March 15, 2004

March break

Day one.

Despite how it ended last year. Even though I have collected a reasonable amount of proof that March Break is some kind of hazing ritual where children try to "break" their mothers. Even though, when you really think about it, don't you think that sending the children home for a week in the winter when you can't even really play outside, must be some sort of tactic designed by the schools to keep parents grateful? Even though there is all that, I've decided that this year is going to be different. We are going to go to the museum, and to the movies, tidy the basement and work on little knitting projects. I'm not going to lose my cool this year. Just because it's me and the girls for a week straight.. 24 hours a day...with no break from each no reason to think that it's going to go badly. A good attitude is half the battle. This year we are going to have a lovely time together.

I continued checking the swatch, and so far, my chart is error free.


I'm going to keep going, just because I really want to make sure that the edging is ok too. Speaking of an edging, what say you all? Does it need one? What kind? Pointy, rounded , diagonal....ideas? I'm thinking that it should have a really deep edging, but I can be talked out of it. Since I am obsessed with "Wedding ring" shawls, I cannot knit a shawl without checking. So far the shawl swatch passes through my wedding ring, or what passes for one in the godless heathen union that Joe and I have.


I'm thinking that even though it goes through now...once I get the edging on it likely won't go through my ring anymore. I'm wondering (in my obsessive little way) if I'm being hampered by my tiny ring size. "Passes through a wedding ring", well, I ask you...who's ring? Joe's ring is twice the size of mine. Does it have to be the knitters ring? Can I pick some enormous handed person I see walking down the street? What exactly are the rules here?

Posted by Stephanie at March 15, 2004 10:48 AM