October 3, 2007

Theme of the week

Or maybe the theme for a little while, is "finishing".

I ordered some reward yarn from Webs, but it has not yet arrived, and after playing with the idea of a new sweater (or ten) the other day, I have now decided that until said reward yarn arrives, I shall finish things. I finished the bohus a long time ago, but it never properly got its photoshoot. This last trip to Seattle I met up with my bohus enabler and good friend, Susanna Hansson and she played photographer for me.


(Why we both have wet hair, I do not recall.)

I knit my Bohus in February, and it was an uplifting way to spend the dreariest part of the Canadian winter. My kit was "Guld" (which those of you with even the slightest translation instincts will guess is "gold") and it was a pleasure and then some to have the knitting equivalent of a golden sunrise on my needles every day. I loved everything about this sweater. I love how it looks,


I even love how it fits.



I did a pack of modifications to this sweater. I knit it in the round, once I got past the armholes and shaping. (Bohus are traditionally knit flat and sewn up.) I knit hems at the sleeves and waist to replace the traditional ribbing, which I sincerely feel is the least flattering idea ever had. I don't know about you, but the last thing I need is for someone to shape knitwear so that it clings tightly to my belly and arse.
Finally, I added waist shaping.


Since Bohus are knit top down and I was working in the round, it made it a very simple matter to put it on and add shaping on the fly. I love this sweater and I can't wait to get another one on the needles. Despite the small gauge (and I won't kid ya. The gauge is very small.) this sweater flew by.

This sweater also flew by, although considering the gauge that it's knit at...I'd be disappointed if it hadn't.
Finished: The Fleece Artist Garter Stitch Jacket. (I got mine here)


This fits like a dream, looks fantastic, came together quickly, is warm and pretty and done just in time for fall.
The leaves are turning here in Toronto, and I imagine myself wandering High Park in this.


It's hard to tell from the pictures, but it's got some subtle shaping achieved by changing needle sizes. I had my doubts, but it works. I've closed it with a pretty pin that Kathleen made me.


It matches perfectly. This sweater was a fun, easy knit, with one exception. The combination of mohair and mohair boucle means this knit only goes in one direction. I picked up and knit the first sleeve and felt I hadn't picked up enough stitches and the sleeve pulled in at the top. I picked up more on the second sleeve, liked that a lot better and attempted to pull back the first sleeve for a do over.


Nope. The knitting was essentially welded together. No way would the mohair come apart from itself. I ended up cutting off the sleeve, unpicking the leftover bits and trying again. Much success on the second go-round, and I'm lucky I had enough yarn. If I use these yarns again (and I think I will, I've got my eye on this one. Also this one. Actually, I may be on a bit of a Fleece Artist Jag right now.) then I would be sure and call it quits on a mistake as soon as I suspected it, instead of adopting a wait and see approach. As much as I don't mind them, this yarn doesn't care for do-overs.

Next up on the finishing list...Mystery Stole 3. I'm mid "clue 5" and the whole shebang only goes to "clue 7". I'm going to reclaim the living room (I misplaced it during the last few weeks of the book writing process) and then see what can be done. I think I'm suddenly fond of finishing things.

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