I have never been more right

Have I ever mentioned how I feel about upgrades? SURE I HAVE. I know I have. I know that I have explained many, many times about how I think that upgrade is a confusing name for something that always makes things worse before it makes it better, if it ever does. I am experienced in the ways of upgrades. I understand how they work, and as a result of that experience and my more than adequate intelligence, I avoid them as much as possible. Sure, this means I’m running some antiquated stuff around here, but it works dammit, and I don’t see any reason to change.  Ken, on the other hand, my best friend and the tech guy who keeps this blog running, he has other concerns, and so eventually he’ll just upgrade something. Just do it, and by the time it’s over it’s over and I just handle whatever happens and that’s what happened last night. Ken upgraded the blog (now it’s probably only five years behind) and then I went and wrote a really great post for you, and it was so good.  I loved it – you would have too, if when I went to put the pictures in, the whole thing hadn’t frozen, crashed, eaten the entry and generally laughed itself silly.

It took a few minutes and a phone call to Ken, but it turns out that after he does whatever thingie he did, there was a whatchamacallit that I’m supposed to do, and I know that, because he told me last time, but I forgot because I’m a knitter, not a computer geek, dammit.  It’s done now, and I fixed it and now I can post pictures but I don’t have time to re-write the entry – so you know what? Here’s the pictures.

I give up.  The upgrade beat me, and now you’ll have to entertain yourselves. You tell me what those pictures say to you. 

Knitter out.

(PS, the one part that I am going to do over is this: Today’s prize.  Three skeins of FiberShed yarn, a gorgeous worsted weight 100% alpaca, courtesy of Therese and Charlie over at Salt City Fiber Works.

They’d like it to go live with a knitter, and the random number generator picked Susan O. Thanks to everyone!)

2,343 thoughts on “I have never been more right

  1. Please tell us what the yarn is you’re knitting with, when you can. Looks gorgeous.
    The training pic looks awesome. You two are going to kick ass.

  2. You poor thing! Upgrades are EVIL. We love anything you write so this post is fine. Thanks for having the courage to post again! xx

  3. Dear Ken,
    We’re going to have to find the knitting technique equivalent to what you need Steph to do to the blog when you’re done updating. Like “You’re going to need to do that crocheted bind off on the blog or all you’ll have is a pile of yarn barf.”

  4. oooh! What is that golden yarn? Silk and what? “extra water shoes”? I understand extra biking shoes, but water shoes? Does the bike rally route include stream crossings this year?

  5. I think you had a nice glass of white wine to relax and that’s enough for me!
    Also, you started a new beige, lace shawl. Very pretty.
    You’re lookin’ good Steph, in your spandex! best wishes to you on your race.

  6. You have terrific hand-writing! Also, gotta second the above opinion on you wearing spandex. Lookin’ good.

  7. That’s what I was going to say – I think you and Jen look pretty darn good in your spandex. Good luck on the ride!

  8. I think one of the first of your blog posts I ever read was about an upgrade. 2005 maybe? You’ve been cursing Ken and his upgrades for a long time!

  9. The pictures say to me that, as usual, you have some fabulous yarn and are making a FKO (fabulous knitted object). I’d love to get my fingers on that beige fluff you have there.
    Now, what I’d like to know is what that list says to you, especially ‘blow up mattress’!? TMI.

  10. Oh, duh. You mean blow up mattress, as in, with air, for camping. My bad (mind).

  11. What’s a spork? And yes you have lovely cursory writing, mine sucks.

  12. Looks like champagne. What are your thoughts of drinking that and knitting, I wonder…
    Aaand looks like you started something lacy and really silky/shiny. I’m guessing 100% silk?
    And that alpaca! I wants it…so much… *cries into hankie*

  13. Is that list set up where you do a thing you want to do, then do a thing you don’t want to do, etc.? Love it! Plus, the living room will only be ready to vacuum again tomorrow. Perhaps it will give you a pass?

  14. I’m with you. Upgrades are evil. Vogue “updated” their knitting app, and all my data went with it – stash, needles, counters. I wanted to cry.

