bolero jacket

Melissa - Undecided
Melissa - Wyvern socks
melissa - Tubey
Melissa - modular knitting
Melissa (Shoegirl) - machine knitter will re-learn hand knitting to knit a scarf

Melissa (willb..) - Undecided
Melissa A. L. - Baby Aran Cable Cardi
Melissa C - Tam and scarf knit from the first yarn I ever spun
Melissa F. - Bernat's Stripe It Right tunic and hat
Melissa G - first shawl (thinking Lotus Flower)

Melissa L - Moebius lace scarf by Fiber Trends
Melissa R. - Undecided
Melissa T. - garter
MelissaJoon - first entrelac - Lady Eleanor
melissakayli - First Pair Of Baby Booties

melissaknits - Rogue
Mellie - Zippered jacket
Melody - two socks on two circs at one time
melody - design and knit first sweater
Melyssa C. - Tam and scarf knit from the first yarn I ever spun

Menaka - Lacey from Knitty fall05
MeowGirl - Kiri shawl
Mer - first-ever sweater
Mercy B. - scarf
Meredith - a baby cardigan

Meredith - Lopi Sweater
Meredith - a purse
Meredith - Umbrella sweater
Merete - sweater
Meridith - Kimono Style sweater

Merlene - argyle sweater
Merlyn "Beautiful Beret" M - Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Socks
Metrobabylon - Grumperina's picovoli tee
Mette - socks...and I'm going to knit a hat, a coat and a scarf for my puppet George
Mia - ribbed sweater

Mia - First pair of socks
Mic - something with dangerous double pointed needles
Michael - first pair of socks
Michaela - Maryella
Michaela - Tempting (sweater from Knitty Winter 04)

Michaele - first fair isle baby sweater
Michele - Cable and rib cap
Michele - Cosy from Knitty
Michele - Popcorn bear
Michele - Fleece Artist thrummed mittens

Michele C. - pinwheel baby blanket
Michelle - Sanquahar gloves
Michelle - mitred squares cardi
Michelle - Felted marsupial bag
Michelle - most likely socks

michelle - umbilical cord for baby Sara
Michelle - clapotis
Michelle - Tubey
Michelle - Colourwork mittens
Michelle - felted French market bag

Michelle - first ever socks (Jaywalker)
Michelle - pink ribbon socks
Michelle - Rogue
Michelle (clar..) - Baby Surprise Sweater
Michelle (market news) - project pending

Michelle (yet another) - Hourglass Sweater
Michelle B - Debbie Bliss Bolero Jacket
Michelle D. - Jane Ellison Noro Butterfly
Michelle G - Jaywalker socks "Speed Demon"
Michelle H. - red cardigan

Michelle in CA - one sock
Michelle J - perfect pie shawl
Michelle K. - Winters Day pullover
Michelle S - Booga Bag
Michelle S. - Turkish Cape

Michelle T. - unknown
Michelle W. - Triangle Purse
Michigansk8er - Summer sweater
Mickey - mittens, patterned, from homespun wool
Micky - Rosy-Fingered Dawn Shawl

Midge - cable front cardigan
Miikkuli - Fifi shawl
miiku - wrap cardi, my first big project with lace
Miki - Branching out scarf
Mikki - sweater

Milja (10 years old) - Kettle holder
Milli D - Knitty's Childhood sweater
Mimi - chenille trimmed cardigan
Mims - first full sweater
mimsie - Baby Dragon Hoodie

Mindy - Shoalwater shawl
Mindy - socks
Mindy - shawl
Mindy (aka Puff) - knit baseball shirt
Minerva - five scarves

Minna - fifi-scarf
MinnesotaMichelle - 2 pair of socks
Minnie - 15 Afghan squares
MinnieDent - Misty Garden Scarf
Mintyfresh - first pair of socks

Minxxy - Sanqhuar gloves or Eris
mippe - Branching Out
Mira - Kate from Knitty
Miranda - Rippling Waters shawl
Mireille - first hat

Miss JoJo - 1930 (bra and bottoms set from Knitty)
Miss M. - colourwork socks
Miss Mew & Company - oriental style wrap
Miss Sophie - Lace bolero
Miss twist - Tip Toe socks

Miss Vivian Pizzazz - socks
Miss.Sarah - Fleece Artist Goldielocks Shawl
Misstialouise - Waterfall Caplet
Missy M - Tubey from Knitty
Misty - baby blanket

Misty K. - snowdrop shawl
MIT SnB - relay team, with plans to produce a blanket for Afghans for Afghans
miz beeswax - inish a few WIPs, knit a pair of legwarmers and a poncho
Mizzbatz - premie hats
mkwilson - Branching Out scarf

Moira - Winter weight mobius bag
Mokihana - `Ohelo Berry Socks
mollie - Flower Basket Shawl
Mollpeartree - mystery sweater/shawl
Molly - Hardangervidda

Molly - gingham sweater
Molly - iPod shuffle purse (first ever project!)
Molly (16) - Baby Blanket for her hopechest
Molly H. in Ohio - Spork bag
Molly W - Honesty, DK aran pullover

MollyLee - brown wool socks
mommyknitsjen - lace socks
Mona - Falling leaves shawl
Monica - spin-dye-knit-a-scarf
Monica - Socks in a pattern harder than rib

Monica r. - scarf
Monica T. - Very Harlot Poncho
Monica W. - Modified Klaralund
Monique - Socks
Monique - Silky wool celtic cabled tank

Monkeemaven - Fir Cone Square shawl
Moonspinner - Hat and mittens
Morgan - a tote bag
Moriah - felted messenger bag
Mother/daughter team - Kristy - Candle flame shawl

Mother/daughter team - Rebecca - lace shawl
mothercrone - color block poncho
Mothlady - Lillehammer Olympic sweater
Mouse - Branching Out scarf
Moxie - Charlotte's Web Shawl

