November 30, 2006

My joy is green

Dudes, I could not be freakin happier. It is my pleasure to announce that as of 10:35am today, I am done the damn step outs for Knitty Gritty.


Step outs, for anybody who missed it the first time around, are a TV thing. (I just learned that. I had no idea what they were until I had to make some.) Since I will only have 30 minutes to show how to knit a sock (and that's impossible) through the magic of "step outs" I can show the whole thing. It's like a cooking show, you know, where Martha puts batter in the oven and pulls out the baked cake next to it? For Knitty Gritty, each place where you change technique or do something interesting has to have it's own "step out". Understandably, in order for this magic to work and the viewing audience to be sucked into our deceit, they all need to be the same yarn. (I actually think this would not have worn on me so if I was able to mix it up a bit.) Here's the steps.


1. Needles and Yarn for demonstrating cast on.
2. Ribbed cuff, ready to begin leg.
3. Leg done, ready for heel flap.
4. Heel flap done, ready for short rows.
5. Short rows done, ready for picking up gusset stitches.
6. Gusset stitches picked up, ready for gusset decreases.
7. Decreases done, ready to do foot.
8. Foot done, ready to decrease for the toe.
9. Toe done, ready to be grafted.
10 Finished sock.

Even though I have a few socks-a-day left to knit for this, they are not green. This has filled me with a glee I have previously reserved for successfully putting together IKEA furniture. I am knitter. Hear me roar.

Posted by Stephanie at November 30, 2006 11:35 AM