May 28, 2004

It's cold and rainy here

It's cold and rainy here again, and I'm starting to feel like some kind of an idiot for knitting all these tank tops. Really, if you figure it from May 24th and count until school goes back at Labour day, we here in Toronto really only have about 16 weekends to sit on a patio having a pint with our knitting. (Ok, so I've only ever seen me or Ken sitting on a patio knitting in the sunshine with a pint, but we're trend setters) Things are not looking good. Given the forecast, there are only 14 chances left. Is Toronto being punished for something? Have we somehow angered the planet? What happened to Global Warming? (Am I the only one who has thought that they were going to have a hard time convincing Canadians that global warming is a bad thing?) I'm going to go buy something aerosol. I swear it. Global warming my arse.

The pointless tank knitting continues apace. The back of the Freudian slip tank being mere rows from completion.


and I finished the first bastardized Dublin Bay sock. What do you think Ryan?


Now I'm off, heading downtown to meet Laurie of the comments, who is visiting Toronto. We are going to lunch, then a little bit of a yarn shop crawl, going definitely to the wonder that is Romni wool, and possibly to the charm that is Lettuce Knit, in the market. I'm going to go now and get Laurie's present ready. See? Presents. A 6000 square foot yarn store, lunch and presents. Why wouldn't you come?

Posted by Stephanie at May 28, 2004 10:22 AM