Mrs Squidley aka Terri - a purse: from spinning the yarn to knitting and assembling it
Mrs. Pao - first socks
mtwelovett - cozy from knitty
Mugwump - 2 childrens sweaters from stash
multicolouredmaddie - one sock

Mursuliina - Cardigan or pair of socks
Myrna G - baby afghan
Mzundercover - first chart, cabled hot water bottle cover
Nadia - Rogue
Nadia (age11) - Knitorama sandwich

Nadine - Mansocks
Nadine (banj..) - Toe-up socks
Nan - baby pullover
Nan - finish two UFOs AND make a sweater
Nancy - pullover vest

nancy - Branching Out scarf
Nancy - A lace scarf, knit in secret
Nancy - fair isle tote
Nancy - charity and stash knitting for Dulaan
Nancy - anatomical heart with blood vessels

Nancy - Forest Path Stole
Nancy (nmcin..) - pair of socks
Nancy (rosew..) - 16 items for charity
Nancy A. - Men's zig zag sweater
Nancy C. - Reconstructing a winter hat that was part eaten by Golden Retriever

Nancy D. - Pomatomus socks
Nancy DeC - felted bag
Nancy DeM - a pair of socks
nancy f (sageta) - baby caftan
Nancy Jean - hooded baby sweater

Nancy N - a dog sweater of handspun yarn
Nancy N - first 4T sweater semi-self designed
Nancy S. - Moebius
Nancy W. - Dale setestal for grandson
Nancy's daughter Addie Rose (8) - knitting a blanket for her dolly

Nancy's daughter Rachel (14) - knitting mittens
NancyG - as many 2-color brioche stitch hats for Afghans for Afghans as I can
nanette - happi
Nanna - Hourglass Sweater
Nannette - Samus

Naomi - socks (and a thesis meeting )
Naomi (age 9) - Learning to knit, making a garter stitch bean bag
Naomi B - The Fletcher
naomi sunrise - first hat in the round: blanche hat
Naruriv - Harry Potter House Scarf

Nataleeza - drop stitch shawl
Natalie - Hardcore Cardigan
Natalie - design and knit a pillow
Natalie - CCWonderful Wallaby or CC Tunic Sweater
natalie - sweater with a yoke pattern

Natalie (kian..) - a scarf
Nathania - Spring Blossoms Shawl
Navi - Weasley sweater using EZ raglan pattern
Nedra Z - first sweater
Nelda - socks

Nell in GA - cabled vest of own design
nellie - toddler sweater
Nemo - baby cardigan
Nia - set of Cell Phone and PDA Covers
Nic - peacock wash cloth and a pair of socks

Nichole B. - poncho
nick - at least 8 hats for local veterans homeless shelter
Nicola - socks
Nicola - Dibs on Ribs from Interweave
Nicole - Booga Bag

Nicole - Tank girl from Stitch'n'Bitch
Nicole - HBC booger
Nicole - cardigan
Niina - socks
Niki - Felted entrelac tote

Niki T. - Backyard leaves
Nikki - sweater
Nikki - vintage ribbed vest
Nikki M - shawl
Nikki T. - Shrug

Nina - design and knit my mother's birthday cardigan
Nina (in Norway) - Jacket
Nina (thyme2..) - lace shawl
Nina C. - Ella Shawl
Nina, Pacifica, CA - a pair of cabled socks in Dale of Norway

Nini - Bow hat from Pick Up Sticks (my first ever hat!)
Nino - Undecided
Nishanna - cable fingerless gauntlets
Nissa - Fairly easy fair isle from S&B
Niter - Robert Bear from the Knitted Teddy bear

Nixie - felted yoga bag
Nobuko - Rabbit in last minute knitted gifts
Nomie - Branching Out scarf
nona - self designed cardigan
noonie - attempting to complete the three cardigans

Nora in CT - Kitty Pi
Norah - Cabled sweater
Norah - Undecided
Northside Knitte - Branching Out scarf
Not That Kat - lace shawl or fair isle

Nuala - follow a knitting pattern for the first time
Nubian Craftster - Peacock shawl
Nudd-Penney - Knitty's Trellis Sweater
nunnun - traditional norwegian "Mariusgenser" sweater
Nyasha - Pafuglehale (Peacock's Tail) from

Nyxxie - sweater
Ocean - Chunky Cable Handbag
Octopusgrrl - Socks
Olive Lynne - knit a sweater with no changes
Olivia - Hockey stick cozy

Olivia - Lucky
Olotie - vest with shaping
Omega - Tiptoe socks
Omena - child cardigan
Omly - socks

Orora - Clapotis
oslofia - a sweater or hat for daughter
otherdeb - feather and fan shawl
Otter - Fiber Trends Peace Shawl
Otto in Norway - First knitted thing ever. A scarf.

Ourika - a hat
P.K. - first pair of argyle socks
Paige G. - Clapotis
Painter Woman - three pairs of socks.
Paisley - Sigma tank top

Paivi - a sweater or a shawl
Pam - finish TKGA Master Knitter I stuff
Pam - Raccoon coat from Interweave Knits
Pam - shouts and ladders afghan
Pam H - machine knitter will handknit a Boyfriend sweater

Pam L in Brisbane - shrug
Pam m. - Corkscrew scarf
Pam S. - Cabled scarf
Pam W - Fancy socks!
Pam.a - finish everything I have on needles

Pamela - Hush hush
Pamela - Flying geese gloves
Pamela - Heavy Metals Boa
Pamela - Rogue Hooded Pullover
Pamela (pj.mac..) - girl from auntie's cable hat

pamela c. - sweater with cable down front
Parikha - Plaid baby blanket
Pat - toe up socks on two circular needles
Pat K. - fingerless gloves
Pat/River - paw-print facecloth

Patience - Knitted Tam using stash
Patricia - Felted handbag (self designed)
Patricia - socks
Patricia K. - A World Lit Only By Fire from Lavish Laces
Patti - Blissful Jacket from Fall 05 IK

