December 2, 2006


Dear New Socks,

I love you.
Your simple lack of green-ness and the decency with which you are not a step-out would be enough dear ones, but even without comparing you to other socks I have are a thing of wonder. Considering that I just slapped you together as another variation of my sock pattern to use on the show, I'm so glad we've found each other.


When I charted your fair isle on the graph paper I had a feeling that you would be something special. When I started knitting the graph after your ribbing....I was moved to see the sock you were growing into.


The variegated Fleece Artist against the black of your contrast is strong but balanced, delicate but geometric....short...but long enough. I loved these qualities in you enough to cast on immediately for your second sock. I know that when we go together to LA on Monday we will have a wonderful time. You're going to make someone on my Christmas list really, really happy.

Posted by Stephanie at December 2, 2006 10:44 AM