  15. You finished the big 100k rides and had some ice wine to celebrate! The list shows me its down to the final wrap-up and pack (wow!!) and you’ve finished knitting something but it’s not blocked so you can’t show us but you’ve started something lacy with a lovely, soft cashmere/silk.
    How far off am I? 😛

  16. What the pictures say to me:
    Jen and I had a great training ride, our last long one. Since I had managed to knock out the last two items on the book, we went on to lunch…and had a wee bit of champagne to celebrate the book and our training.
    Of course, after wine for lunch, who really wants to vacuum or do other house-cleaning? Especially since I am not the only one living here but the only one who seems to be aware that these things need to be done. Plus, the rackety builders next door sounded like they were going to knock both houses off the foundation. So, I took the next project in line and got a spot of knitting done over in the park. It is [pattern] in a long-forgotten yarn from the stash.

  17. Wow, ok, pictures say to me ; We rode, we drank, it was a deserved drink. Made a list that probably only 5 things got done, because we drank. Then to relax & forget about the other pictures events, I knitted. Because damnit, I need to knit to not go insane from it all. Upgrades or not, your photos really do look great.

  18. I think the pictures tell a story…once upon a time there were two beautiful super heros, Steph and Jen. They rode their bikes to do good and help over committed people every where. They delivered chilled glasses of white wine and made “to do” lists disappear leaving beautiful knitting projects to be enjoyed instead. Go super heros!
    PS I think autocorrect might be an evil twin of upgrade so please excuse errors

  19. Clearly you did your long ride, celebrated with a little drink, made a “to do” list, and started a lovely lace project (is that “Pretty Thing”?) with some gorgeous yarn. All I need to know is what is that lovely yarn?

  20. Those pictures tell me that you have excellent taste in wine and yarn; you and Jen may have been beginning your training ride since you both look very happy and non-sweaty, and you have one of the most interesting lists around. Spork and Joe shopvac in the same line item? Essay re: IM dirt? If only you had started the list with “make list” you could have crossed something off!

  21. I don’t believe in astrology, and Mercury, in retrograde, is trying to change my mind. You win, though — I killed my printer on a class day, but managed to revive it. Your crash for the win. (They tell me it only affects communications, though, so you should ride like the wind.)

  22. Two fit cyclists ready to ride! Well earned bubbles after ride. Long to do list with not a single item crossed off -YET! Now, to knit. (You are an inspiration!)

  23. A new trend–the silent mystery blog.
    Don’t blow up the mattress in the living room.

  24. The spork definitely ties the list together. Perhaps it can be the thesis needed further down? Those pictures to me say: “That is a busy lady who needs more champagne and knitting time.”

  25. But I’d really, really like to know what that gorgeous, shiny yarn on the gold needles resting on the green thingamabob is made from, and what it’s being knitted into.

  26. Boy do I hear you on the upgrades. “Upgraded” my computer in March from Win Vista to Win8. Someone please help. I would almost give up speed for Win XP. If I spend many more days on the phone with tech support (Geek Squad) trying to figure out why this damn thing throws me off and freezes, I’ll learn to write on stone. Plus I HATE the opening screen. Can I please have my home screen with the socks around the Strawberry Fields Imagine circle back as the FIRST thing I see?????????

  27. After reading so many thousands of your words over the years, how did I not know what beautiful handwriting you have???!!!
    Even if you get to cross out what you’ve written as the day progresses, your written words are even prettier than the typed ones!

  28. Your pictures go like this:
    We are women, hear us roar! (Because you nailed that bike ride!)
    Wine to celebrate because beer just wouldn’t do.
    A long list of stuff to accomplish this week. ( If it was for a day You ARE a super woman!)
    Instead of tacking the list you decided to knit and began a beautiful new something!
    How did I do?

