April 21, 2004

This blog is starting to pay off.

Not that I ever expected that when I write "send chocolate" (meaning of course the metaphoric chocolate that can be sent with good wishes via the comments) that some incredibly generous soul would haul themselves out to the chocolate shop, stand in line (right before Easter ) score some very good chocolate, scurry to the post office and mail it to Canada.


Many, many thanks to Alison, who definitely won today's "Stephanie's favourite person" Award. I'm going to use the chocolate as comfort/crutch to get me through todays Entrelac issues.

I'm starting to understand why so many of you (I wasn't going to name names but ...Alison, Kat and Sylvia, I'm looking right at you) were looking for a guinea pig for these socks.

I, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, do solemnly swear that I have, for the first time in my whole life, had my arse kicked by a pattern. Last night I took the socks with me to spinning class, and I ...(oh I never thought it would come to this) I...asked for help.
Dianne bailed me out and made helpful suggestions. Like, say...maybe from now on I might want to knit the rectangles some sort of consistent size?

My paternal grandmother is dead, and has been for quite some time. Now, this is significant today because if she were not dead...I would be calling her and letting her know about something she was wrong about. She was a professional knitter, and taught me when I was 4. When I was 6, I spent an afternoon in the back of her garden with my needles, Patons yarn, and what I thought was a darned good idea. It occurred to me that I could save myself all kinds of time while knitting if I didn't have to turn my work at the end of each row. I sat there for hours, working out my little plan. When I had it completely figured, I traipsed up to the house, found my Nana and showed her my incredible invention, destined to revolutionize knitting as we know it, Backwards Knitting. (You can see from this link that in the intervening 29 years this has apparently occurred to someone else as well)

My Nana (who was really not your "milk and cookies" kind of grandmother, if you catch my meaning) , trashed me. This was a dumb idea. This was "not how it was done". This was "silly". I pointed out that I could just be the first brilliant person to think of it. My Nana countered with the argument that if it was such a good idea...then how come somebody didn't think of it before me...(a mere child) and furthermore...how come everybody wasn't doing it? Properly chastised, I returned to conventional frontwards knitting, and it wasn't until last night when I was working on these entrelac socks with the little five stitch squares that I thought about this.

If I could call my Nana, I would say three things.
-Entrelac. Ever hear of it? Practically impossible without backwards knitting.
-If you hadn't stunted my thrilling growth as a knitter, do you have any idea how good I would be at backwards knitting by now?
-I never liked Coronation Street. I was faking.

If anybody has any sort of link to the spiritworld, would you let her know? I'm off to knit backwards, have chocolate for lunch and curse entrelac.

Posted by Stephanie at April 21, 2004 11:46 AM