I started out thinking that this Wednesday wasn’t going to be anything special. As a matter of fact, it started with the Dentist (not my best scene) so I didn’t have high hopes.  It turns out though, that at just about the moment last night that I put down the blanket and turned to Joe to say “I’m pretty sure I can finish this tomorrow” my sister-in-law Robyn went into labour, and today we’ve got a lovely new nephew.  Details to follow, but he’s healthy, and lovely, and his mum is just fine, and they’re tucked up in their bed at home. (That’s where he was born. Quite nice.) Since I have neither a nephew or a blanket to show you, can I distract you (with my thanks, for showing Cameron a little love yesterday) a few Karmic Balancing gifts? I don’t have time for many, I’ve got a Rally meeting to go to, and an comrade in Australia to work that out with (when he wakes up) but here’s a start!

(PS, a few of you have asked for the links for Team Knit again, so here they are.  It’s me, Ken, Pato, Jen and Cameron, and we’re all hoping to meet our goals this year. Jen and I have a ways to go yet.)

From Kate, who’s obviously generous and has great taste, two lovely gifts.  First, a skein of MadTosh DK Twist in Bottle Green, for Maggie K,

madtoshdktwist 2017-07-05

and a beautiful MicMar Gradient (they’re Guilty Treasures now) for Catherine H.

micmargradient 2017-07-05

Mary, from Mary Rose Designs has a nice gift, any pattern from her store that Jennifer C so desires (except for the Hugs and Stardust hats and cowls, because Mary is so nice that those are already designated for another Fundraiser… check it out.)

maryroseshawl 2017-07-05

Melissa from Prairie Dye Studio has such a charming gift for Monique G.

prairiedyestudio 2017-07-05

A Sock sized Craft Fox Wedge Project Bag, a skein of Elk Lake on Anna’s Sock (80/20 Merino Nylon), a Mookaite Snagless Stitch Marker Set, a couple Progress Keepers (1 hook, 1 Locking) and a couple Knitty Button Pins.  (I’ve added links to all that, you should see the Canadian themed bags. Go on. Click.)

Darlene has two skeins of Louet KidLin in the glowing lovely Allspice colourway. Each skein is 50 grams with 250 yards so that is 500 yards of lovely kid mohair (let’s call it what it is, knitter’s crack!?) and linen goodness. (Darlene wrote that, but she’s not wrong.)  We both hope that Karen M likes it as much as we both do.
kidlin 2017-07-05
Marin has such a lovely gift for five lucky spinners in the crowd, Louise H, Leah R, Jenny R, Deike P and Lily N are all going to get a brick of Grade A1 White Mulberry Silk. (About 123g each.) So, so nice to spin.
 silkbrick 2017-07-05
That’s ten gifts, but there’s so much more in my inbox – we’re going to have to have a Karmic Balancing Party every day, I think.
See you tomorrow everyone, and smile – there’s a new baby in the world, and my nephew collection is expanded!  (I gotta finish that blanket.)


31 thoughts on “Turnabout

  1. Thanks to both you and Darlene. I shall put the Louet KidLin to great use (and crack is probably a good way to describe it!) . And Congrats on the new nephew and the almost finished blanket. Thanks again,

    Karen M

    • Knitting crack – what a perfect description of something so addictive – stunningly beautiful yarns……the best kind of addiction….. congrats on the baby, the bike rally, the karma gifts and all…..some beauty in the world. Aussie hugs to all

  2. So happy to hear about a new nephew! I can’t wait to see the finished blankey and the fresh from the oven bambino.

  3. Congrats to all on the new li’l guy! Steph, you’re just going to have to learn how to knit while riding a bike — you’ve now got TWO babies to wrap in wooly goodness and winter is coming! (No, you can’t just wrap the stash around them…!)

  4. Uh-oh, two boys about the same age in one family? Good times ahead! Congratulations, nephew, auntie and uncle, and mom and dad!

  5. Congratulations to the new mum and dad, you and all your family! As my step-mother-in-law always says, yay for babies!!

  6. Babies are so lovely! And knitting for them can be the perfect mix of instant gratification (because their sweaters and booties are so tiny) and justification (they totally do need another sweater, they grew again).

  7. I can’t believe he beat the Harlot! This kid is gonna be a track star or something, he’s a quick one to beat you. Congrats on the wonderful addition to your family, and good luck with his blanket.

  8. Congratulations to your newest nephew, and his family. As for the blanket, it’s been a wee bit too hot in Toronto to need it yet, so you are more than good.

  9. Many thanks, Stephanie. It was my pleasure to help support you and the rally. The MicMar gradient was an added bonus and thanks to Kate it is sitting on my desk.
    Congratulations on the newest nephew.

  10. Just finished the Harlot Binge, going backwards through time to the beginning of the blog. You are perfect. Now need to read all the books.

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