Patti - Sand Dollar
Patti - #13 winter version of vogue knitting, cabled sweater
Patti - Wallaby Sweater
Patti C. - Undecided
Patti G - the second mitten

Patti S. in NE PA - socks
Patty - 2 preemie blankets for the Stitches From The Heart organization
Patty - felted oven mits and pot holders
Patty (pattygo..) -
Patty in Arizona - The Wrap Dress from Barefoot Knits

Patty McD - cabled socks
Paul - sweater
Paul - scarf
Paula - Clapotis
Paula - sweater and socks

Paula - shawl-collared vest
Paula - french market bag. (First big project)
Paula - Abfab throw
Paula - Lace socks
Paula B - toe-up socks

Paula I. - Shades of grey shawl
Paula K - first lace project
Paula W - baby bunting
Pauliina L. from Finland - Honey from Rowan's Ribbon Twist collection
Peacock - lace from handspun

Peg - a shawl
Peg - Thrummed socks
Peggy - 8 items for Dulaan Project
Peggy K - Jaywalker socks
Peggy S. - rug

Penny - cardigan
Penny - Arnhild's Lace Poncho
Penny (dpb4..) - Big Bang Wrap
Penny G. - socks from stash
Pensguys - Two sets of socks at the same time

Per - scarf
Perclexed - knee high socks
Pernille - Diamond Fantasy Shawl
Persnickety Knitter - Rogue
Petra - top down raglan sweater

Petra - Klaralund sweater
Philippa - hot water bottle cover
Phoe - Clapotis
Phoebe - Finnish socks from folk socks
Phyllis - baby layette

Phyllis (pgill..) - poncho with diagonal ribbing
Phyllis G - two pairs Crazy Socks
Pia - shawl and scarf
pinar d - self designed aran sweater
Pip - Steam

Pip - VK trellis bag (felted)
Pirkko - felted laptop carrying case
Pirre - Clapotis
Pixeldiva -
Pixie - Dale Chamonix

PJ - Shishmaref Shrug
PJ - a shawl/cowl design and possibly my first pair of socks.
Pocket - self designed intarsia bag
Polly H. - sweater
posulski - peruvian cap

prk - Sirdar baby sweater
Puffy - Sheep mittens or pirate mittens
Purl - Downhill Poncho Competition
purlpower - Jaywalker socks
Pyogazel - shrug

Queenie - VK trellis bag (felted)
Quenna - Maybe the flower basket shawl
Quiara - socks
quietann - Undecided
Quietus - Two snuggles project blankets

quiltarian - baby blanket for a local hospital charity
Rabbitch - Kiri
Rachael - Schachenmayr Princess vest
Rachael L. - Eris pullover
Rachel - Cable and rib tunic.

Rachel - Jilly bag
Rachel - quirky, pointy-toed, striped felted slippers
Rachel - first baby sweater
Rachel - Interweave shrug
Rachel B - Lace shawl

Rachel B. (age 9) - legwarmers
Rachel C. - We call them pirates hat
Rachel FD - Tempting from Knitty
Rachel H. - First Cardigan - Gloria
Rachel L. - Patons Divine Lacy Cardigan

rachel m - madli's shawl from summer 04 IK
Rachel M. - Fair Isle sweater
Rachel M. - toe up socks (2 on 1 circular method)
Rachel S. - Tubey
RachelH - first sweater

Rae (rocki..) - halter top
Rae B. - Rogue
raeknits! - Bulky Cable Sweater by Glampyre
Raellyn - Sophie bag
Rain - Does my bum look big in this

Rainy - Rosebud baby sweater
Rams - Habu laceweight alpaca stole: variety of patterns filched from various sources
Rana - vest for her mother
randi - Tubey
Randi F. - two scarves

Ranger Suzie - birch leaf socks
Rani - Accordian
Ravenna - eyelet skirt from Knitty
Rayne - felted tote
Re - scarf

Reb - finish up 16 projects in 16 days
Rebecca - Jaywalkers
Rebecca - lace knee socks
Rebecca - Theresa from Debbie Bliss
Rebecca - Entrelac Poncho

Rebecca H - Madli's Shawl
Rebecca H. - Artyarns modular headband
Rebecca in CO - Nancy Bush's Silk Socks
Rebecca in Sudbury - Hurry up spring armwarmers
Rebecca R. - purse with roses.

Rebecca T. - Sonnet
Rebecca. - Clapotis
Rebeccah - a sweater
Rebecka - Fingerless alpaca mittens
Rebeckah - Pullover sweater

Rebekah (age 9) - a backpack, coached by mum, Mary Beth
Reg Ifans - 1 scarf, 1 pair of socks.
Regina - Cozy Lap Robe from Holiday Knits
Regina E - Co-Worker Scarf from 'Crazy Aunt Purl'
Reina - Pair of socks

Rena - scarf
Renada - Torino
Renata S - Undecided
Renee - first real project, a hat with cat ears.
Renee - Gansey sweater

Renee - lace wrap
Renee - Mavis
Renee A. - Raglan sleeve cardigan
Rhett - Basket weave scarf
Rhiannon - Bella cardigan from Knitty

Rhiannon - socks
Rhiannon - My second ever pair of socks in a red-white-blue colorway
Rhiannon - Waldron Island Cap
Rhiannon - Cleaves from knitty
Rhiannon VanB - scarf and a beanie from own pattern

Rhoda (rho1640) - Farmers' Market Tote
Rhonda - Rowan's butterfly
Rhonda - Opal socks
Rhonda - 3 pairs of socks
Rhonda from M.I.T. - Andean Treasure Vest from KnitPicks

Rhonda H - a hat
Rhonda S. - ribbon twist scarf
Rhys (age 7) - second scarf ever (first time purling)
Richenda - chunky shrug
Riikka - Childs sweater

Rineke - multicoloured mittens
Risa - Fair isle vest
Risa - Undecided
Rise - Pair of socks
risemysoul - Om Ankle Socks

