December 10, 2007

Big Teeth

The schedule, my friends, is starting to kick my arse. It is starting to loom behind me, bearing down on me with hot fetid breath and big teeth. I can feel it lurking behind me all the time, waiting for me to lose my grip for even a moment. It's like I'm running fast on the Christmas knitting and the schedule is just waiting for me to slip on the ice and lose speed...just for a second, and that will be enough that it overtakes me and all is lost.
The schedule is tight. Darned tight - and it's all that stands between me and the annual descent into lunatic behaviour and midnight knitting sessions that I was trying so hard to avoid this year.
The schedule said that a pair of socks had to be finished this morning...


and they are...but it was by the skin of my teeth. (Standard issue sock pattern - but with a short row heel so as not to disturb the fetching little stripes that turned up, Duet Sock Yarn in "Chocolate Crunch".) Duet sock yarn comes with a variegated colourway for the main part, and a co-ordinating solid for the heels and toes. (Hence "Duet") I made a ladies medium sock, and there is plenty left over. If I were a bold toe-up type who had bothered to weigh and divide the skiens first, these would have made much bigger socks.


I was hoping that the lead I had on the schedule would last, but I'm only part way through the first sock on the next pair...


(STR "Dixie Chick"...which is not my colourway but will thrill the pants off of the recipient this Christmas.) It is the presence of a real job which seems to be slowing me down, along with the fact that I was the tree-putter-upper last night, since it would appear that the teenagers I had counted on to do the task have a schedule all their own....
and Lene didn't make it. Epic time lost to light wrangling, ornament hanging and an attempt to be merry about it.


I think maybe I am going to need an elf.

Posted by Stephanie at December 10, 2007 1:57 PM