May 27, 2004

I'm not worthy

My mail is giving me whiplash. The letter carrier has been to my door several times in the last few days, and what he brings is swinging wildly from soul crushing and frightening work contracts, and fabulous presents from afar!

Yesterday morning this arrived, from the lovely (how could she not be?) and generous Cynthia. (Uh...Claudia? Look's more blue)


Cynthia says that she sent the yarn to avoid having the yarn continue to look "accusingly" at her. As much as she claims that mailing the yarn was self-motivated, I know that anytime you mail off yarn it hurts. (That's not just me, right?) Even if you don't like the yarn, even if the yarn and you are through with each other, even if the yarn and you have reached an amicable divorce agreement, and you have forgiven it for not being all that it promised....It's still hard to let go. Very generous Cynthia. (Look to the postman)
This yarn is Meg's favourite in the world, (you will remember that a scarf knit of this generated the "wool-pig" comment) I wonder what cosmic effect a sweater would have? (Joe's request that less foul language is used when knitting the snowflake this time is duly noted)

Then, this morning a very scary work thing came and while I was sitting there, holding the papers, thinking "Here's another nice mess you've gotten us into", and wondering, many hours do I think there are in a day? When the postman came and gave me THIS.


All hail the goddess Beth. Seriously, look at this stuff. I wish you could feel it, it is moments like this where the internet is woefully inadequate.


There is Honey Mohair (the honey coloured one), a wool/silk/angora blend (grey//blue bottom right) Something very soft and brown/camel coloured (Hey Beth? What is that?) and the pièce de résistance a very soft, very beautiful pale grey that comes (I think) from Beth's own sheep, fine white blended with grey and alpaca. The sheep have names like Autumn, Grace, Faith and Onyx, and they make me want to trash my stupid urban life and go...have sheep and do....well I don't know what Beth does with her time, but the way I see it, if you get wool like this at the end of it, I'm in.
Thanks so much Beth!

Now, I'm off to the grocery store to buy coffee. For the first time in about 15 years I have somehow allowed myself to run out. ( I can't tell you what a bad sign this is. It either means that I am drinking way too much coffee, so much, in fact that it has thrown off a "shopping for coffee" pattern that has worked for me for over a decade, OR I have so much work to do that I have forgotten to buy coffee. Either way, it's a sign that the end is near for me.)
I am temporarily "making do" with espresso, but since it only took me 37 seconds to type this entry I may be hitting overload with that strategy.

Posted by Stephanie at May 27, 2004 12:02 PM