The Knit Signal

This morning, at approximately 9:56 am, an email was received by this reporter from Ron Miskin. Although this informant is involved with The Buffalo Wool Co, this email didn’t concern bison in the slightest, which was odd and slightly disappointing, but he’s a nice man, so I read on.  Ron was writing to relate a tragic story, and pleading (Ok fine,  he was just asking) me to consider making public a sock crisis out of Oklahoma.

Approximately 21 hours ago, a very nice knitter named Britt was travelling through Oklahoma City airport when she spotted a single hand knit, self striping sock on the floor. Recognising its worth instantly, Britt retrieved the sock and somehow managed to convince the airport to make an announcement.  As we can all imagine, trying to explain why this sock was worth more than a regular sock would have been accomplished at great risk to Britt’s reputation, and she has my profound respect for pressing on though what must have been a period of time in which she was regarded as absolutely nuttier than a home made granola bar.

reinactment 2014-07-23

(This photo is from a dramatic reenactment of the airport sock crisis. This is not the actual sock, and that’s my kitchen floor, rather than an airport. The real sock is probably different. This is just one that I had handy and any resemblance to any really lost sock is purely coincidental.)

Unfortunately for the knitter who’s dropped the sock, nobody responded to the announcement, and Britt (again, at great peril to her reputation) somehow convinced the airport that a single sock was an object of great value, and must go into the lost and found. (I will pause here to allow you once again, to imagine this conversation and feel respect for Britt grow in your heart.

This single completed sock now resides in the lost and found box at the Oklahoma City airport, alone, unloved and likely, deeply misunderstood. Somewhere, a knitter is opening his or her knitting bag, pulling out the nearly completed second sock, and is staring, shocked into the empty knitting bag, and thinking “Are you *&^!ing kidding me?” while wondering where in their travels the sock was lost to them.  Our task? To reach that knitter, and tell them to take heart. Their sock has been found, and it is waiting for them, because out of the thousands of people who wandered through the Oklahoma City airport that day, their sock was lucky enough to encounter someone who knew what it was, knew what it would mean to lose it, and rescued it. Cheers Britt. You’re a good egg.

In case that sock is your sock,  the link to Britt’s original Ravelry post is here.

263 thoughts on “The Knit Signal

  1. Just tweeted this to a whole passel of romance writers who could have been traveling through there at that time en route to the Romance Writers of America National Conference. There’s a loooooot of knitters in that crowd. Fingers crossed!

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      • Appealing or appalling? Spell check at it again? I’m trying to think of the characteristics which would make a floor appealing, although being clean probably would do it.

  3. What a wonderful knitter to make sure this got into the lost and found, and thank you too, Stephanie, for posting about it.

    I’ve thrown this post up on my Facebook page, and linked the Ravelry post too. Hopefully the message will make it through to the knitter who lost the sock.

  4. Wow! I think I am actually working on Sock #2 with that yarn. And even though I haven’t been near Oklahoma in nearly 4 decades, I still checked my knitting bag to be sure #1 was present. Blessings on Britt and on you for your efforts.

  5. Well, as someone who occasionally has terrible fits of Second-Sockitis, I would say it’s almost worth buying a ball of some nice yarn, almost completing a sock, and then travelling all the way from London to Oklahoma to claim a completed sock (on the off chance that it matches) and avoid having to knit two. Almost ….

    I hope the sock is soon reunited with its knitter.

    • I don’t have SSS myself, but your description makes me want to pack my bag and go. I mean, I love the idea. Go, rescue a lost sock, and only have to knit one to make a pair? Seriously? Plus you get a trip to Oklahoma!

      OK, so I don’t actually know of any reason to go to Oklahoma. If there is one, educate me, an ignorant east-coast-of-Canada-girl, and I’ll buy a ticket.

  6. This reminds me of the time I found a lone banana on the hallway floor at my office building. I made “Found” posters of said banana with my phone number and posted them around the building as a joke. I got a phone call a few hours later. I answered.

