March 13, 2004

To resist would be ...

I am a determined knitter, and I really want to finish the clogs so that my existence on this planet may be rich and full again, instead of continuing to live only in the the wasteland of knitting borg clogs. When I got the urge to start the snowdrop shawl yesterday I looked the other way. I knitted hard on the clogs, and I refused to acknowledge the laceweight calling to me from the cupboard. I've been through this before, so I slammed the cupboard shut and hardened my heart. I tell myself that it's not worth it, that getting distracted by another project is only going to prolong the agony of the clogs. That when I finish the clogs I can throw myself into the shawl pattern without reservation. I will be one with the shawl and nothing will keep us from each other. Knit the clogs if you want the shawl. By evening, the snow had begun to fall again, and I couldn't keep my mind from the snowdrops in the garden. I decided to compromise. I wouldn't knit the snowdrop shawl, I would just begin to chart it.


Oh dear, what's that bit of knitting by the chart? That's not a shawl is it? No way man, it's a A really big swatch, that just happens to be sort of shawl shaped. I'm not experienced at charting. I wasn't knitting the shawl, I was er...checking my chart. That's just good sense. The swatch looks pretty good eh?


I believe that I may continue checking the chart today, I need to make sure that nothing bad happens when you incorporate more snowdrops. Might not work. No way to tell for sure. Just checking the chart. It would be irresponsible not to, what kind of person do you think I am? Some kind of slacker? Not me, I'm dedicated. It's practically essential for me to keep checking the chart. I'm pretty thorough that way.

Posted by Stephanie at March 13, 2004 11:24 AM