April 6, 2004

There's got to be a better way.

This morning I was agonizing. I kept thinking "I really need to go to the yarn store, but if I go to the yarn store, then the blog will be late. Should I stay here and blog, or should I go to the yarn shop?" Halfway through my second cup of coffee the caffeine hit a high enough level in my bloodstream and I realized what the hell I was saying and put on my coat. ("Should I go to the yarn store"......who did I think I was for a minute there?)

I got a little sock yarn,


and another shawl kit in green. (Don't start with me. The yarn is discontinued. That means there will be no more. Ever. In the world. Do you understand me? I need to make sure I have enough. No, I don't know how much "enough" is, but apparently I'm not there yet.)

New business.

I've started a new cardigan.


This one's a kids size, and I'm rather ashamed to tell you that I can't name the yarn. For reasons known only to my former self (or whoever keeps breaking into my house and messing with the stash) this yarn was carefully stored in large ziplocks in my "primary stash zone" with the ball bands removed (No....let me just answer here, I don't know why I would remove the ball bands. Your guess is as good as mine), but I did carefully write cotton/acrylic on the bag. There are several possible explanations for this.

- the yarn is cotton. Some other yarn in the bag was acrylic

-the yarn is acrylic. Some other yarn in the bag was cotton.

-the yarn is a cotton/acrylic blend (frankly, this is the one I'm leaning toward. The yarn just feels like a cotton/acrylic blend. Of course, I don't remember buying a yarn that was a cotton/acrylic blend, but that doesn't mean much. I think I have a yarn buying trance state that I enter in situations with extreme yarn conditions. I don't remember buying half of the stash. I don't let it bother me.)

- the yarn is neither cotton, acrylic or a blend, but is instead some yarn of a completely unrelated fibre content that got jammed into a leftover ziplock that I didn't notice had writing on it while I was trying to be a better person who keeps an orderly stash. Naturally, since I am me, all attempts to organize my life or have a labelled stash and things in an orderly fashion are doomed to result in chaos, confusion and the absolute opposite effect that I was aiming for. In fact, instead of being a knitter who has this stash of power that makes total sense and is accessible and inspiring it would turn out that I am actually a knitter who inexplicably removes the ball bands from yarn and jams them into an enormous stash of other yarn that is remarkably similar, none of which I remember buying.

I have to admit that this last one is pretty likely too. It's nice yarn though. Tomorrow, we discuss "button bands - vital and underestimated or a stupid idea that Stephanie should adapt out of the cardigan pattern." Extra points if you can guess which way I'm leaning.

Posted by Stephanie at April 6, 2004 1:07 PM