November 25, 2005

She's learning eh?

Yesterday Norma pointed out that the TUFT agenda was missing a few important classes. Namely the "learning how to sit on the chesterfield class" or the "knitting whilst playing broomball" class, and I thought about it....and Norma is right. What with most Canadians knowing a great deal about American culture, and most Americans needing a little education about ours..I realized that I had a responsibility to teach Juno the ways of our people while she is here. To that end Canadians will be relieved to know that I have undertaken the following, and begun the process:

1. We have introduced her to the milk of our people, which, while we drink 1% and not "homo",


was still nothing she had ever seen the likes of before.
(Bonus question: snip both sides or only one? Discuss.)

2. We took her out into the weather of our people...


which was mercurial, vicious and then lovely, and then brutal and very Canadian all day long.

3. At lunch in the village I purchased for her the dessert of our people. She said it was "good". She may have been lying, I can't tell.

The day rolled on (I took her to the famous old Runnymede Theatre, now a bookstore) we bought Canadian cheese at the market, we ate it with pears and good bread...and then we went out into the night to the Knitlit 3 Launch. Many thanks to those of you who staggered into the snow to come. It was brutal weather.

Juno got to hang with local designer Fiona Ellis and Kelly before,


and after, well. After we had just the best time. The whole gang of friends and family trouped to a local spot after, and each and every person at the table knit.


Our waiter was so freaked out he couldn't hardly serve us. He'd try to take an order, see some more wool and just come unglued.
Here's commenter extraordinaire Rachel H. with her very first handspun. (A sacred artifact.)


A group shot, more fun in the weather of our people....


and we drifted home.


Today...nominations for the "yarn of our people" are being accepted and Rachel has procured "the donut of our people" (a Tim Horton's Maple Glazed.) Suggestions for other educational activities are welcome.

Posted by Stephanie at November 25, 2005 12:03 PM