October 4, 2007

The thing is

The thing is, that when I made this bold statement, this promise to myself that I would only work on finishing things until my "reward yarn" arrived in the mail, that I sort of thought that it would arrive that day. Sticking to finishing was no biggie when I thought it was a four hour commitment. Two days later, I'm flagging a little bit, and the reward yarn is still not here. Turns out that this business of sticking to what's already underway is harder than it looks. The stash is calling to me, and I am tempted. Clearly, I need to strengthen my commitment.
Therefore, I Stephanie, do solemnly swear that I am going to finish this Mystery stole before I start (or otherwise take up with) anything else.


There's really no excuse not to. The Mystery Stole enterprise had seven clues, each consisting of a chart of about the same size, and I made great time on the first five before I wandered off. Since then it has languished entirely, and for no good reason. I'm halfway through the sixth chart, and that means that there is only one and a half charts left...and that's a reasonable amount of knitting that I should be able to freakin' stick to.


The yarn is lovely, the pattern endearing, the beads simply enchanting. All I need to do is plunk myself down with some sort of knitterly blinders on and do. It. So I will. I'm going to work on this, and only this, and nothing else until it's done. Even (and this might be hard...) even if my reward yarn arrives before I am done.

(Stop that laughing. I can so do it.)

Posted by Stephanie at October 4, 2007 2:43 PM