  29. I think you and Jen look triumphant, as you should.
    About the computer: if there’s any possible doubt, reboot.

  30. I like the item on the list that says “Blow up Mattress”.
    While I do know what that probably means, with two boys in the house it does sort of send my brain in the direction of explosions. 🙂
    Work, relax, work, drink wine, relax…. a good pattern for life. I need to adopt it.

  31. They say you have beautiful handwriting. You must spend more time writing on actual paper than I do.

  32. All I can say is: You two look incredibly fit and ready for anything life/knitting/biking throws your way! You never cease to amaze. As for the computer/blog thingie, may we remind you that’s why you have a geek for that stuff. Just put on your “to do” list to remind him to ALWAYS remind you to do whatever it is that geeks intuitively know but of which they’ve forgotten to remind you!?! Now put that out of your mind and GO RIDE! You’ve got masses of fans out here cheering you on 🙂

  33. I love reading other people’s lists…but why does Erin need vacuuming? Will a blow up mattress be a really good fundraising item?

  34. I love a list that starts with drink coffee and ends with blow up mattress!!! I always like to put items on my list that should be easy to stroke off. I.e. make list, go downstairs etc
    I imagine it is your camping mattress but it is fun to imagine a story line that would include actually blowing up someone’s mattress. Thank you for my laugh of the day(and rest of week)

  35. I love a list that starts with drink coffee and ends with blow up mattress!!! I always like to put items on my list that should be easy to stroke off. I.e. make list, go downstairs etc
    I imagine it is your camping mattress but it is fun to imagine a story line that would include actually blowing up someone’s mattress. Thank you for my laugh of the day(and rest of week)

  36. I don’t know what that knitting/yarn is at the bottom of the pics, but it’s delicious!!

  37. So much I could, would, and want to say, but the first thing that comes to mind is ” that is one kick-ass bike you have “. I know, it’s a lame comment, but I am a biker. I’ll say all the other stuff in another comment at another time. Get on that bike and kick some **ss

  38. LOL. Oooooo…new knitting project….pretty yarn. Oh, where was I? Nice water behind you and Jen – is that before or after a ride? Also, I think you need larger notes – you are out of room! And now, like you, I need to get back to work. Such pretty yarn! 🙂

  39. A do-list that starts with: “drink coffee; find spork – Joe shopvac B” and ends with “blow up mattress?”

  40. 1. Put on your shades: you could go blind with the sheer awesomeness of knit-cycling teams.
    2. Every Gritty Bicyclist Deserves Fermentation.
    3. The ghost of Virginia Woolf wrote this list – damned if I know what it means.
    4. “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down thine hair!”

  41. 1. You and Jen rock the spandex.
    2. A great reward for a hard ride.
    3. You have WAY too much to do (and nothing crossed off – I hope this is the list for today and not the list for yesterday)
    4. Is that Ecobutterfly Organics Pakucho Organic Lace Cotton yarn? I have some in my stash that looks exactly like that.

  42. I just randomly started following your blog about two weeks ago…and I have to say…I absolutely LOVE IT! I taught myself to knit about seven or eight years ago and love, love it. I love reading about what others are knitting or learning! It inspires me!! And, well, lets face it…knitting relaxes me more than anything and totally keeps me sane.

  43. List makes perfect sense to me, handwriting is lovely, that must be the Canadian spelling of vacuum, sorry to hear there’s still water in the basement – getting a thesis and editing at the same time: genius! – and did you get to do the 20 rows on the Pretty Thing? (Spork, not-big socks and air mattress are for the rally, no?).
    Here’s to a good ride, a cool glass of wine, and always having good yarn. I’ve made my daughter promise that if I become dependent on her when I’m old, she will never make me knit with bad yarn!

  44. The first picture says “We are women. We have bikes. We kick a**!” 🙂

  45. Oh, I HATE upgrades! And my husband is just like Ken. He makes what he calls “executive decisions” and just does it. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been beyond furious. Have even gone so far as to change my password so he couldn’t get into my laptop. Yeah, yeah, yeah it’s all better in the long run—but getting there is a pain in the arse. Beyond that, I suspect a lot of the upgrades are playing on the emotions of the geeks among us, getting them to spend lots more $$$. I love the low-tech-ness of yarn and needles—and my sewing machine from the 1950s!
    Great training photo! The wine had to be a celebration for one of your l-o-n-g training rides!