    (Totally serious tone) “Yes, I’m calling in reference to the lost banana. I think it might be mine.”

    I almost died laughing, but am very glad I didn’t, as it was my boss’ husband on the other end. The humor of the whole thing was completely lost on him, but he was indeed happy to have his banana back.

  7. Talk about karmic balance; kudos to everyone for caring and sharing the saga of the sock. Makes me wonder – 1) did you ever consider checking the lost and founds during your travels for the lovely Birch (probably) and 2) perhaps the misguided soul who thought it needed adoption wil repent and let it find it’s way home – no questions asked?

  8. I am deeply sympathetic! On July 4 I lost my knitting bag with a nearly completed pair of socks, and put up “lost” posters. Happily the socks and my knitting bag were returned to me in a week!

  9. Aw, man. It would be so wonderful if it makes it’s way home. I’m missing one myself. Pretty sure it went astray in Logan Airport, Boston. I just can’t bring myself to unravel the other 3/4 finished one though. Hope springs eternal I guess.

  10. I’m in Ohio and I don’t know who b the sock belongs to,but, if you find a mostly knit baby blanket, it’s mine! It seems to have lost itself somewhere.

  11. I hope the knitting world finds the knitter before the sock disappears into the depths. Am spreading the word where I can and linked to this article from another Tweet on the topic.

  12. Just this morning I thought I had lost the first sock and of course could not knit any more until I found it. Fortunately I did find it quickly. The knitter who lost that sock in the airport is now suffering the agonies I was able to cut short. I feel for her (or him) very much.

    May the knitting goddess reward the efforts of Britt, Ron, and Steph and reunite the sock with its grieving owner!

  13. I regret deeply that posting this on my Facebook page would bear no fruit, owing to the fact that very few people I know go anywhere near Oklahoma, ever; and almost no one else on my friends list is a knitter. OK, so I need to get out more, and further afield. Nevertheless, warm wishes for Lost Sock and Knitter to be reunited in a timely manner are being projected out into the universe from this location.

    And your human-detector tells me to click on the airplane! It must be a good omen!

  14. I’m going to put a link up on my FB page just in case I’m a friend of a friend of a friend of the lost sock’s owner. 6 Degrees of sock-separation???

  15. From experience Vancouver,B.C. airport only keeps lost and found for 24 hours then off to Goodwill box. Maybe the sock should be held somewhere else till claimed. It took me longer than 24 hrs to discover my loss and call lost and found and then it was too late.

    • Can someone in the OKC airport area go get the sock and keep it in trust for the rightful owner?
      Let’s start a Save the Sock campaign!

    • If you click on the link Stephanie provided to the Rav group you’ll see a knitter thought of just that – unfortunately the airport can’t locate said sock… yet. 🙁

  16. Well done Britt! The other option is that this is a sock that someone received as a gift and somehow dropped. A knit-worthy recipient will be mourning its loss and be looking for it. If not, then Britt should be able to claim the sock as her own!

  17. Let’s hope that this knitter is reunited with her sock soon!

    Hurray for Britt! Good karma is yours for your effort.

  18. Hope the knitter and sock reconnect! Keep us posted! BTW, I have some socks that match your sock-on-the-floor. Just love that self-patterning yarn!

  19. Oooooooh, my! I hope sock and sock knitter are soon reunited. Poor abandoned sock! Poor abandoned knitter! Good idea on tweeting, Kris. I don’t have a ton of followers and who knows how many of them are knitters, but I’ll throw it to the cosmos on Twitter.

  20. Actually, it’s quite funny that you are putting up the ‘Knit Signal’, because today is Batman Day! Celebrating 75 years of the caped crusader. Holy coincidences, Batman!

  21. Knowing how long it takes me to make a sock, the reward would be a minimum $25 Starbucks card, maybe $50.

    Hope this wayward sock finds its way home…

  22. I live in Oklahoma City and would be happy to mail the lost sock to it’s owner if the owner can be found! Just let me know!!

  23. Post 33, Yarnbuzz, aka Mary has taken up the cause of the knitters and is trying to track down the sock, she called and talked to security at the airport!

