I have an idea…

That’s usually trouble, isn’t it? I was thinking about the thrum along that’s starting here Monday, co-hosted by the clever and lovely Crystal. (Crystal has put up a free pattern for thrummed mitts too…they are here) and figuring that I need to do a bunch of stuff.
(This is my first “a-long”. I’m not a joiner. If I miss something then let me know, will ya?)
Thrum-a long checklist.
1. Buttons. Everybody has these funky buttons when they do these. Lucky for me, Crystal organized that.
(remember to save them to your own server, right?)
2. Something to link the button to. I’m working on a Thrum FAQ, and I’ll put that up sometime over the weekend (details on Monday) just as soon as I figure out how to add another page to the blog. So far my efforts have resulted in me feeling inadequate, harassing Ken at work, and drinking way too much coffee. There has to be an easier way.
When I have a victory over the blog, there will be something for you to link to.
(If you are on a Mac, have a blog like mine, and have successfully added another page to your blog, or even if you have heard whispered legends of such a thing…will you send me an email and explain it to me like I am a moron? I can promise that no matter how condescending or simplistic your tone, I will be grateful. Talk down to me, I’ll like it.)
You know you have blog stress when you are knitting Latvian Mittens to relax.
For the love of wool…if you see anything wrong with this mitten, don’t tell me.
3. A list of Blog-a-longers. Where should I put this? Here? On the Thrum page? (I’m leaning toward here. Partly because we all hang out on this page, partly because I already know how to add stuff to this page and partly because the other page sort of only exists in my imagination.) If you already left a comment that you are thrumming along…I’ll add you, otherwise..just let me know and I’ll add you. Crystal will have a mirror list on her site (I think).
4. I’m writing the FAQ (to go on the imaginary page…no pressure Steph)
What questions do you want me to answer?
5. I guess I’m going to need something to thrum. What I really want is the Fleece Artist kit, but I am respecting the Yarn Diet (sob) so I’ve got this going on.
We’ll see what comes of it. (Insert evil laugh here). Joe took one look at this little dye-plan in the kitchen this morning and just quietly went to work. Probably smart. My dye plan is…er, let’s call it “loose”. I’ve got some colours and some fleece, Denny’s crock pot and we will just see. If I’m knitting plain thrummed mittens come Monday…we’ll just pretend this never happened.
Did I miss anything?