Rita - candleflame shawl from handspun
Rita K. R - vest
RJ - Leaf lace shawl
Rob - Yelena
Robbie L - small tubular "Scream" sculpture (with apologies to Edvard Munch)

Robert M - first sweater ever
Roberta - lace knitting
Roberta C. - Purple St. Moritz
Robin - swirl knitting
Robin - sweater or gauntlets or short row hat

Robin - Weasley sweater
Robin - Rogue
Robin - socks
Robin (trco..) - hat on circular needles
Robin F. - Recycled silk shawl

Robyn - 2 pairs of socks
Robyn - Stitch Sampler Scarf by Ann Norling
Robyn - Large collar Bohus
Robyn (irrob..) - 16 afghan squares
Robyn Red Bird - Henry VIII

Rochelle - Meg Swansen's shawl in Vogue Knitting fall 05
Rochelle - Tina shawl
Rochelle R. - Tina Shawl
Rocket Scientist (aka Jennifer) - sweater
Roe - pair of size 13 socks

RogueTess - finish one Jaywalker sock
Roi - Antique Sweater from Ella Rae's first book
Romina - shawl neck cardigan
ron h. - fair isle vest
Rosane - Undecided

Rose - Diamond Fantasy Shawl
Rose - first socks
Rose in VA - three pairs of slippers
Rose S. - maple leaf shawl
Rosemary - Clapotis

Rosemary - Veste everest
Rosemary (mogieb..) - babies garnstudio cardigan
Rosemary G - sleeveless top of own design
Rosie - A baby blanket
Rosie (Manda's friend) -

Rosy M. - Pair of socks
Rowan - first sweater
Rowena - Clapotis or a felted bag
Rox - something fair isle
Roxanne - Knitted Cape

RT - Undecided
Ruby - Aran sweater
russell p - peace fleece garter stitch scarf (first project ever)
Russty - felted bag
Rusty K - girly purse

Ruth - Purple passion
Ruth - knitting a classic aran
Ruth - Debbie Bliss sweater
Ruth - Jaywalkers
Ruth Anne - vest in chunky weight

Ruth in NJ - Socks from Sensational knitted socks
Ruth K. - Beaded Shawlette
Ruth M. - ribbed tank w/the keyhole-ish back
Ruth's Girl in NJ - Ribbon tank
Ruthy - Haiku

Ryan - Squirrel Pullover
S.Kate - a knitted "painting"/art work
S/ knitting battlemaidens - trellis sweater
Saartje - Aran sweater
Sabra - kittyville official hat

Sabrina - Undecided
Saff - knitting Blaze
Saida - leo sweater (first sweater)
Salamander.knits - 2 baby sweaters
Sally - a felted hat that actually fits a real person's head

Sally - Very first sock
Sally G. - Debbie New Socks.
Sally in PDX - sweater
Sally P - Loop-d-Loop Lace Leaf Pullover
Sally R - hybrid of Pismo and Top Down Raglan Cardi v.2.0.

Sally T. - socks for both my kids
Sam - baby jeans "Blu" from Knitty
Sam La Tricoteuse - River (Rowan 38)
Samantha - Skully or Mudflap girl tank
Samantha - baby blanket

Samantha - Lucy Neatby Baby Sweater
Samantha - a shrug (first item with sleeves)
Samantha - Baby set
Samantha (age 10) - knit horse from kit
Samantha F. - baby blanket

Samantha Lynn - multicolored felted jacket
Same G. - One complete sock
Sammi - Here there be Pirates hat AND mittens
Sandi - first pair of toe socks or a helmet-type hat
Sandi - poncho

Sandi - Shawl Collar Cardigan
Sandi - Three pairs of thrummed socks for winter camping
sandi - a wonderful bag
Sandi L. - Pacific Northwest Shawl
Sandie P - Braided neckpiece

Sandra - stole
Sandra - Clapotis
Sandra - Cheryl Oberle's Stora Dimun from Folkshawls
Sandra - personalized bag
Sandra - shadow knitting sheep vest

Sandra - Florence scarf
Sandy - Clapotis
Sandy - fair isle socks
sandy (from KY) - socks or cigar gloves
Sandy J. - Ene's scarf

Sandy L - first socks
Sandy N. - Felted purse
santih - aibhlinn in zebra colours
Santra - bolero
Saoncy N. - felted clogs

Sappmama - Cozy shawl
Sara - Tubey
Sara - Debbie Bliss shawl
sara - granny ripple baby blanket
Sara - ribbed sweater

Sara - Undecided
Sara - leaves and waves
Sara - Alice Starmore's Cornwall
Sara - Clapotis
sara - hat on circulars

Sara - Baby sweater
sara (mzun..) - toddler sweater
Sara B - pair of red socks
Sara C - first pair of socks
Sara from LA - Picovoli from Magknits

Sara in WI - Marimekko domino poncho kit
Sara L. - Fitted Jacket with Embroidery
Sara M - two pair of socks from fingering weight
Sarah - Lace Up Shawl and Scarf from Alterknits
Sarah - socks

Sarah - Irish Hiking Wristwarmers
Sarah - Blanche-Neige sweater
Sarah - back of an Aran sweater
Sarah - a pair of socks
Sarah - Shedir

Sarah - aran Lace shawl
Sarah - lace baby jacket
Sarah - Shedir
Sarah - Design and finish a capelet
Sarah - Mrs. Beetons

Sarah - armwarmers
Sarah - Orangina
Sarah - big sack sweater
Sarah - Satchel from Knitty
Sarah - Audrey or Tubey

Sarah - Under the Hoodie sweater
Sarah - Fuzzy feet slippers
Sarah - fan and feather socks, 2 sophie purses
Sarah - knitted squid and a sweater (for the squid)
Sarah - Latvian mittens

Sarah - mittens
Sarah - Kiri shawl
Sarah - redesign and knit dad a sweater
Sarah (seitg..) - thong for friend
Sarah A - Cardigan

