November 24, 2005

TUFT Report. Day One.

Did I tell you about this? That there's a Fibre Festival here in Toronto? I mean, Maryland has Maryland Sheep & Wool, New York has Rhinebeck and Toronto


Juno in my living room, attending the gala reception for TUFT. (Toronto Underground Fibre Talkathon) You can tell it's a reception because there is wine.

I got her from the airport last night, and despite my prolonged and incredibly malignant relationship with Pearson International Airport, I managed to pick her up exactly when I said I would, in exactly the manner I had predicted and then...for the first time ever in my whole life...I took the right exit out of the airport and drove straight home.

(This never happens. For those of you close to the airport I will pass on what I have learned so that you may know the joy I felt last night as I drove out of the airport. (Straight out. It was incredible.) I live in the West End. I take Scarlett Road straight north to the airport, then when I want to leave the airport, I try to follow the signs to get back to Scarlett Road and there are none. None. I drive around and around looking for the signs (and fuming with electric rage because when I ask people how they do this, they always tell me to follow the signs, which is a lie, because...and I stress this. There are no signs for Scarlett road. (I am further infuriated by the way that I can't even seem to end up on the same highway. When I can't find Scarlett Road, what happens next is a complete crapshoot. 401? 427? Airport Road? 409? It's like I have to take whatever the airport gives me and just (*&^%$ing cope with it.) Yesterday however, the airport mojo couldn't stick to me and I drove right out. I did the opposite of whatever I usually do and whammo, I was back on Scarlett Road, looking clever to Juno and not using and filthy language at all. It turns out however, that there are no signs for Scarlett Road by the airport because Scarlett Road becomes Dixon Road at some mysterious point on the way there. To get to Scarlett Road (for which there are no signs) take Dixon Road (for which there is ample instruction.) Naturally, you may all mock me in the manner in which you have become accustomed because I am the last person in Toronto to know this.)

Since her arrival we have had the gala reception, the vendor's introduction (that would be the stitch'n bitch) and the transportation orientation (streetcar) and the first debate of the talk-a-thon:

Session 1A. Ball Winder vs Nostepinne.
Score: Stephanie 2 -one point given for speed, one point for being able to stack her yarn cakes.
Juno 1 - but she won anyway because she played the "spirtual fulfillment" card. You can't compete with that.

More details of TUFT day one are available at the satellite site.

Today's agenda:
7:30-8:40 I get the girls up and gone while Juno laughs and thinks fond thoughts about birth control and her relationship to it.
8:40 - 9:30. Drink coffee, photograph cashmere in the snow (Juno can buy cashmere faster than any other woman alive.)

9:40-10:55- Joint blogging- decision of agenda. Consideration of bathroom rotation and scheduling.
Rest of day....well. We don't know. Something involving Bloor West Village, session 2A (My stash and how much of it she can't take home) and 2B (Is chocolate a vegetable...discussion and tasting) and 2C (Drumcarder use and why Juno should buy one) pastry and yarn. Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.
Evening: The open event of TUFT. Please join us at:


It's going to be a blast.

Posted by Stephanie at November 24, 2005 10:52 AM