  46. You and Jen both look SO DAMNED PRO in your official biking clothes and helmets and biking gloves and fancy-schmancy biking shoes. (Are they the kind that snap onto something on the pedals? My 24yo son is educating me in the World Of Biking Paraphernalia.)
    That yarn you are knitting has to have some silk in it — look at that sheen! Gorgeous.

  47. Pictures translation: You went for your super long bike ride with Jen, then you relaxed with Champagne. You had a major to-do list with is also why you haven’t blogged since friday, and then you started a new knitting project!
    ps, it’s always good to update, especially computers. With today’s fast changing world of technology, it’s important to stay mildly updated, because otherwise things don’t work.

  48. PS, I’m glad others mentioned the knitting looked like Pretty Thing because I thought you had a bunch of physical therapy to do… which would be dreadful on top of your riding!

  49. Every to-do list shoudl start with “Drink coffee” and end with “Blow up matteress”.

  50. That knitting looks so soft!
    Two strong women on a beautiful day.
    I’m really glad that after “blow up,” the next word is “mattress”.

  51. 1. Two hot mamas!
    2. Focusing on what’s important.
    3. Blowing up a mattress is an excellent reward for a completed to do list. Baby, you’re a firework.
    4. Soft new knitting is an excellent reward for a completed hat.

  52. That training photo is fantastic–you Ladies look ready to conquer, be it the road, a piece of knitting, or a glass of something lovely! Best of luck to you both on race day and may the upgrade gremlins leave you in peace!

  53. I wish I had a tech guy. Or gal. A tech person. One I could pay in yarn or fiber. Any Ann Arbor peeps interested? Help?

  54. And I thought MY to do list was bad. But at least the wine looks manageable.

  55. 1. We are all decked out. Let’s ride!
    2. No, drinking sounds like more fun.
    3. To do list.
    4. No, knitting sounds like more fun!

  56. Let’s see. . .you and Jen had a practice ride, then had some cold white wine to cool off and relax. You made your next day’s to-do list, then started something lacy with some beige yarn that looks very soft and warm.
    But as for that to-list: You do know that most bedding and furniture stores will haul your old mattress away, don’t you? There’s no need to blow it up, and doing so is probably illegal within the city limits. Unless you can convince the bomb squad to do it for you.

  57. Damn! That silver(ish) yarn is so beautiful, you MUST tell us what it is. Sending good karma your way for the ride.

  58. It’s a Pretty Thing! It’s a Pretty Thing! I’ve knitted several. I may be up to a dozen. Great gifts, and I kept one or two or… not saying. What IS that gorgeous yarn?!

  59. Tried to think of really witty things to say here, but my brain turned to mush at the sight of that yarn. Oh, my.

  60. Sorry about the upgrade. The comments were as entertaining as your post. Love it! Good luck on your race!

  61. Sorry about the lost post. Sometimes, at least with computers, upgrades are good though. They make it harder for people to hack your stuff and mess around with it.
    In other, only vaguely related news, your hand-writting is nice.

  62. Don’t you have some word processing software you could write blog posts in, perfect them there then copy/paste the whole shebang over to the blog?
    Lovely handwriting and knitting too!

  63. I didn’t have time to read the comments tonight, so maybe someone else said this, but if you used word processing software to write your posts, you could then save them offline (the software asks you if you want to save, if you try to close the document without saving your work). Then you copy and paste into your blog. That way, if the post is eaten by the gremlin of the day, you just copy and paste again. Thus speaketh the old tech editor.
    Meanwhile, a glass of wine does help! Carry on.

  64. You have beautiful penmanship. Or joined up writing as I recently heard it called. Really. Getting a letter with that writing would be a treat. And i love lists.