  24. I’m hoping that Brit gets some wonderful karma in the way of fiber. Just taking the time has earned her all kinds of points in my book!

  25. I once left a quarter-knitted angora sweater in a classroom at UT Austin. It was gone when I got back. I was hysterical as I went to the department’s offices and asked if anyone had found it. I know my face was deep red with my upset. It was clear no one in the office had ever touched a knitting needle. Great job, Britta! We hope all is well with the sock. And going up on my FB page right now.

  26. A big Canadian hug to Britt! I’d have done the same thing. I truly hope that sock finds its knitter, and soon. I know I’d be very upset to have lost such a treasure! Safe home, little sock!

  27. As a knitter and a recent airplane traveler, this story struck a chord. I laughed and cried within a matter of minutes. I do hope that the sock finds it mate.

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  29. I award Britt the Order of the Yarn and Needle for outstanding service to a fellow knitter at the risk of reputation and possibly missing her own travel connections. Is this the time to suggest Ravelry start a Lost and Found?

  30. This is awesome, and it totally made my day! Only a fellow knitter could understand the severity of this situation!!!
    Good luck, Britt! I’m dying to know how this turns out!

  31. I love knitters!!! Let us know if the reunion occurs…..I’m fingercrossing. I still have hopes that your shawl will make its way back to you…

  32. I sure hope that sock finds it’s way back to its owner! What a wonderful person Britt is! I hope we all get to see a happy ending. I will share this story too.

  33. I am 100% convinced that you will be posting a follow up to this story very soon… Distraught knitter re-united with sock via the kindness of strangers and the wonder that is the internet! 😀

  34. Oh, I so feel the pain. I once lost a half finished shawl (just done with the boring part, about to start the fun edging) in transit from New Jersey to Los Angeles. I still cry about it.

  35. Hope the lone sock finds its mate, and its maker. Also, about your cat attacking your feet: one of ours went insane whenever someone used BenGay. I’m serious. She’d open her mouth as wide as she could, and start lunging at the unfortunate human. We called it “pirahna-ing”. And she would also bite, if we weren’t quick enough.

  36. I love the rabbit holes that these conversations go down! Actually, I find Steph’s kitchen floor very appealing!
    Going to Chicago tomorrow via Train….I’ll make sure to pin my finished sock to my knitting bag and still I’ll check it a dozen times between here and there to make sure I haven’t lost it.
    This post made my day!

  37. I hope that sock & knitter are reunited. I was karma that I checked my Facebook and then here – as I have to share a post from a Sock Knitting group I belong to. Names have been withheld for the sanity of the knitter, and the safety of the LYS owner…
    “Contacted the LYS to see about Sock classes. They said “due to the difficulty levels, we do not allow anyone to start a class with socks. You must take the washcloth, scarf & mitten class first.” I explained that I have already done washcloths, scarves, hats & sweaters and baby jumpers, that I just needed some one on one or a little in person guidance on socks, specifically the gussets, adapting patterns and stuff like that. Was told that the shop was not for me and not to bother coming in. How’s that? No other shop in a 50 mile radius. Guess it’s Youtube and asking questions here (Facebook group) and feeling like I will never get it.
    Unbelievable – so upon reading this I just had to share this with you – Sock Knitter Extraordinaire, Teacher & Champion of the Oppressed Knitter. If this shop was local to us, I would suggest a ‘Sock Knitting Workshop/Sit In on this person’s doorstep – what do you think?
    Sorry to ramble on so, but sometimes Knitting Injustices need to be shared with the world, or at least our Wooly corner of it. I had thought of calling the UN, until I realised that it didn’t stand for “United kNitters.

    • That is just wrong on so many levels!!!! Kinda sounds like my LYS, only one within 150 miles. Sorry you were treated so poorly, Ally! 🙁

    • Ally,
      I knit my first pair of socks without a class. I don’t knit everyday. I have finished scarves and washclothes, but no baby clothes. One of the YouTube video’s I watched used a baby sock as the example. That is a much quicker knit than an adult sock. There are load’s of links so give it a try.