Sarah B. - fair isle
Sarah B. - as many hats as possible
Sarah C. - Bristow
Sarah F - baby poncho
Sarah F. - Kureopatora's snake scarf

Sarah G. - Kiri
sarah g. - Tiptoe socks
Sarah G. - Diamond Fantasy Shawl
Sarah G. - baby blanket
Sarah in Seattle - Lace Leaf Sweater

Sarah Jayne - moss stitch baby jumper
Sarah K - Rogue
Sarah K - lite brite
Sarah P. - Krystyna - Aran
Sarah S. - first pair of socks

Sarah T. - Finish the Embossed Leaves Socks
Sarah the Librarian - lace scarf/shawl
Sarah W. - Manly Sweater
Sarahfish - Blackberry
Sarah-Jane - first lace project

SarahJanet - first ever pair of socks
SarahMO - Birch shawl
Saralyn in Seattle - jaywalker socks
Saren J - Afghan
Sasha - Elfine's leaf-lace socks

Saun - Martha Cardigan
Say - Baby items
Schmern/Jill - USA patriotic scarf and hat combo
Scout - Odessa
Seahorse - Tree trunk for the Knitted Garden project

Sean - Adamas Shawl
Seanna L - Monkey backpack, plus seam 2 sweater/vests
sedgwick - To Dye For sweater
Sedie - Cathode
Selena near Chicago - Karabella Sequin Shawl

seltsame - Aran or a Dale of Norway fair isle sweater
Sera - Overdue Poncho
Serena - Sitcom Chic
Serena G. - 2 pair gloves, 3 pair socks
Sesana - Voodoo wrist warmers

severina - 1940's vintage short-sleeved pullover
sfshaza - weasley sweater
Shalebug - lacey baby blanket
shana - first pair of socks
Shannon - Undecided

Shannon - Knitty's Fuzzy Feet and booties
Shannon - Self designed ribbed sweater
Shannon - Fair Isle socks
Shannon - Rogue
Shannon - First socks

Shannon - self-designed sweater
Shannon B. - Garnstudio shrug
Shannon C. - Tubey
Shannon G. - First pair of socks
Shannon Mc - fair isle baby sweater

Shannon R - Bad Juju
Shannon W - first pair of socks
Shannon/twinsanity - cardigan with Garter stitch trim
ShannonG - Glimmer cardigan
Shara - a circular yoked sweater

Shari - baby blanket
Shari - Raglan Sleeve Pullover from KnitSimple
Sharlene - thinking about Kiri shawl
Sharolyn - Rosedale sweater
Sharon - socks

Sharon - baby pullover
Sharon - first Sweater ever!
Sharon - shawl collared pullover or rosedale
Sharon - a lace shawl
Sharon - Garnstudio Sweater

Sharon - socks
Sharon - wall street vest
Sharon G - first pair of socks
Sharon G. - Lotus blossom shawl
Sharon I. - Jaywalker socks

Sharon P - Branching Out
Sharron - VK trellis bag (felted)
Shawn M. -
Shazzy - Irish Hiking scarf
She Who Wins Blue Ribbons in County Fairs - 1 charity afghan block and a scarf

SheepLass - Sheep Shawl
Sheila - something with cables.
sheila - small sweater
Sheila in Boston - socks
Sheila N.W. - Fair Isle Gloves

Sheila W. - Undecided
Sheilah - Crusoe socks
Shel - Na Craga
Shelagh - Clapotis
Shelbs - Cabled sweater

Shelby - Flower Basket Shawl
Shelby (cuev..) - first pair of socks
Shelia - Fiesta socks
Shelley - Cable stitch scarf.
Shelley - Fairly Easy Fair Isle

Shelley - Froya
Shelley - Hanna Falkenbergs "Mermaid"
Shelley - felted mittens
Shelley H. - Pullover
Shellie - a poncho

Shelly (kade..) - first cabled sweater
Shelly G. - Branching Out scarf
Shelly H. - Aligator mittens from S&B
Sheri - Pomatomus socks
Sheri - Clapotis

Sheri - Flickering Flames Skirt
Sheri S. - Fair isle tote bag
Sherlyn - toe-up socks with no pattern
Sherri - spinning 3 ply yarn needed for a man sized "Leaves in Relief" sweater
Sherri - Simply Lovely Lace Socks

Sherri - something lace, possibly cables
Sherri and daughter Matilda (11) - Tee and sweater/ tote bag
Sherrie - Undecided
Sherry - Wavy Scarf from knitty
Sherry J - Clapotis

Sherry O. - design and knit a sweater for myself
Sheryl - Embossed Leaves socks
Sheryl "Master Felter" D. - mittens
shine - Marley's Ghost from Knitty
shireen - Nothing-But-A-Tshirt

Shirley - VK pillow
Shirley R. - Robin Double Double
Shirra - hooded poncho
Shirron - Denim Turtleneck Sweater
Shizzknit - Lace Leaf Pullover

shonze - Diamond knit shawl
Shu-mei - Lara (sweater)
Sibille (bentota) from Germany - Rogue
Sigga - Leaf lace pullover
Sigrid - winter coat

Silke - Fjor from Lopi Book #25
Silverarrowknits - First pair of socks
Silvia - Tubey
Silvia M - Grumperina's Picovoli
Simone - Kate from Knitty

Simone - cabled sweater
Siri - Flower Basket shawl, first lace
Sirpale - Mariah from knitty
Sisslesola - bolero
Sister C - a pair of socks

Skully - tie one on
Skylar - Kiri
Slick - spiderweb/diamond lace shawl
Smellen - Cable sweater from s&b
Snargle's Mom - simple (yeah, right) wrap

Sneaksleep - Samus
Snow - Dale baby blanket
Sockbug - travelers socks
Solfrid - a shawl
Solveig - Flower Basket shawl

Sonda J - a sweater/shrug and either a hat or mittens.
Sonda J. - sweater for niece and school project
Songbird - Clapotis
Sonia (skim..) - socks
Sonja P. - one Latvian mitten