  65. Totally with you on the updates. The 1-2 weeks following a server update at work is u-g-l-y.
    This is kind of a choose your own adventure blog post, love it! I choose the enigmatic list (does that really say find spork???) AND the beautiful lace- I want it to be a silk alpaca blend, so it is b/c this is MY adventure!

  66. I’m with you about the upgrades. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I would also like to see the blowing up of the mattress. It could be quite cathartic.

  67. Not sure whether I like biking or knitting best, not yet ready to knit while I bike, but surely I need to try!!!! will wait for cooler weather first…
    Congrats on the bike training!

  68. Drink coffee- good. Drink bubbly stuff- good. Vacuum rug not so good. Kick computer – good idea but not so productive. The darn things are vengeful.

  69. I wondered what happened to you! Suddenly, I have 16 posts to my RSS feed. Now, I know you’re quite prolific (at least more prolific than me)when it comes to blogging, but 16 in 2 days? I don’t think so.
    But computer geeks leave this sort of thing with you, and after about two weeks or so, you get used to it, and then it gets “updated” again. So let your geek know that you’re perfectly fine with the slow, antiquated stuff–that you’re a creature of habit–YOUR habit, and that before he makes “updates” that he has to leave you a readme file on how to use it to it’s best advantage.
    It’s called “geek speak”, and you have to be fairly fluent in it, or suffer the consequences….16 blog posts. Wow.

  70. I am also above average intelligence, and I totally agree about updates. Every so often my dear, computer type husband tells me I need to update. At least you’re not married to Ken!

  71. Glad to see that you also cannot decide if vacuum or is it vaccuum has two cc’s or not.
    Same with Broccoli or is it Brocolli 🙂
    When will paper have spell check 🙂

  72. What on earth is a spork??
    And may I ask about those gorgeous gold needles? – what brand are they? I haven’t seen them before.

  73. Dearest Ken:
    Never, ever, do upgrades during Mercury Retrograde.
    Stop laughing – I’m serious.
    Mercury rules, amoungst other things, computers. When retro it, being the representative of the trickster gods, likes to mess with computers (telephones, internet, etc). I work for a huge multi-national corporation and I have convinced my IT people that during Mercury retrogrades everything to do with communications and computers goes to hell in a handbasket and as a result they do not do upgrades or installs during the three Mercury retrogrades each year. They have petitioned to just get those three weeks off (paid, of course). Management has declined the request.
    I love the to-do list. I also first thought you were blowing up someones mattress 🙂

  74. Yes, I’m compelled to comment about that amazing hand-writing as well! Beautiful!

  75. Extra water, shoes! Silly.
    Good list. I understood all of it. What does that say about me? Too much Yarn Harlot reading?
    Naw, impossible. Good ride, good friends, good champagne, good list, and good knitting!
    That is sooooo French!

  76. You rock! Great biking & you totally deserve more than 1 glass! Nice knitting…wish mine was as pretty. Why don’t basic socks look as nice as laceweight with beads?

  77. All I see is that your handwriting is much better than I anticipated it would be.

  78. 1. You look fit
    2. You can never die because the items on that list will be a complete mystery to anyone else unless they have a decoder ring.
    3. You have started a new shawl/wrap/lacy thingy but you are NOT finished with the yellow-green one. Have you even finished the self striping socks?
    4. I have no idea why your shop vac needs a spore.
    5. The visit to the optometrist will only help you see more clearly in a physical way. They will not help the list make sense! 🙂

  79. The last picture says to me light squishy and wonderful to knit! More info about what this is would be welcomed. 🙂

  80. I thought for sure when I first read upgrades you were going to talk about your neighbors remodel project. That yarn in the picture is lovely, I can’t wait to hear about it next time.

  81. “Upgrades” have been eating our lunch lately too, and my computer just up and died last week in the middle of costly home repairs. So… I get it. You have my deepest empathy.
    You lost me on the spork line item.
    Your handwriting is so pretty! It doesn’t show your stress level on that list at all (which mine would).
    Seeing all that “edit” and “final read” makes me happy, because I know a book is coming soon, albeit at high personal cost to you. Thanks for writing it anyway.
    Keep pedaling. There is an “other side” to this.