      I did purchase Cat Bordhi’s book ‘Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles’ and used some nice Knit Pick’s yarn to knit my 2nd pair of socks with the plain sock from the Socks Soar book. First pair was a Tube sock using worsted weight from a free internet pattern. They make great slippers (its a gauge thing, they are a little loose for shoes).

      Just do some searches and some reading. There are quite a few nice How-Tos out there on the web. If you have access to a public library, that can be a good source also. Browse through your local book store. Sometimes the right book just jumps into your hands and will not leave 🙂

      M in NC

  38. As someone who once lost her knitting while on vacation, I know exactly the casual panic that knitter is feeling. I was lucky enough to have my knitting found and returned to me, so I really, really hope this story has a happy ending!

    Britt, you are a star!

  39. I lost one of my own socks once. I kept the remaining half-pair as a sizing-sock. (‘This is how big it should be.’)

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  42. Fingers crossed for a speedy reunion of sock and knitter.
    Second sockitis BE Gone….knit first sock until after all heel shaping, then make second sock…. first sock will be quick finish : )

  43. This wonderful sock story brings to mind that we need an IPLPR (International Protocol for Lost Project Reunification.) Should we trust a found project to indifferent hands, in an unsafe location or take it with us and post notices in special places on Ravelry or social media and hope? Perhaps Ravelry needs a group called “Reunite” for people ISOLPs (those In Search of Lost Projects) and FLPs (those who have Found Lost Projects) to get together. My friend lost a nearly finished stole in a car rental drop off in Peru last year–about $200 worth of yarn and more than that in lovingly creating each stitch. The dear person who rescued the sock may be thanked for bringing to our attention the need for an IPLPR. Hey, I am serious 🙂

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  45. i’m thinking, after reading of many lost works in progress, that it would not be a terrible idea to put one of those self-adhesive labels on the cast on edge and on knitting bags.

  46. As a knitter who travels a LOT, my knees turned to jelly when I read this. Britt, you are a shining star, and may the sock soon be reunited with its maker!

  47. Now that so many knitters have taken up the cause, I’m half expecting the airport to start tweeting about wacky knitters and their sock crusade. I hope it all works out.

    I just interrogated my half-asleep husband to ensure he understands the protocol should he ever find himself in a situation similar to Britt’s!

  48. Several years ago, when flying to Anchorage, I forgot all my knitting in the pocket of AlaskaAir. On the runway leaving the plane, I realized my mistake, and went back to the plane. They wouldn’t let me go back in, because the “cleaners” were in there, and they told me they couldn’t go back and get my knitting, that I would have to go to lost and found to get it in “a couple of hours.” Of course, I didn’t hang out there for a couple of hours, but when I went home, I did go to lost and found, and you guessed it….it wasn’t there. Sososososo sad….
    But good part of the story? I went to the local yarn shop to get a set of double-pointed size 1’s, and she didn’t have them. She said ,”why don’t you do magic loop?” I had never done magic loop, so she sat me down and taught me, and over a hundred pairs of socks later, I’ve never picked up double pointed needles to make socks again! Karma…

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  50. OMG, I laughed so hard I actually cried a bit when I saw the re-enactment photo!

    First time on your blog and this is what I find:-)

    I will share this as best I can in the hopes that the poor knittter and the sock are eventually reunited…..

  51. I think it belongs to a knitter’s husband. I would suspect mine but he hasn’t been near Oklahoma. He is a little bit careless with things that have been knitted with love and he can’t be the only one…

  52. I wish someone had done the same when a package being sent to me ripped open in the mail, and one of a pair of bright pink socks fell out…. you’d think that a bright pink sock would be easy to spot, but no amount of contacting lost & found services turned up that sock. 🙁

    I recently discovered something very unsettling to me… did you know that “diz” isn’t in the scrabble dictionary? In fact, it appears to be missing from most dictionaries! I’m wondering if this calls for rallying the troops?

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