Sonora (age 7) - one baby sock
Sonya - Cabled Vest
Sonya G. - Snowballs chance in hell
Sonya P - paper linen jacket (Habu kit #20)
Sophie - kit shrug (mission falls)

Sophie - semi circular shawl
Sorcha - first knitting project, a scarf
Spellbound - Booga bag
Spider lady - Fair Isle hat
SpindleRose - Baby sweater and hat

spinnity - sweater of own design
Spirito - Flower Basket Shawl
Sprite - two pairs baby booties
Stacey - cotton dishcloth (first project)
Stacey - Baby bunting

Stacey - Lacey shawl
Stacey (stacerj..) - one hat, one scarf
Stacey B. - Ene Scarf
Stacey D. - First pair of socks
Stacey E. - Baby sweater

Stacia - Fuzzy feet slippers
Stacie - child's sweater
Stacy - her first socks
Stacy - Jess's flame sweater
Stacy - cardigan

Stacy - chicken viking hat
Stacy (slaym..) - Socks!
Stacy from Michigan - baby booties
Starsong - socks
StarzAbove - first sweater

Stefanie - Gloriana
Stefanie R. - sweater of her own design
Steffi - Pullover sweater
Stellie - making an original sweater
Steph - birds nest shawl

Steph - Fingerless gloves
Steph - socks
Steph B. - Wendy's cat bed
Stephanie - tunic
Stephanie - neck down toddler sweater

Stephanie - Debbie Bliss Asymmetrical Wrap
Stephanie - Flower Basket Shawl
Stephanie - Argyle sweater
Stephanie - Eris
Stephanie - felted bag

Stephanie - sweater
Stephanie - first fair isle sweater
Stephanie (another one) - Elizabeth Zimmerman surprise jacket
Stephanie C - cap sleeved sweater
Stéphanie H. - Jumper

Stephanie H. - Cardigan or shawl
Stephanie in NJ - Cabled sweater
Stephanie Jo - lace socks
Stephanie M. - Leaf lace pullover
Stephanie O. - Danica from knitty

Stephanie R. - Broadripple from knitty
Stephanie W. - a shawl
Stephy - Pasha penguin from knitty
Stevie - Howl dog sweater
Stevie - Socks

Stitchy -
Storm - Shawl
Streets and Yos - Sweater with wide collar
Stricker - Kepler
Strickulli - moebius scarf

Strikkelise - Flower Basket Shawl
Stringy - socks
Stripey - Clapotis
Su S. - self designed sweater
Subha - first socks ever:Jaywalkers

Sue -
Sue - cardigan from french language pattern
Sue -
Sue - cardigan
Sue - Sweater (vintage vogue pattern)

Sue - Sawtooth Jumper (shadow knitting)
Sue - Aran sweater
Sue - Clapotis
Sue - handicapped by injury, knitting one sock
Sue - lace shawl

Sue - socks
Sue (beadch..) - lace smoke ring
Sue (cunha..) - aran sweater
sue (of purlewe fame) - Learn socks and knit a pair
Sue (sioux..) - Freestyle socks

sue a in OH - a pair of socks
Sue C (wendy's aunt) - Aran sweater
Sue DeB - Clapotis
Sue from Montana - pair of socks
Sue G. - Dragon Emperor Socks

Sue H - sox - first (maybe) pair "Definately one"
Sue in MD - Jaywalker socks
Sue4D - Christmas stocking
Sunny - first lace
Sunny W. - Prisoner of Azkaban scarf

Sunshine - scarf
Susan - hooded baby cardigan
Susan - Patons Katrina peplum cardigan
Susan - either Clapotis or Rogue Hoodie
Susan - Beaded scarf

Susan - Baby dress and hat
Susan - Undecided
Susan - lace socks
susan - irish hunting scarf
Susan - lace socks

Susan - two zip front cardigans (for self and daughter)
Susan - turquoise sweater
Susan (beads..) - booga bag
Susan (ofthesun..) - Undecided
susan (smsmd..) - two pairs of socks

Susan C - Tilt cardigan from Knitty
Susan C. - Cabled Hoodie
Susan from SE PA - EZ's pi shawl
Susan H. - Infant Cardigan Jacket by Peace Fleece
Susan H. - Throw

Susan in Fairbanks, AK - Bamboozelle Basket or a felted purse
Susan Jane C - Kiri shawl
Susan K. - baby blanket
Susan P. - socks
Susan S. - Side to side gloves from handspun

Susan S. - first pair of socks
Susan S. - very first socks
Susan T. - One sock
Susan W. - A baby dale
Susanna V - Clapotis

Susannah - sweater of her own design, or Alice.
Susannah - poncho
Susanne - kiri shawl
Susanne K. - Dk weight sweater for her husband.
Susanne R - Undecided

Suse - Kauni cozy
sushipi - Lady Eleanor
Susie - halter top
Susie - baby blanket
Susie H. - DiceBlue Lace shawl

Susie M - Felted notice/pin board
susoolu - alpaca shawl
SusyQ - purse or ear covering or first time socks
Suz - Branching Out scarf
Suza - Undecided

Suzann - mosaic sock pattern
Suzanna - Cables sweater
Suzanne - a swimsuit
Suzanne - 4 felted pot holders
Suzanne - arm warmers

suzanne - shawlish poncho out of habu's red lined paper thread
Suzanne - Honeymoon Cami
Suzanne - hat or scarf
Suzanne W. - Design her own raglan with a peplum and roses.
Suzannewc - lace socks

Suzetta - entrelac felted bag
Suzi - socks in feather and fan.
Suzi in OR - a cardigan
Suzie - The cutest little pig
Suzy - shrug or lace shawl

Svenja - Poncho
Sweet Caroline - Birch
Sweetpea - a sock, with a heel
sweezie - Little ruffled vestie
Swoon - bolero jacket

Sylvia - Shawl
Sylvia L - perfect pie shawl
Sylvie - Pair of socks
Tabitha - Prayer shawl
Taina - Sugarplum Cardigan