  82. The pictures say to me:
    a) We survived the Centuries in great form!
    b) This was our self-appointed reward.
    c) Not-done list.
    d) I cast on yet another UFO.
    You’re looking fantastic in your biking gear!

  83. You and I must have the same sort of crazypants ideas about what can be done in a day, because I looked at that list and thought, “That’s full… but doable.”
    I’m glad the first item is “drink coffee.” I suspect that’s on there so you can get easy satisfaction of crossing an item off. 😉
    (P.S. That yarn is something I deeply covet.)

  84. I don’t want to hear any more about not looking good in spandex! You and Jen both rock it!
    I too have lost entire blog posts; but at least you posted the pics, whereas I usually just slink dejectedly away from the computer until I can gear up my willpower to try again.
    Considering what you have been up against these last few weeks, I’d say you are in pretty darn good shape vis a vis accomplishing all the stuff on the To Do list and preparing for the Ride. All the best to you and your team.

  85. Isn’t a spork that combination of spoon and fork? used for camping etc?
    All the best for the ride!

  86. Okay… story to go with the pictures.
    “Once upon a time there were two knitters who went on a very long bike ride. When they arrived home, two magic glasses of champagne appeared (magically, of course). While they drank the magic champagne, the knitters made a list of Very Important Things. Then there was knitting. Because this is a story about knitters. The End.”

  87. What is the luscious golden brown yarn???? Inquiring minds want, no, NEED to know!

  88. One picture tell me that you know champagne makes everything better after a long bike ride and a computer upgrade. Another picture tells me your new knitting project is beautiful. The list tells me I don’t quite understand your secret code.

  89. OK, put the linkies to the Ride folks on your team again. You KNOW how lazy we are about finding those things in your entries.

  90. hehe I think I’ll stick to WordPress for the foreseeable future. I am not a computer geek either. I take it you’re now on training hiatus because the rally is just a few days away? 🙂

  91. I know your frustration. Every time WordPress updates (automatically) I freak out. It isn’t a big thing but I am a luddite for the most part.
    Your pictures say: Packing, Bubbly with friends, and a new pretty W.I.P.

  92. It looks like you celebrated some kind of bike ride (hopefully you weren’t doing any biking after drinking!), had some kind of crazy to-do list that makes no sense to me at all, and finished up the day with some beautiful knitting.

  93. I had to laugh out loud reading your blog regarding upgrades. Gmail has again tried to make it better for us and guess what- its worse. This is the second time recently they have “upgraded” their email and really screwed it up for those of us who are technically challenged.

  94. Nice cursive handwriting on the note? The knitting is lovely, of course!

  95. Seems like vacuuming the living room should be at the very bottom of the list… but, hey… I could be wrong.

  96. Never forget to drink coffee. One lady showed up to walk this week only to find out we had to wait half an hour. We walked a shorter time than normal because she hadn’t had coffee. It was an emergency.

  97. I try to think better of upgrades, because I work with so many people for whom change is just inherently bad. I don’t need to add to anyone else’s load in that process. Of course, I might think differently if I was upgrading my own blog.

  98. your list has really nice cool handwriting. its readable and pretty, I find this amazing.

  99. You have beautiful handwriting! Do Canadians teach handwriting in school, or is that a prop, like all the perfectly scripted notes that you see in old movies?

  100. Thank you! I knew I was not the only one who hates and does not do upgrades. Now I can tell those computer geek friends “Hey, I’m a knitter. It’s in my DNA to not upgrade.”
    As for keeping things that are old around, I found a 1940’s dial phone at my parents house. This is the really heavy kind. AND IT STILL WORKS!!!! When we first plugged it in, it wouldn’t ring, but with some tinkering and rewiring on my part, it now rings very loud. I love it!!! Oh, I did have to teach my 16 year old son how to dial a phone (He didn’t know he had to dial all the way to the hook before he let go).

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