Tale - Apron
Talmina - Crime of Fashion Scarf
Tamara - a scarf
Tamara H. - Undecided
Tammie - Cabled sweater

Tammy - Branching Out scarf
Tammy - Flower Basket Shawl
Tammy - fleece artist shawl
tammy (tlc9..) - cable scarf
Tandy - Linie 89 sweater

Tanis - Nordic fairisle mittens
Tanya - Knee socks
Tanya - first pair of socks
Tanya - Tweedy vest
Tanya T. - Peacock feathers shawl

Tanya t. - shash reducing childs sweater
tar.gzip - Toe-up socks
Tara - Skacel ad medallion sweater
Tara - first socks
Tara - self-designed cardigan

Tara - Essential stripe
Tara K - Kiri shawl
Tara S. - Cool Hat
Tarilyn - Caramel Denim Fair Isle (IK 2001)
Taryn - Backyard Leaves

Tasajora - toy dog
Tasha - Berroco Toshiko Tote
Tasha - Baby Blanket
Tasha C. - Wool soakers for her brand new baby
Taylor - Irish Hiking scarf

Team Austin (6 knitters) - assorted
Team Bren Mar Park (an entire 5th grade class) - Assorted
Team Knitopia - Judy, Lynne, Frauke, Roz. - Assorted
Team of R&S (Ruthie and Sarah) - a wrap and a recovery
Team Simpatico (7 members) - assorted

Team Wales - Many things
Teija - Knee High Socks
tekopp - Flower Basket Shawl
Tenli - Lace ribs pullover
Teresa - Lady Elenor entrelac stole

Teresa - Sweet Mary Jane Cardigan
Teresa C - Rogue
Teresa in IL. - halter top
Teresa L. - three half sweaters
Teresa M. - forbes Forest Scarf

Teresa SC - Shirt-tail Hemmed Fair Isle
Teri - Fair isle 101
Teri - Baltic mittens
Teri - Nova Scotia snowflake gloves
Teri P. - Intricate socks

Terri - see how many pairs of socks I can knit in 16 days
Terri D. - Saranac from knitty
Terrib - lacy baby blanket
Terry (ninjaknitter) - Annie Modesitt silk corset
Terry Liann - Victorian Lace Shawl

Tess - socks
Teyani - lacey socks
Teyla - Irish Hiking scarf
Thalia - Lolita legs from Knitty
That Laurie - Kathy Zimmerman's Age of Aquarius

The Captain - Afghan
The Knit wit team (Oldest member 101 years) - 2 rectangles each
The Knitting Virgin aka Christine - First pair of socks
The Queen of the Snow Cows - Lady Elenor entrelac stole
Thea - Lacy vest

Thea c. - First pair of socks
Theresa - Setesdal sweater in size baby
Theresa (team college hill) - Am Kamin
Theresa D - Shilasdair sweater
Theresa in MI - Gentleman's Fancy Sock

Theresa in SC - snowdrop shawl
Theresa J. - thinking of a baby blanket
Therese - Renaissance Men's pullover
theroseherself - first-ever baby layette
Thien - first hat

Thomas H. - Arabesque Lace Scarf
Thorny - Baby sweater
Tia - Grumperina's Odessa
Tiffany - Jaywalkers
Tiffany - Craftster Circular shrug

Tiffany S. - huge man sized socks. (first socks)
Tigers - Shawl
tiggerr - Teva Durhams Turtleneck with sleeves
tiggerr - shrug
Tiina - design and knit a felted handbag

Tiina - first lace scarf ever: Fifi
Tiina V. - Ene's Scarf
Tikru - Kiri shawl
Tina - wall art
Tina - knit and spin a Norwegian-style hat

Tina - Leaf lace shawl
Tina (sock groupie#1) - lace scarf
Tina H. - assorted
Tina R. - a dishcloth a day
Tina S - self designed vest

TinaInWonderland - a shrug
Ting Ting - scarf (second project)
TirzahDaisy - Gauntlets
Tish - Divine L+F3464ace
Tish - Undecided

Tish - a lace scarf or several Dulaan hats and mittens
Tish - Twisted Sister pattern "Electra" (Jacket)
Tish (tbloom..) - pair of socks
Tisha - baby blanket, baby sweater and booties
Tittei - first ever lace-shawl

Toby - Jaywalkers
toggle - Birch
Tone M. - The Mia Shrug
Toni - First pair of socks
Toni C. - Fisherman Shrug

Toni in PDX - Pretty in Pink vest
Tonia G. - Fair isle sampler hat
Tope C. - Falling Leaves Socks
Tori - hooded cabled pullover
Tornadogrrl - Lighthouse socks

Tove - MancalaMia from Knitty
ToveB - Eris
Toya - Flower Basket Shawl
tp (rtpom..) - diagonal striped t top
Tracey - 10 items for Dulaan Project

Tracey - Thrummed Moebius
Tracey in FL - my first sock
Tracy - Rogue
Tracy - "Anouk" baby pinafore with intarsia poppies on the pockets
Tracy - Dog sweater

Tracy - lace shawl
Tracy "Zero Tolerance for Mistakes" H - Anouk
Tracy KM - heartstrings bunny ears every day
Tree - Mohair cowl pullover
Treesh - self designed gansey for DH

Trek - a new sock pattern
Tresstiford - Hurry up Spring Armwarmers
tricia - Birch
Tricia - Felted bag
Tricia W. - Athena vest

TrickyTricot - Hardangervidda
Trish - Market square bag
Trish - scarf
Trishy - Adamas shawl
Trista - Lolita leg socks

Troy - a sweater
Tru - team - lace shawl and cuddle neckscarf
Tsuki - Undecided
tuitu - knit first pattern from foreign language - Clapotis
Turid - baby sweater

Tutleymutley - cardigan
Tutu - poncho
Tuulia - mittens of own design
Tweed - thigh-high legwarmers
Twig - Bag of Checks

Twisted Team Houston - assorted
Two-socks - Honeymoon Cami
TXPlumWine - lace shawl
Tye - cotton cardigan with colourwork
Tysa - Simple Filigree Hand Warmers

Udoni - Bog Shirt from Spincraft
ulla g l - A pair of mittens!
Ulla in sweden - sweater
Ulli - finish Lacy Shawl
Ulrica G - one plain sock from any English language pattern

v.j.k. - Estonian socks from Nancy Bush's Folk socks
Vaedri - noro fishtail scarf
Val - Jaywalker socks
Val G. - Lace scarf
Valeri W. - Baby sweater

Valerie - Tempting 2
Valerie - Cabled scarf
Valerie B. - a sweater
Valerie D. - first sock(s)!
Valerie G. - as many Bave's baby ribs hats as possible

Valerie M. - Tempting II
Valerie R. - 3 pair slippers/bed socks for charity
Valerie S2. - Deep V Argyle Vest
Valerieb - baby socks
Vanessa - Undecided

Vanessa - first project with dpns: Thuja socks
Vanessa A. - Janda Hoodie
Varina - Lapland Mittens
VC_abc - two felted bags
VC_alpenfee - Turkish style socks

VC_alpenfee - turkish style socks
VC_annageddes - candleflame
VC_basteltiger - felted bag
VC_Kaffeetante64 - raglan pullover
VC_Kashira - lace pullover

VC_klengelchen - a Stole or a Birch
VC_krusm - Birch scarf
vc_lune - baby sweater
VC_mama1963 - socks, gloves and caps
VC_mermaid - a Cardigan for my father

VC_Morag - Entrelac sweater
VC_novalia - pullover
VC_SpÃkulatius - pullover
VC_Stiena - a tablecloth
Venn - sweater

Vera - Brie Gloves (Rowan)
Vera - Dibs on Ribs sweater
Veronica - Nordic mittens
Veronica - Baby sweater
Veronica - Tubey

Vickery - sweater
Vicki - socks
Vicki - Williamsro
Vicki - Pomatomus socks
Vicki - Eris

Vicki - Shawl
Vicki - shawl using the Diakeito Diadomina Shawl pattern
Vicki - fair isle headband or bea ellis hat
Vicki H. - mini skull & crossbones tote at helloyarn
Vicki M - hoodie of own creation

Vickki - Cedar
Vicky - first socks
Vicky (chant..) - snow drop shawl
Vicky S. - Branching Out scarf
Victor - Two scarves

victoria - Fair Isle Bandeau
Victoria W. - Hooded jumper
vikke* - baby cloth
Village School Team (69 girls) - 256 4-inch squares assembled into 4 blankets for local hospitals
Villasukka ("woolly sock" in English) - Branching Out

Villikani - sweater for a tall son
Violaine - a skirt in short row
Virginia - Museum sweater
Virtuella - Fana - jacket/sweater for my daugher
Vis2vas - socks

Viv. - Flower Basket Shawl
Vivian - first socks
Vlb5757 - first throw
Wanda - Hourglass sweater
Wanett - garter stitch sweater

Wannietta - Flirty Ruffles Shawl
Wapiti - Animal booties
Wencha - Garnstudio sweater
Wenders - self designed sweater
Wendi - a sweater

Wendie - first socks or a sweater
Wendy - Child's Placket-Neck Pullover
Wendy - Log cabin socks
Wendy - bicolor cables cardigan from IK
Wendy - Mittens

Wendy - Clapotis
Wendy - pin wheel baby blanket
Wendy - baby blanket
Wendy - legwarmers from knitty
Wendy - Branching Out scarf

wendy (fearless pedestrian) - intarsia sweater of my own design
Wendy K. - 8 hats for the Dulaan Project
Wendy L. - Socks
Wendy r. - one tip-toe sock
Wendy S. - as many Chemo caps as possible

Wendy-O - a scarf (not twisting my stitches)
Whit - two pair of socks at the same time on DPNs
Whitney - jesse's flames
Whitney - felted backpack and a baby blanket
whitney (awbai..) - Clapotis

Whitney knitter - Jaywalkers
Wiebke Lamer - Moebius
Will - baby sweater
William - Chargers/bolt sweater
Wired - cabled sweater-vest

Witchypoo - as many hats as she can
Wryly - socks - cuff down
Wudas - very colorful socks
Wynnie G. - Viking Chicken hat.
Wyvern - linen tank top

Xanthia - Fabulous Lace Inset Cardigan
Xie - Postmodern leg warmers
xStitcher (Martina) - felted bag and Lacy Scallops socks
yan - first socks
Yarn Harlot - Hardangervidda

YarnGuy716 - Vince - Hogwarts unity scarf and ribbed cable scarf in Ravenclaw colours
YarnMom - Where's waldo sweater
Yasmin - Jaywalkers
Yockeygal - afghan
Yuvee - Deep V Argyle Vest

Yvonne - Yoga wrap
Yvonne - Neck down hooded tunic
Yvonne E - cable sweater
Yvonne in GA - Ladt Eleanor Wrap
Yvonne S. - Moebius Cat Bed

Z. - Very first sock
Zabet - lace wrap
Zach (age 12) - sailor's watch cap
Zaida - 2 scarves
Zan - Big Bad Baby Blanket

Zardra - Neck Down Shaped Cardigan
Zari - knitting and spinning for socks
Zausa - sweater with striped sleeves
Zee - shawl
Zeldaloo - Lace Leaf Shawl (Fiber Trends)

Zib - Mosaic wrap
Ziina - sweater from Verena Magazine
Zina - Olympic socks
Zoà - Pomatomus from Knitty
Zoe - Moebius basket in the 5 olympic colours

Zoe (age 8) - washcloths
Zoe (zrm11..) - "i plan to knit a word or two"
ZoeMaja - baby overalls
Zoe's mum (Al) - entrelac stole
Zonda - tote bag

Zoya - Rowan's Elfin
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